Nothing to do with cycling

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Here is the video that Michael Aisner made when he was in town. Tom Schuler’s grandmother lives here and is now the 22nd oldest documented person on the planet. She has moved up 1 in the last two weeks. That intrigued Michael, so he came to Topeka and made this short video.

3 thoughts on “Nothing to do with cycling

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  2. kim west

    thanks for sharing that, steve, and tom, and ella. your grandmother really is an inspirational woman, and at just half her age, i hope to do as well when i am 112.
    again, thank you for preserving a record of such a wonderful person.

  3. Hudson H Luce

    Tom should sit down with her and do some oral history stuff, things about family and how she grew up and where and all, it’d be fascinating. Sounds like she’s pretty much all there, you just have to listen closely. I’ll bet she sees her memories in the present tense – she appears to have a visual memory, the way she described her horse.


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