Salty Cow Race Extravaganza

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Drove down to Tulsa today. A 66 mile circuit race today. 12 laps of a 5.5 mile course with a 3/4 mile climb every lap. Pretty windy. I am feeling way below par, but love Tulsa and am always looking for warmer weather. Since I’m posting this on my phone, long story short-

After some normal spring racing and some pretty weird happenings, Brian and I got away with 30 miles to go and finished alone. I won the race last year, so it was his turn. Brian has now won 100% of the races he has entered this year. I’m 0 out of 3. But, today should/does count as one. Catherine is 100% victorious this year too now.

Tomorrow is another circuit race that they call a criterium. There are 3 of us here. It might be a bit less successful. But, hopefully not.

Photo-Winnings of wine, small stuffed cows and cash. And post race cheeseburgers. Couldn’t ask for more.

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