5th Street Cross – Emmaus, Pennsylvania

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I flew out to the USGP weekend in Princeton a couple days early to race the Thursday night 5th Street Cross. I can’t really describe the event without photos. It is super cool. A 1 mile course on the property of Bill and Beth Strickland. Awesome course, at night, racing with headlamps, consuming alcohol (PBR shortcut), around fainting goats, kids, dogs, and hanging with friends. It is what cycling/especially cyclo-x is all about. A bunch of people that share the love of the sport getting together and having competitive fun. It has nearly outgrown their yard. I did the race once last year. It was the first wet race of the season. This year the same. Every year more and more riders come from further and further away. They had to start giving out numbers this year to score. And, they do a better job scoring the race, even though it is at night, raining, etc. than nearly every UCI race I’ve been to in the last 4 years. There are official medals (which I now possess) and leaders jerseys (for 6th place). Below is a array of photos that doesn’t do the experience justice. Check out their website. Under commentary on the left column, there is video from the previous races. Fifth Street Cross