Trainers??? 1st Day of Spring!

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I got a email from a guy in St. Louis. He had some ??’s about training. I tried to give him some answers. Anyway, he gave me his schedule and it involved riding 3 days a week on a trainer. 3 hours on Wednesday. I told him that I thought that was completely nuts. He had some extenuating circumstances-family, work, time constraits, etc., so I could understand his inability to get outside and ride.

I do realize that I have the luxury to be able to ride during daylight hours virtually the whole year. And during those hours, I can usually wait out the weather, so I can cherry pick the best time to ride.

But, that being said, I don’t understand this trainer thing. I love riding my bicycle. I dread riding a trainer. One of the main attractions of the sport of bicycle racing is the beauty of riding a bicycle. That means riding a bicycle outside. Not riding a stationary machine in your basement. I have almost never done a indoor trainer workout that matches a similar workout outside. Plus, on a trainer, it is nearly impossible to stand up. At least, stand up and ride properly. And riding off your seat efficiently is a super important aspect of the sport. Plus, the sweating aspect is a huge negative. It all wears me out mentally.

Daylight saving time is here. 1st day of Spring is today. So go enjoy your bike OUTSIDE whenever you get the chance.

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  1. poyntell

    Obviously, Steve, you’ve never trully done a trainer ride with moi. Get the right music and intensity and I guarantee you a good ride!!!!


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