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I was putting up a closet organizer last night. When I was finished, I hung up my jerseys. I have a little over 100 jerseys in my closet. That isn’t counting the 20 something extra skinsuits. I looked at the hord and thought I can remove of abunch of them. But, when I considered it, I realized that most of the jerseys had a unique status and that banishings them to the boxes in the basement with the other 100 million jerseys is going to be difficult. I always fly to Team Colors when it’s warm or anywhere near a race venue, but when it’s adverse conditon at home, I wear what fits the day. Here’s my process. Forget what is written on the jerseys and consider only the material. Depending on the brand, there are at least 3 or 4 different thicknesses of material. And at least as many cuts. Plus, long and short sleeve and sleeveless. It’s funny how over the years we’ve all learned how crucial it is to pick the exact right jersey for the temperature and wind. Layers are good for sure, but having the perfect combo on at the start is imperative. I guess in the end, I’ll probably be able to retire about half the jerseys and all the skinsuits except the “current model year”. But, gettin’ it down to 50 is going to be hard.


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