Hillsboro Roubaix – UCI 0.0

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Hillsboro Roubaix is a pretty long race for the end of March. 90 miles or so. Especially when it has been such a harsh winter for most of the Midwest. It is a pretty good and interesting course. Lots of narrow roads that wander through the countryside. It finishes with a couple small hills and then over a mile of brick before the finish line. Thus, the name, Hillsboro Roubaix.

I was having a pretty good day. I rode a pretty conservative race, so I had a bunch of juice the last hour. I did felt alittle funky the first lap. They were burning some wood and clearing fields in a valley. The smoke was hanging. Not good for athletics. I was amazed how much clothing everyone was wearing. But, it kind of scared me so I put on more than I would of normally. I promptly stripped it off during the first lap. It was in the 30’s when we started, but warmed up during the day.

I think that Adam Mills has written a pretty good description of the events that happened during the race. He was having one of the best races that I’ve witnessed him race. He was pulling equal with Brian (Jensen) most of the last lap. And still had the energy to shell the other 3 guys left to finish 3rd. He writes pretty well about racing against friends. It was something we were a bit concerned about, since Brian was a team mate most of the last 4 years. Also, good photos of Lawrence Kansas after KU won a trip to the final 4. So, check out Adam’s Blog.

1. Steve Tilford- HRRC/Trek Stores
2. Brian Jensen- Sucessfull Living Professional Team
3. Adam Mills- HRRC/Trek Stores
4. Bill Stolte- HRRC/Trek Stores
5. Josh Carter – ABD
6. Jordan Roessingh I S Corp
7. Ryan White- ABD