Best US Cyclo-Cross Racer of All Time?

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Velonews just finished a poll on the Velonews interactive website that asked readers- “Who is the best male cyclo-crosser in U.S. history? “

They posted the poll the day after Jonathan Page had nearly just won the Cyclocross Worlds. Prior to the event, it was inconceivable that an American rider would be able to compete at that level. From my perspective, his result is the most astonishing cycling accomplishment in USA Cycling history. You have to realize how fast those guys are going and how much depth Belgians have in their Elite Team.

OK, back to the poll. I won the poll by a large margin. I’m not sure if there is anything that you can read from the results of a poll like this. I’m not sure it’s accurate, but polls, especially subjective polls, are always suspect. Maybe it’s just a popularity contest. But, Velonews is the most prestigious US cycling industry publication, so it’s readers are knowledgable (I hope!). A very big compliment no matter what you think. Anyway, thanks to everyone that voted for me. It’s nice to be recognized by your peers.


One thought on “Best US Cyclo-Cross Racer of All Time?

  1. usvihook

    hey man, i don’t know a damn thing about cyclocross but i know that you make it look easy and you would have my vote for sure! maybe i will see you out in california sometime this spring – later, kelly benjamin


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