Rock Island Crash

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Since I’ve been on the ground a fair amount lately – Here’s a crash that was filmed a while back by Keith Walberg, He took this at the Rock Island Criterium, over Memorial Day Weekend. Hayden Godfrey is leading it out with Robbie Ventura (Postal Service) on his wheel. Robbie is horizontal and looses both wheels simultaneously. I’m on the outside a few guys back in the blue World’s jersey, way back over my seat, skidding towards the fence. I almost made it through the mayhem, but no, someone flips over and high sides me into the fence. Bill Stolte is in the light blue and white jersey and pops Robbie in the head before he flips over the bars. Steven Cate is the guy that spins into the crash backwards and then curls up into a ball. Check Robbie out running from the crash site.

Rock Island Criterium Crash (2005) from Gizmo Pictures on Vimeo.