Tulsa, Spring and Daylight Savings Time Soon

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I was thinking how nice it is that the season, the road season, is starting up again. In Europe. Domestically.

I do like riding my bike. I like training. But, racing is why I train. I will ride no matter what, but I train to race.

At the end of last season, a lot of today’s domestic pros seem kind of less than enthused about racing. I was listening to a few guys talk at the end of last season and I keep hearing ” I have to go to” here or I got to do” this race or that race.

I think of it like I get to go to this race. I get to go there. There is a huge difference between have to and get to. There is hardly ever a race that I am planning on going to that I’m not looking forward to riding/racing. It has never seemed to be a job. It’s not a job. It’s a passion. A life. If it comes down to “have to”, I’m not gonna.

Salt Creek Criterium was today. The 2nd day in Tulsa. I knew today was going to be frustrating. It’s not ever good on the 2nd day of a regional race after finishing 1st & 2nd the day before. But, that’s fine.

I’m too tired to go over the play by play, although it was pretty interesting and kind of unusual. Brad Huff, Jelly Belly, showed up today. I realized he was going to have a frustrating day. But Brad knew it too.

Chad Cagle won today. He is from Tulsa, so it’s all good. Brian was 2nd. Chad’s team mate, Jason Waddell was 3rd. Brad was 4th. Nick finished 5th and I was 6th, but was relegated to 9th for going in too early after flatting. Whatever. Catherine made it 2 for 2 and is still at a 100% win ratio.

Early season racing is so hard. No matter how you look at it. But, there is no way to train that hard.

Spring is officially only a couple weeks away. I love spring. My favorite season by far. And daylight savings time is this weekend. The extra hour of daylight is good for all full time working racers. So, after next weekend, all you basement, trainer type, people have no reason not to get out on the road way, way more often. Maybe just put that trainer away until next winter.

Bromont, pit dog, seems to be already bored with racing.

Brad Huff and I were not going anywhere today.

They had the trainers set up in the middle of a freshly burnt grass section. Great air.

Burning has started already. Oklahoma is a couple weeks ahead of Kansas. I swear I'm not going to be around Kansas for that this year.