Tour of Southland-New Zealand

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Completed the 27 hour total travel time trip to Invercargill, NZ, for the third time, to race the Tour of Southland. It is supposed to be late spring there, but being so far South, (jumping off point for Antartica) the weather conditions are always the challenge. This years addition was one for the books. Snow, cold, rain and raging winds. The last two days were especially epic, which fits my riding style somewhat. Moved up for 24th to 14th in the Overall GC on the last two stages the final day. Winds blowing nearly 50mph. It was a pleasure riding with Thurlow Rogers, an ex-teammate from the Levis’ team in the 80’s. He was riding pretty good for not having raced for nearly a month. He finished 13th Overall in GC. We pretty much hung together the last three stages. Photos later.