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I only brought my MTB bike up to Wisconsin. It is very infrequent when I don’t have a road bike or ride a road bike for such a long period. I’ve ridden the Chequamengon course two out of the last three days. Today I rode with Bill from Hayward to the finish in 2:25. 20 minutes faster than a couple days ago. It was a lot harder. The winning time this year is going to be under 2:10. I’d better get going a lot better in the next three weeks. My plan is to use 6 criteriums the next two weeks to get some speed back in my legs. If that doesn’t work, then it’s going to be a long day up here in a few weeks.

I think MTB riding is super cross training for road racing. It sure uses a ton of different muscles than riding on the road. And everyone of them is sore. On top of all my broken/separated body parts, somehow I decided to learn to water ski after these Chequamegon training days. Maybe not the best choice. 3-4 hours on a MTB in the morning and then out in the boat in the afternoon. On choppy water. It really works your legs, arms, neck and back. Especially on the rough stuff. But it’s a blast.

I’ve been off antibiotics for nearly a week now and don’t feel a bit better riding. Maybe worse. A lot of you have suggested probiotics. I’ve eaten a ton of yogurt the last few weeks, but that isn’t working that great. I’ll let you know how the probiotics work. Anyone know how long it takes?

Not as good as the Angry Minnow  in Hayward, but this brewery has a awesome logo.

Not as good as the Angry Minnow in Hayward, but this brewery has a awesome logo.

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  1. HALLN

    Hey, great sign Steve.

    Did you check out Gary Crandall’s new Chequamegon headquarters? It’s a block north off main street in Cable, just across from the start of the Short & Fat.

    Try riding the Chequamegon course backwards and then go Smallmouth Bass fishing. It seemed to work for Greg LeMond back in the 90s(Greg caught a record bass one year up there). You should feel better in no time…sounds like your body is still on the mend. It will come around in a couple weeks. You are going to need to get some rest days in there.

    Are you racing on Sat. at Seely? Jeff should be up there.


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