Jingle Cross Rock- Iowa City

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Kind of tweeked from the UCI races on the West coast last weekend and all the travel back from New Zealand, but can’t pass up a big money, well run cyclo-x in the midewest. A two day race in it’s 2nd year with the biggest prize list of any cyclo-x in the US. The courses both days were great/hard. Sunday had a run-up that rivals Seattle. Saturday I wasn’t on and finished 3rd behind Chris Horner and Doug Swanson. Sunday I was having a pretty good day and was leading after about half the race, but flatted a clincher pretty far from the pit and lost a bunch of time that I couldn’t make up. Doug won over a superstar of the future, Bjorn Selanger, then Chris Horner, then me. Riding good is the point. Not the results always. As you can see by the photo, it is always a good time in Iowa City. The way all racing is supposed to be.