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Trudi has been in California the past couple weeks doing the BMC training camp. The program has obviously ramped it up this year and that is evident in the amount of work that needs to be done. The first week was up in Northern California and now that the guys that did the Tour Down Under are in the US, it has moved down to Southern California. It is easy to get star struck with a former World Champion, a current National Champion and a current World Champion showing up all at once. But, it is cycling, and it always nice to realize that they all are just normal guys that happen to be really fast. They’ve got a pretty ambitious schedule going, with The Tour of Qatar and The Tour of Oman coming up at the first of next month. They are already in the Giro and the Tour is a given I’d guess. It’s going to be fun following them this year, being an underdog team with big potential.

Casey's photo from the training camp.

Trudi and Cadel at the truck.

Lots of bodies to organize-

The 2010 BMC Racing Team

Alessandro Ballan (Italy)
Chris Barton (U.S.)
Chad Beyer (U.S.)
Brent Bookwalter (U.S.)
Marcus Burghardt (Germany)
Cadel Evans (Australia)
Mathias Frank (Switzerland)
Thomas Frei (Switzerland)
George Hincapie (U.S.)
Martin Kohler (Switzerland)
Alexander Kristoff (Norway)
Karsten Kroon (Netherlands)
Jeff Louder (U.S.)
Alex Moos (Switzerland)
Steve Morabito (Switzerland)
John Murphy (U.S.)
Scott Nydam (U.S.)
Mauro Santambrogio (Italy)
Michael Schär (Switzerland)
Florian Stalder (Switzerland)
Jackson Stewart (U.S.)
Danilo Wyss (Switzerland)
Simon Zahner (Switerland)

Under 23 Team
Chris Butler (U.S.)
Cole House (U.S.)
Larry Warbasse (U.S.)

Jim Ochowicz (U.S.), President / Co-Owner
Andy Rihs (Switzerland), Sponsor / Co-Owner
Gavin Chilcott (U.S.), General Team Manager
Herbi Baechler (Switzerland), Technical Director
Cindy Buckman (U.S.), Administration
Georges Luechinger (Principality of Liechtenstein) PR/Media Officer
Sean Weide (U.S.), US PR Agent

Sports Directors
John Lelangue (Belgium) Chief Sports Director
Fabio Baldato (Italy), Assistant Sports Director
Noel Dejonckheere (Belgium), Assistant Sports Director / Europe Operations Manager
Jacques Michaud (France), Assistant Sports Director
René Savary (Switzerland), Assistant Sports Director
Mike Sayers (U.S.), Assistant Sports Director

Medical Team
Max Testa (Italy), Chief Medical Officer
Eric Heiden (U.S.), Physician
Scott Major (U.S.), Physician
Giovanni Ruffini (Italy), Physician
Dario Spinelli (Italy), Physician

Mechanical Team
Ian Sherburne (U.S.), Chief Mechanic
Kevin Grove (U.S.), Mechanic
Ronald Ruymen (Belgium), Mechanic
Andy Stone (U.S.), Mechanic
Nick Vandecauter (Belgium), Mechanic

Care Team
Freddy Viaene (Belgium), Chief Soigneur
Eddy De Groote (Belgium), Soigneur
Kaycee Evans (U.S.), Soigneur
Graeme McCallum (Republic of South Africa), Soigneur
Jeremiah Ranegar (U.S.), Soigneur
Trudi Rebsamen (U.S.), Soigneur
David Bombeke (Belgium), Physical Therapist
Francis Bur (France), Bus Driver

Support Personnel
Luis Carneiro (Portugal), Mechanic
Stefano Cattai (Italy), BMC Company
Mike Hürlimann (Switzerland), CEO BMC Company
Carrie Needham (U.S.), Assistant Chief Medical Officer
Rolf Singenberger (Switzerland), BMC Company
Michèle Tanner (Switzerland), BMC Company

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  1. Jeff

    Hi Steve! That’s a former world champ, current world champ and TWO national champs, right? George on the road, and John Murphy in US crit? Good stuff!


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