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I made my 3rd visit to the Urgent Care in the past week today. My hip is infected and oozing pus from a couple places. I looked up the images on google and it looks exactly like MRSA staph. I don’t know where that would have come from. Probably from one of my other previous hospital visits. Anyway, I go out on a bike ride this morning to see how I feel. I stopped to get some coffee and I noticed that I have another problem under my right underarm. Where there wasn’t a wound. So I figure I should go by the doctors again. Long story short, they took some samples of the pus and prescribed an antibiotic cocktail. I told the physician that I wasn’t much into taking antibiotics because it makes me feel and ride horrible. I asked him if I could wait until the culture was back to start and he advised not to. Isn’t that the whole reason MRSA started. Over prescribed antibiotics?

Even the pharmacist asked me if I had a bad infection because these were really strong antibiotics. I went ahead and bought the pills, but am hesitant to take them. I’m driving back to Kansas tomorrow to race The Tour of Kansas City this weekend. Just two criteriums. It’s supposed to be nearly 100 both days again. It hasn’t even been in the 80’s hardly here the last week. So, I’m going to call tomorrow and see if they have the lab work back. If so, and it turns out positive, then I might as well write off the next month or so.

3 thoughts on “URGENT CARE ???

  1. jvondracek

    For what it’s worth I say, take the pills now, don’t wait another minute. You’ll need antibiotics to fight this infection even if it isn’t MRSA.

  2. kimc

    The nurse in me had to comment…rest and lay low (don’t race) to allow your body to heal…healing will take alot of energy! Heal quick!

  3. sweide

    Those green pills on the left are what I was prescribed following surgery to remove a lump on my jaw. They make you very dizzy and your sense of balance on a bike becomes pretty topsy-turvy. Be careful.


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