Holy S**T!!!

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I was contacted today by Fred Dreier from Velonews. They are doing an article about the upcoming MTB season and are doing a sidebar about the 25th anniversary of MTB/NORBA. I thought, that’s cool. Then I started thinking and it was 25 years ago this year I won the first MTB National Championships. Holy crap. That is unbelievable. I might have to go through a life crisis or something. I’ll have to think about that too. But, that probably isn’t something you do consciously. That’s all I can fathom today/maybe for the rest of the week.

1983 Solvang, CA


3 thoughts on “Holy S**T!!!

  1. sweide

    Gotta love that helmet. Around these places, we’d call you “Hockey Helmet Steve” if you showed up with one of those on your noggin.


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