Campagnolo, Blood Test, another Race Weekend

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We were drinking a fair amount of wine during the KU game. I decided to get out my Campagnolo corkscrew for the occasion. Someone told me that Tullio Campagnolo invented this design. I have never looked that up, but he was a revolutionary designer/inventor, so it wouldn’t surprise me.

I got another blood test yesterday. It’s super cheap if you order it on the internet. I used EconoLabs this time. It is $19 for a CBC. There are other online websites that do the same thing. They send you to a LabCorp Blood Center. They are everywhere. Everywhere but Topeka that is. (I want to be totally transparent with my blood values just in case I get a call by a ProTour Team looking for a replacement player sometime during the season.)

This weekend there are a couple races down in Tulsa. A good road race on Saturday and then a circuit race on Sunday. It is supposed to be in the upper 60’s there so the weather should be nice, finally.

I was given this by some Campagnolo relative when I went to the Campy factory after the World's in 1985.

In use.

For record keeping.