Post Nature Valley

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Hi. Haven’t had a ton of time to update this, but here’s a short version. Since Nature Valley, I spent two weeks up in Cable Wisconsin, hanging in the woods, doing some construction fun stuff, getting a VO2 max/stress test done, etc. Went back to Kansas for a week and then drove up Friday to Chicago for the first day of Superweek. Did the Beverly Race and jumped into the van and drove out to Elite Road Nationals in Seven Springs PA. Below are some photos of life up North. Bromont’s (my dog) 4th B-Day, Gary(Mr. Chequamegon Fat Tire) Crandall and me, favorite coffee shop photo and gang from the coffeeshop in the 4th of July Parade doing Austin Powers dance. Enjoy. Jumping back into the van right after the race tomorrow to get back to Superweek in Milwaukee in time for the Whitnall Park Road Race on Tuesday afternoon.