USA Votes to Shoot Itself

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Wow is all I can say about yesterday’s election.  Our country is so divided.  So divided that they have no idea how to make important decisions.  If our new president elect does any, or all of his pledges, our country is going to be going down the drain fairly quickly.

How about building that wall?  Think that is going to happen?  Estimated cost is 25 billion dollars.  Think Mexico is going to be paying for it?  Or better, do you think this is going to make our country richer and safer.  I think not.  I think it makes our country poorer and more divided.

So, the person that gets the most votes loses the election?  That is some kind of fucked up political system. Our electoral college system didn’t work so well this time again.  I guess the nearly half the population, at least 1/2 the people that voted, are happy.  I doubt they have all their assets invested in stocks, because I very much doubt they are going to be liking that.

I’m not into virtually any of Trump’s ideas.  The stock market is going to tank today.  And it will keep tanking.  Solar stocks are going down the toilet because we need to rebuild our nation and he doesn’t see any value in green energy.  He is into coal mines, so let’s just fuck up our air like it was in the 70’s and 80’s.

I could keep going on and on.  This, in my opinion, was the biggest mistake our country has made in current times.   I’m worried about keeping health insurance after whacking my head a month ago.  If you have, or don’t have any health insurance, you should be worried.  I’m worried about our kids who are in our military.  Pretty much everything.

This doesn’t have anything to do with your political party or views.  I live in Kansas and the voters here have made some really bad political choices recently.  Our state has been suffering since.  I see no difference here, except on a national level.  We picked an unqualified person to be the most powerful person on our planet.  That can not work out well for us.

Trade,, immigration, taxes, you name it, it is going to be a problem.  The election has created uncertainty.  The rest of the world is in shock. Our image to the rest of the world just dropped a few more notches.  Welcome to the new United States of America.



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  1. Bruce Gilbert

    I wonder what new police force will be developed to round up all of the illegals and Muslims. There is a good roadmap and set of methodologies in place. The Germans had one called the Gestapo. I grew up with a greatly reduced family because of folks like them. I am truly afraid of what I see going together. Hopefully in 4 years from now we will be able to recognize our country.

    1. MMK

      This is the most offensive post that I have ever read on this site and encourage its removal. Even a vague connection between Trump and Nazi Germany is completely out of line and inappropriate.

      1. daveeckstrom

        Normally I would not reply to such a statement, but in this case I’d suggest that, instead of worrying about how offensive the post is, stop for a moment and think about how accurate it is.

    2. ATJ

      Clintons turn IRS into ‘gestapo’

      Few federal agencies are more feared and loathed by Americans than the Internal Revenue Service – especially when corrupt presidents abuse the power of the IRS to harass and exact revenge on political enemies. As WND has reported, during Bill Clinton’s terms in office, IRS audits were conducted against individuals and groups who caused problems for the administration. Several prominent conservative groups found themselves facing IRS audits following their criticism of the president and his policies. Among the conservative groups targeted for audits were the Heritage Foundation, the National Rifle Association, Concerned Women of America, Citizens Against Government Waste, National Review, American Spectator (which was burglarized three times), the National Center for Public Policy Research, the American Policy Center, American Cause, Citizens for Honest Government, Progress and Freedom Foundation, David Horowitz’s Center for the Study of Popular Culture and the Western Journalism Center.

      Individuals singled out for audits during the administration included Clinton paramours Gennifer Flowers and Liz Ward Gracen, sexual assault accusers Paula Jones and Juanita Broaddrick, fired White House Travel Office Director Billy Dale and attorney Kent Masterson Brown. Fox News’ Bill O’Reilly, an outspoken critic of both Bill and Hillary Clinton, said he was audited three times during the Clinton presidency.

      A 1996 survey by the Washington Times could not identify a single liberal public policy organization that had been audited during the entire Clinton administration.


      1. Roger Ailes

        The Washington Times !?!? !?!? Checkout line “news” tabloids are for entertainment purposes only, ATJ.

  2. SWS

    I’m sorry for your loss Steve…not! If Hillary is the best your party of choice can come up with then yes this country if messed up. The common, working class people are tired of the political elitist shoving globalism down their throats. They just want to be able to say a prayer without liberal judges killing their freedom of religion and speech. You are out of touch Steve. I hope that head injury heals soon.

    1. Steve Tilford Post author

      SWS – I have no party of choice. I live in a country that the people vote to select the people that govern them. Our choices were embarrassing this year. But selecting a person that has no qualifications to be the most powerful person on the planet makes no sense on so many levels. This is going to change our country for decades. And not in a good way.

      1. numbnuts

        they should have had mickey mouse or mini mouse as a choice… both would be better than what was available…. I would have chose the lesser of two evils… those that spit out shame/blame constantly are one’s to worry about for they are typically the ones that are the worse. As the good book says – judge not others when there is a log in your own eye… Donny fits that one…
        Be fearful, for a narcissistic person will destroy another financially/emotionally/physically/legally for their own self fulfillment and control/power. I’ve went out with many narcissistic people, can spot them from 10 miles away… They put on a very very good front to convince you, like a pretty little flower. But, once they have you in their reach, they will bite and chew you up for their own gain be it financial, emotional, physical or legal gain (control)…

        be very very fearful of that guy… cause you never know what he is doing in the background (prime example of that was the FBI recent investigation… no doubt someone was bought off there… )

      2. dave

        Steve….chill dude. Relax. Trump is just a face ‘n voice in front, it’s Congress and the States that count!
        Seen it before.

      1. SWS

        Luke and Ed I’m so sorry things didn’t turn out you and all the other liberals dreamed. You both are really sad. Have a good day.

      2. Luke

        SWS-I’m not sad. The party of the president is irrelevant to me. I just don’t like what you wrote to Steve.

    2. Casey

      Political elitists are not shoving globalism down our throats, that is being done by corporations. Things change, the world changes, one can choose to deal with it and build a set of skills that makes money or be the last book binder or horse drawn carriage driver. Common working class people need to evolve with the economy and the rest of the world, or they can continue to stick their head in the sand and ignore reality. The Republican party didn’t choose Trump because of his superior economic views and proposed solutions. Disenfranchised angry whites, got what they wanted, the next 4 years will determine if they truly knew what was good for them. The president hasn’t affected my ability to be employed for the last 20 years. That’s on me. A person who thinks the presidency affects their job prospects is out of touch.

    3. channel_zero

      They just want to be able to say a prayer without liberal judges killing their freedom of religion and speech.
      You are being disingenuous. Your desire is to mix Religion and the State’s business. I like my religion and public policy separate, thank you. I’m saying a prayer now and no liberal judges forbid it. I’m saying a prayer in my church on Sunday. No judges forbid that. I say a prayer with my teammates before a race and no judge forbids that. I’m free to worship my God and you are too. All this freedom and yet you want less of it.

      How does this “not globalism” thing work? Are we going to unplug the Internet? What job do you want back? Do you honestly think making t-shirts for $1/hr is an alternative? This is an honest question.

  3. KJ

    You didn’t seem so concerned yesterday. Seriously I read your blog because I am cycling enthusiast. I could care less about your politics.

    1. daveeckstrom

      Well, so far this blog post has more comments than almost any that Steve posts about cycling, so I guess people are apparently interested in his politics. BTW, if you came here more often, you would have read Steve’s thoughts about the candidates earlier in the year.

      Also, bear in mind that the man is recovering from a serious head trauma and may not be posting everything he’s thinking on a daily basis.

  4. peter

    I have hopes that it will turn out for the better. Everyone same thing about Reagan and he turned out to be a decent President. There have been nut jobs elected in France and Italy, and those countries survived. To just throw in the towel before the administration even changes is defeatist.

    No, I didn’t vote for him.

    1. The Cyclist

      Reagan decent pres!!!? U gotta be kiddin. If it wasn’t for him and his fuckin star wars we might have had a world without nuclear arms now.

  5. The Cyclist

    Looks like a lot of ppl finally got balls to talk instead of hiding. Kinda funny. In a sad way.

  6. Timmy

    Expect to get around 50% haters on this post. I’m guessing cyclists are a pretty good representation of the general population. My take on the results is this: when you’re doing okay economically, than “no change” , AKA Hillary won’t harm nor help you. You just keep plugging away, and don’t need a high risk president. When you’re barely making ends meet, or if you’ve bought into the whole “America is at it’s worst in 200 years, this country is a disaster” (which it isn’t), than anything not coming out of Washington is an improvement.
    I’ve gotten used to Steve having an opinion on most everything, so I don’t have a problem with it. There are times that I don’t read the blog for 2-3 months, because I didn’t agree with him on something. I don’t feel the need to always subscribe to the websites that already share my vision.

    1. numbnuts

      american’s barely making ends meet – in the past 20 years or so, america has went from a power house that was self sufficient on its own energy and needs most likely. Then came the late 70s, when easy to get at oil ran dry… sure there is fracking, its very very costly.
      Housing prices rose considerably in around 2000-2008 then crashed. People lost a lot.
      Then there were the bailouts, inevitable or america would be in worse shape, but this creates great debt, 18 trillion dollars and counting now… debt is okay if there is ROI. Just dumping money into the economy has very little ROI. Creating knowledge and innovation has ROI.
      The high tech boom and bust of 90s also created a large collapse.

      Thus, america has been running on empty for a while now. Its now dependent on foreign oil to keep itself booming… Its like a bad crack head really, with its boom and busts. A drunk doesn’t stop drinking till the pain is greater than the fear. Thus, america has a lot of falling to do… Trump will help.
      Clinton would have at least kept the social programs in place.
      Say goodbye to most social programs.
      Say goodbye to most relationships externally and internally in america.
      Say hello to more conflict and tension (internally and externally)
      Say hello to the further deviation between the rich and the poor, a healthy country has a small deviation between the rich and the poor and a large middle class.

      Anyhow, america is 18 trillion dollars in debt, its highly dependent on foreign energy, its no longer the manufacturing power house it once was – other countries are more hungry and willing to work for peanuts… america in a sense, over priced itself out of work. Its like a bad drunk that shames/blames others without looking at its underlying problems. We’ve seen plenty of that in the debates, no real substance, just blame/shame because its easy to do…
      Thus, Donny boy will be the final demise of america I suspect… he’s narcissistic and false… puts on a really good front though that not many question, esp if they are drunken fools…

      1. low information cyclist

        Sorry, dude, but you’re wrong.

        1. Energy independence. We’ve been on our way there since about 2012. It was up to 48% by 1989, then up to 60% by 2006 It was below 36% in 2013 and dropping.

        2. Bailout.The US made at least $40 billion on the bailout. That’s TARP and Detroit.

        3. Putting money into the economy: every dollar in gets something like $1.50 out. Not bad. And it feeds and employs people as well.

      2. numbnuts

        low information cyclist,


        nice try bud, when you start going out to the deep ocean to fetch oil and fracking… its expensive. Thus, a lot of the cheap easy to get at oil is imported from the middle east.

        yah burn through approx 19,396,000 bbl a day! that’s hungry! like some fat kid that can’t stop eating cake! (bad addiction)

        40 billion on bail out, sure … maybe in the auto industry, but many are catching up quickly – cheaper labor, cheaper cost of living, better education systems…

        But, the big problem – debt. Debt is okay if there is ROI… but, if its foreign owned, yikes.. those that own the debt own you! (ie china)
        20 trillion dollars!
        that’s one hungry fat kid who can’t stop eating cake no matter what!

        Putting money into the economy: every dollar in gets something like $1.50 out.
        — all depends,
        GDP = C + I + G + (X-M)

        if it makes X rock and roll, then GDP will grow in a sense… if it creates REAL growth with spin offs and knowledge growth… then it really rocks and rolls.
        I suspect a lot of money has been dumped into the others though, so short term fun for long term pain – debt…. someone has to cash in the empties at the end of the party.

        Where did you obtain the 1.5 for every dollar?
        and, it would be curious to know what a household debt to income ratio is…

        anyhow, the 20 trillion in debt alone is scary… that’s 1/3rd of the world economy (60trillion dollars). It no longer owns itself, others do…
        plus, its over priced itself out of work – hence china now the new manufacturing powerhouse, till it over prices itself out of work…. then off big business goes to the next cheaper country.
        You willing to spend 5-10 times the cost on clothing, appliances, etc… ?

        trump ain’t going to solve those problems, he just knows how to hype people up and put on a good front. He’s been bankrupt many of times… makes his money off of fools gold – casinos and real estate, doesn’t do much for the overall economy… just drags it down as disposable income is impacted (less money people have to spend on other things in a micro-economic sense).
        The guy sells fools gold. And, fools bought it up.
        The achievement of a narcissistic fool though, can fool many for his own achievement… time will tell… going to be a lotta pain I suspect, buy vaseline!

      3. numbnuts

        low information cyclist,


        nice try bud, when you start going out to the deep ocean to fetch oil and fracking… its expensive. Thus, a lot of the cheap easy to get at oil is imported from the middle east.

        yah burn through approx 19,396,000 bbl a day! that’s hungry! like some fat kid that can’t stop eating cake! (bad addiction)

        40 billion on bail out, sure … maybe in the auto industry, but many are catching up quickly – cheaper labor, cheaper cost of living, better education systems…

        But, the big problem – debt. Debt is okay if there is ROI… but, if its foreign owned, yikes.. those that own the debt own you! (ie china)
        20 trillion dollars!
        that’s one hungry fat kid who can’t stop eating cake no matter what!

        Putting money into the economy: every dollar in gets something like $1.50 out.
        — all depends,
        GDP = C + I + G + (X-M)

        if it makes X rock and roll, then GDP will grow in a sense… if it creates REAL growth with spin offs and knowledge growth… then it really rocks and rolls.
        I suspect a lot of money has been dumped into the others though, so short term fun for long term pain – debt…. someone has to cash in the empties at the end of the party.

        Where did you obtain the 1.5 for every dollar?
        and, it would be curious to know what a household debt to income ratio is…

        anyhow, the 20 trillion in debt alone is scary… that’s 1/3rd of the world economy (60trillion dollars). It no longer owns itself, others do…
        plus, its over priced itself out of work – hence china now the new manufacturing powerhouse, till it over prices itself out of work…. then off big business goes to the next cheaper country.
        You willing to spend 5-10 times the cost on clothing, appliances, etc… ?

        trump ain’t going to solve those problems, he just knows how to hype people up and put on a good front. He’s been bankrupt many of times… makes his money off of fools gold – casinos and real estate, doesn’t do much for the overall economy… just drags it down as disposable income is impacted (less money people have to spend on other things in a micro-economic sense).
        The guy sells fools gold. And, fools bought it up.
        The achievement of a narcissistic fool though, can fool many for his own achievement… time will tell… going to be a lotta pain I suspect, buy vaseline!

    2. daveeckstrom

      Your theory falls apart a bit when you look at the exit polling on demographics. Trump voters tended to be middle-upper income and Clinton voters tended to be middle-lower income. Race appears to be a much better indicator of who supported which candidate than anything else.

  7. ATJ

    Hillary’s ‘Muslim Brotherhood princess’

    Huma Abedin, who served as Hillary’s longtime deputy chief of staff and has worked with her for nearly 20 years, has known ties to the Muslim Brotherhood – a group bent on “destroying Western civilization from within” – and other Islamic supremacists. As WND has extensively reported, the Muslim Brotherhood and Islamic supremacist connections not only extend to Abedin’s mother and father, who are both deeply tied to al-Qaida fronts, but to Abedin herself.

    As WND reported, a manifesto commissioned by the ruling Saudi Arabian monarchy places the work of an institute that employed Abedin at the forefront of a grand plan to mobilize U.S. Muslim minorities to transform America into a Saudi-style Islamic state, according to Arabic-language researcher Walid Shoebat.

    Abedin was an assistant editor for a dozen years for the Journal of Muslim Minority Affairs for the Institute for Muslim Minority Affairs. The institute – founded by her late father and currently directed by her mother – is backed by the Muslim World League, an Islamic organization in the Saudi holy city of Mecca that was founded by Muslim Brotherhood leaders. The 2002 Saudi manifesto shows that “Muslim Minority Affairs” – the mobilizing of Muslim communities in the U.S. to spread Islam instead of assimilating into the population – is a key strategy in an ongoing effort to establish Islamic rule in America and a global Shariah, or Islamic law, “in our modern times.”

    WND reported Abedin also was a member of the executive board of the Muslim Student Association, which was identified as a Muslim Brotherhood front group in a 1991 document introduced into evidence during the terror-financing trial of the Texas-based Holy Land Foundation.

    At her father’s Saudi-financed Islamic think tank, WND reported, Abedin worked alongside Abdullah Omar Naseef, who is accused of financing al-Qaida fronts. Naseef is deeply connected to the Abedin family.

    WND was first to report Huma’s mother, Saleha Abedin, was the official representative of Naseef’s terror-stained Muslim World League in the 1990s.

    Shoebat previously reported that as one of 63 leaders of the Muslim Sisterhood, the de facto female version of the Muslim Brotherhood, Saleha Abedin served alongside Nagla Ali Mahmoud, the wife of Muslim Brotherhood figure Mohammed Morsi, Egypt’s now ousted president.

    Saleha Abedin and Morsi’s wife both were members of the Sisterhood’s Guidance Bureau, Shoebat found.

    WND also recently reported Abedin used emails hosted on HIllary’s private server while she was secretary of state.


    1. Roger Ailes

      But what did the Enquirer say? We need real news sources to penetrated through our tinfoil hats.

  8. LD

    I wish the Dems had let their base choose their candidate instead of tilting the playing field with the super delegates. I wonder how Bernie would have stacked up against Trump. Totally different in almost every way, but an outsider, like Trump, and demand for an outsider is what drove the election.

      1. LD

        No, I wanted to change the rules before the primary season started. Maybe Jim Webb could have gotten some traction, but he saw the super delegate writing on the wall and bailed out early. Read his book for some good background. “I’m the only person in the history of Virginia elected to statewide office with a Union card, two Purple Hearts, and three tattoos.”

    1. low information cyclist

      Superdelegates played no role in the Democratic primary.
      Clinton took something like 55% of the primary vote. She won on that alone.

      1. LD

        Not my interpretation. Neither Hillary nor Bernie had enough delegates to win the nomination. Superdelgates – the party bosses, insiders, governors, senators, etc. – pushed her over the top.

        2382 – Delegates needed to win Dem nomination
        1846 – Sanders delegates
        2205 – Clinton delegates
        602 – Superdelegates

  9. Robo

    Just reading the posts here seems to confirm one of Steve’s points – we’re a deeply divided nation.

    Did we not learn anything this election? You all still can’t respect that Steve has an opinion (which he explicitly stated as his opinion), and it may be dramatically different than yours? So you attack in a post?

    Please accept that each of us have a right to an opinion, which is formed by our experiences. And then listen to each other. You don’t have to agree with them, but you may actually gain perspective.

  10. Clifford

    I’m in mourning today. I think a lot of people are. Sure, Hillary wasn’t my candidate of choice but I voted for the candidate I had (not a Libertarian and the Green party never felt right either). Post #1 is emblematic of what a lot of people are thinking… I’m not so sure it’ll go that far but we have to fight back where we can if fascism begins to rear its ugly head.

  11. Danny E

    The forced mass exodus of 11 million people is going to be something we haven’t seen since the 1930 and 40s. There’s no humane way to break up families and remove people and send them back home without causing major disruptions to our economy and to our standing in the worlds eyes.

    Even if we tripled the size of the INS tomorrow, it’d still take 20 years and countless billions of dollars to make this even remotely feasible. People are going to have to be rounded up by force and put in camps until they’re deported. This is going to leave a stain on the US that is going to run as deep as slavery did or that Japanese interment camps did.

    I hope for the sake of our country that the GOP can reason him back to earth a bit, and talk some common sense into his poisonous rhetoric.

    1. ATJ

      Vince Foster’s 1993 death

      Vince Foster was deputy White House counsel and Hillary’s friend and law partner who had connections to the Travelgate and Whitewater scandals. In 1993, Foster was found dead in a park with a fatal gunshot wound to his mouth. As WND reported, his suicide was the subject of much speculation and three official investigations.

      Investigations by the U.S. Park Police, the Department of Justice, the FBI, Congress, Independent Counsel Robert B. Fiske and Independent Counsel Kenneth Starr concluded Foster’s death was a suicide. However, as WND reported in 2003, one of Starr’s key investigators challenged the official line, insisting the probe’s result was predetermined, only a few plotters were required to engineer the result, the crime scene was altered and that major newspaper editors killed stories by reporters pursuing the truth. The Washington Post reported that federal investigators were not allowed to enter Foster’s office after his death, but “White House aides enter[ed] Foster’s office shortly after his death, giving rise to speculation that files were removed from his office.”

      In his 2005 book “The Truth about Hillary: What She Knew, When She Knew It, And How Far She’ll Go to Become President,” Edward Klein wrote of Hillary’s involvement in the effort to remove Foster’s files:

      The night of [Foster’s] death, Hillary launched one of the most shameful – and illegal – cover-ups of her entire career.

      She sent two of her most trusted White House loyalists – Maggie Williams, the First Lady’s chief of staff, and Patsy Thomasson, who was in charge of White House administration – into Foster’s office to retrieve embarrassing and incriminating documents related to Whitewater and Hillary’s other personal affairs. While White House Counsel Bernard Nussbaum barred investigators from entering Foster’s office, Maggie Williams, Patsy Thomasson, and Craig Livingston, Hillary’s director of White House security, removed armloads of files and loose-leaf binders.

      “In addition, a White House staffer allegedly tampered with the titles of several memos and removed the First Lady’s initials in an effort to erase her role in improper behavior.”


      1. Danny E

        I’m familiar with with the alt-right website that you’re citing your sources from. It’s also worth noting that I never gave a ringing enforcement of Hillary Clinton either. You’re just spamming with the same kind of empty platitudes and conspiracy theories that Donald Trump won his fear campaign on.

        An actual response would be worthwhile, if you could be bothered with that.

    1. The Cyclist

      Of course and not just that. He even got the director of the FBI on his payroll and only The System knows who else.

  12. The Cyclist

    “USA Votes to Shoot Itself”

    Simply brilliant. I only hope it won’t ricochet and take down the rest of the World when The Trump pulls the trigger.

    1. ATJ

      Chinagate: Sale of high-tech secrets

      Chinagate, documented by Judicial Watch, was uncovered by Judicial Watch founder Larry Klayman. Technology companies allegedly made donations of millions of dollars to various Democratic Party entities, including President Bill Clinton’s 1996 re-election campaign, in return for permission to sell high-tech secrets to China. B

      ernard Schwartz and his Loral Space & Communication Ltd. later allegedly “helped China to identify the cause of [a rocket failure], thereby advancing China’s missile program and threatening U.S. national security,” according to records.

      In a 2013 column titled “Proof Hillary isn’t fit to be president,” Klayman wrote:

      Not to be outdone by her prior scandals, Hillary … masterminded a scheme whereby the Clinton-Gore presidential campaign of 1996 took bribes from communist Chinese banks and their government to bankroll the president’s and the Democratic Party’s re-election efforts when it appeared, due to their low standing in the polls, that all the stops needed to be pulled out. It was the lawsuit that I brought against Secretary of Commerce Ron Brown, where at Hillary’s instruction, he literally sold seats on Department trade missions to China and elsewhere, which principally uncovered this. In late 1996 and early 1997, the scandal had burgeoned to such a level that joint congressional hearings were empaneled, ultimately to be shut down when Democrats uncovered illegal fundraising by some Republicans. The two parties, faced with mutual assured destruction, simply took an exit stage left. However, I soldiered on with my lawsuit. And, while I uncovered a lot about Bonnie and Clyde and their Chinese ‘friends,’ this scandal ultimately took back seat to the Monica Lewinsky scandal, since the media preferred sex to foreign espionage and graft. Hillary and Bill were ironically saved by Monica, who became the lightening rod drawing attention away to what at the time was perhaps the biggest scandal – Chinagate – in American history.


      1. Nancy


        maybe you should waste your morning at finding how great Trump is at managing business? How can you lose a billion in one year? How can you defrauded the government and getting away? What is the cost of healthcare and coverage for Trump’s employees?

        Can you find dirt about Trump and his friend? They are all corrupted, liar…

        Steve post is right. The country is very divided and he thinks it won’t be better and he hopes he is wrong.

  13. darkcloud

    Time for “progressives”🙄 to stop claiming a complete moral superiority and monopoly on good ideas. It’s really tiresome.
    A willingness to cry BS on your own team, when appropriate, would be a great first step in winning over more conservative people. There has been so much corruption in this administration and it’s completely acceptable to “progressives”🙄 simply because it involves “their” team.
    JFC people……

    *And NO I’m not a Republican. Not that there’s anything wrong with that.

    1. Dave

      Progressives can’t claim moral superiority, even if they wanted. The religious right had moral superiority trademarked years ago. It is stamped right on the bottom of their crosses.

      I thought they would have had some qualms about voting for a unsavory character like Trump, but they don’t understand qualms only psalms. But really it is just the one bit about a man lying with man. The others stuff in the book are more or less guidelines if you are interested in following them. But that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t force your beliefs (even the stuff you don’t follow) on someone else and claim moral superiority (TM) along the way

  14. Yosemit3

    I like your observations….
    I’m afraid they’re going to be a lot of regrets down the road….like the teen who finally “hears” his parents’ advice at 40.

  15. S&P

    Stock market is rocking today. Go ahead and sell your stock Steve…plenty of buyers out there. Another one of your amazing baseless predictions.

  16. channel_zero

    Cycling’s audience is ridiculously small and Steve Tilford’s audience is smaller still.

    I find it interesting how a bunch of trolls show up and comment today, on a small time cycling blog.

  17. Bill K

    Nothing to worry about. This same thing happened in 1930’s Germany………..and that didn’t turn out too bad, did it?

  18. steve

    your blog is interesting to read. as far as a person taking any advice from you, even cycling advice, they would be an absolute idiot to do that.

      1. Dave

        Rod, thanks for the the guess, but can you take your namesake out of Steve’s mouth so he can tell us himself.

  19. Mark

    This country and the freedoms that we all enjoy wasn’t built on the backs of loafer wearing, pencil pushing, tree hugging pansies! It was built on the backs of men and women who gave up their lives because they thought it was more important to supply their children/grandchildren with a better place to live! So in my eyes, if shit gets uncomfortable before it gets better then so be it!

    I am soooooo sick to fucking death of hearing about Transgender bathrooms and the rest of all the nutcase liberal bullshit! We HAVE to be more sensitive to gays, muslims and illegals BUT it’s perfectly fine to kill an unborn baby?! Liberals are so fucked up……On that subject, when YOU were just an embryo that was YOU in your mother’s womb! Not some fucking “disposable tissue”! You liberals are all kinds of fucking backwards.

    The border……..We have fucking laws, rules and regulations as well as a complete process on how you can become a LEGAL citizen of this country. ALL of which has been totally fucking ignored by Washington DC for how many years now?! The cost of the wall Steve talks about is probably only a drop in the bucket compared to what we’ve spent on Healthcare alone on people who are hear fucking illegaly to begin with!

    Speaking of Healthcare, ever since Obama ‘ s “FORCED Healthcare Act” was “forced” onto the nation, my once excellent Healthcare coverage has become near worthless. Not to mention that my meager cost of living raises the past 2 years have been COMPLETED negated do to the cost of rising premiums. Spread the wealth around, huh? Fuck that! I’ve worked too damned hard to get to where I’m at just to have it taken from me and my family and given to those with less ambition.

    I can’t say I’m a Trump guy but you know what? Fuck Washington DC and fuck all you nutcase libtards. Go your asses to Canada! Please!

    I am soooo proud of my country today! Democracy is alive and well!

    1. channel_zero

      BUT it’s perfectly fine to kill an unborn baby?!

      That’s how personal freedom works. Something so offensive to you is fine to another. Didn’t your parent teach you that?

      Enjoy the life you are living now. Others are free to do the same in a manner that you may/may not agree. Pretty easy, right?

      1. Mark

        My parents taught me to be a responsible/stand-up/decent human being. I’m not going to blow a child off as a “mistake” and have it killed so that it doesn’t become a burden in my life.

      2. Mark

        I have a 5yr old. He’s expensive to take care of as well as demands a lot of my time and attention. What if i were to up and decide that he were a burden? What’s the difference in if I had him “put down” now vs aborted 5yrs ago? That was him in my wife’s belly. Just because some fucked up liberal judge says it’s ok doesn’t really make it ok.

      3. channel_zero


        Just because that is your choice does not make it mine. I am free to make choices that are okay with me. You are free to do the same. People disagree what that may be sometimes. It doesn’t mean you can take over my life and make choices for me. Personal freedom is a core belief in the U.S. Just because you disagree doesn’t mean you are right.

        As for your example, in case you didn’t notice, lots of kids in the foster care system already. Why don’t you save a few of those? How about working to reduce childhood poverty? I mean, it’s about the kids, right? Isn’t it? Telling others what to do has nothing to do with it, right?

      4. Mark


        You are right. There are far too many children in foster care. That’s also a lame bullshit excuse for killing the unborn. As I stated. I have a 5 year old. Had my wife and I decided to abort HIM, HE would not be here! HE would in-fact be DEAD! What kind of personal “fucked up” freedom of choice is that?!!! Where the fuck is his freedom of choice?!

        If I kill a pregnant woman I will be charged with 2 counts of murder!??? If I stab a pregnant woman in the stomach and KILL her “or my” unborn child I will be charged with a single count of murder should the woman live!??? Where the fuck does this fuckiing INSANE rational come from?!!!…………Oh, she can have an abortion and it’s ok because “it’s her body” right? Yeah sure, except when it’s not!

        How the hell can a person even quantify that BS in their heads???? Fucking liberals. SMH


    2. Rod

      Well said mark.liberalism works until all those rich evil people run out of money to support the millions of self entitled freeloaders who see themselves as victims.

    3. Barb

      Since when was saying a prayer made illegal? What is illegal is forcing religion on other people, on other people’s kids in public schools, and forcing women to bear children they don’t want, under some arrogant moral superiority platform. You can say whatever you want, no one is stopping you, people are just sick of having YOUR belief system forced on them, and trying to force it to be law. How is this any different than ISIS? When Christianity spread into Pagan Europe, science, music, art and education was crushed by the church. Not to mention killing and burning people at the stake for heresy. It was called the Dark Ages for a reason. That people are standing up for their legal right not to have Christianity forced on them, is being twisted around by Christians who are claiming “Christians are being persecuted. Re: the reference to the Gestapo, we have already seen the worsening militarization of our police forces, where cops are shooting people down in cold blood, without probable cause, and in many cases the videos reveal NO threat to the safety of the officers, and the courts are absolving them from paying the price for violating the law and abusing their power. As for the abortion issue, Mark YOU MADE YOUR CHOICE, how is what other people do, that has ZERO to do with you or your life personally, any of your damn business? It isn’t. Forcing YOUR moral code on everyone who doesn’t agree with you, in the nastiest way possible. Don’t go away mad, just go away with your oppressive holier-than-thou broken record.

  20. ATJ


    -“How can you lose a billion in one year?”
    Are you talking about carried interest? Is that a scandal? Or just business… people lose money all the time, it sucks. Real Estate is defintely a tough one, especially hotels. Hillary ueses the same carried interest tax code, as does anyone with a CPA with the ability to report loses.

    -“How can you defrauded the government and getting away?”
    Again, is this a carried interest question? He didn’t build a career defrauding america with foreign money. Lives were not lost and covered up like the Clinton crime family.

    -“What is the cost of healthcare and coverage for Trump’s employees?”
    I don’t know, it’s what the insurance company charges. Age and liability of health determines the cost. It’s all a part of a compensation package a person is offered and has the ability to accept or reject the package.

    I don’t see the country being this disgusting divisive group of people that we are made out to be. Politics are black and white, there aren’t grey areas, therefore there will always disagreement. Hillary though, is in this for herself, which is by definition; greed. Trump never divided people up just to appeal to certain crowds. Everyone will win with Trump.


    1. nancy

      Atj, yeah truth, everyone can lose money to some extent. I hope you are not a broker or can I play with your money because it doesn’t seens to matter if it is gone? Trump would not touch anything owns by me. he is bot even honest to show his tax record, no way not something to hide there?

      and for your healtcare, I hope your employer is generous enough to offer an advantageous package that you don’t need to worry about Obama care, premium, coverage. And there is no law that they have to do offer anything.

      honestly, it would be easy if everything black and white but generally a lot of grey and Trump benefit from the grey area to his personal advantage.

  21. Nathan

    Steve, Keep writing your blog!!!! BUT DON’T READ THE COMMENTS, for your own sanity and to retain hopefulness for humanity, besides the fact that if it makes my brain hurt I can only imagine how yours feels………. Some pretty fucking sad, divisive, and aggressive comments above which are depressing on so many levels, love you man – sending healing energy

  22. SWS

    The Obama Administration plus Hillary wanting to bring possible terrorists into this country without proper vetting AND the thugs from Black Lives Matter didn’t do the Democrats any favors. Us uneducated common folk just want to see a safe America for our children and grandchildren. I guess Steve has never had any children to worry about their safety and future.

    1. Rod

      My family policy health insurance where I work was 10,000 per year before Obamacare. It is now over 18,000 per year now
      Thy told us to expect another large increase in January. Liberalism at work.

      1. channel_zero

        Apparently you are new to knowing your health care costs. They have been rising faster than inflation since 2000 at least, and way above inflation.

      2. daveeckstrom

        Here’s what really happened.: You had really crappy insurance and the ACA required you to get real insurance. That costs more. Then, like all of us who have actually been paying for health insurance all along, you finally came to realize that health insurance is totally out of control.

        Which is why more radical change, not less, was needed to the system. Obama screwed up by adopting a Republican plan that was doomed to fail instead of going straight for the kind of single-payer system that protects the rest of the developed world from skyrocketing health care costs while increasing nearly all measures of health.

      3. Dave

        Are you expecting your costs to go down with the repeal of ACA? You are going disappointed if that is the case. Couple issues that will raise costs
        – aging population, living longer, on more medications for chronic conditions, more illnesses are treatable, and technological advance mean more specific and advanced tests are available, but come with a high cost
        -20 million people gained insurance with ACA (translate that to 20 million people actually started paying for a portion of their healthcare costs – we were paying for them previously with higher taxes and premiums
        -These 20 million are still going to get ill, injured and seek medical care/treatment. Now they just won’t be paying for it
        -Private insurers need to make a profit so their overhead is higher than the governments (12 versus 2%) and someone has to pay in the form of higher premiums.

        It you think competition in the market place is going to absorb all of these costs, you are not good at math.

        Start saving. You are going to be saying I remember when insurance only cost me $18K back in the good old days.

      4. Bill K

        Can’t you get a “better” job with better benefits???
        If you don’t like the ACA, get your own insurance. Just don’t get some half assed insurance that sticks the hospital with an unpaid bill, that causes them to raise their rates.

      1. SWS

        Ed, Does it matter whether I finished high school or have a 4 year college degree? My vote counts just as much as your vote. You sound really sad and spiteful. I’m sorry for you.

    2. channel_zero

      wanting to bring possible terrorists

      Yes. They wake up in the morning and say to themselves, ‘Today is a good day to bring some terrorists to the U.S. I wonder where I can find some good ones? Clear my calendar! We need some terrorists.”

      True story.

      You conservative justice warriors are great entertainment.

  23. Fausto

    People are tired of both the Bush and Clinton family’s. The mainstream media should be ashamed of itself how wrong they got this. They should investigate themselves but that would take journalists, not talking heads. They told us there were no longer enough white angry men to elect a Republican, guess they were wrong. You don’t have to be an angry red neck to know Washington is fucking us by both parties and want change. DNC and the networks killed off Bernie who had a rising and you lost because they stayed home. Wiki shows how the powers that B, look down their noses at every group, Catholics, Latins, Blacks, all just votes. They were both scum candidates that should share a cell at Rikers Island, I voted 3rd party. Too many one issue voters; Guns or Abortion, which side are you out to protect? Deporting is insane, but a country wanting to control it’s border is common sense, my $2.

  24. KEvinK

    I think we are a victim of our “first past the post” voting system, where any vote for a third party candidate is essentially wasted. If we went to a an “instant runoff” voting system (you rank each candidate, each ballot’s top candidate is counted and the candidate who comes in last is eliminated, those who placed that losing candidate in their top position have their votes switched to their number two candidate and the ballots are recounted accordingly, with the process repeating itself until there is a majority winner), a viable third party could develop, or at least the two major parties would be more accountable.

    This instant runoff voting system works – for instance it is how the Academy Awards are determined.

      1. Dave

        She will be kicked to the curb within the year. Donny boy can get some hot America ass with his new title. There will be more action in the oval office than ever.

    1. als

      Oh yes! She’s perfect for the position, in every regard!
      So noble of her to want a better life for herself and immigrate to America! I just can’t wait to learn more about her native culture and customs! I’m just dying to know if there is a direct translation of the word ‘irony’ in her native language.
      Does anybody know what her official title will be? Since she is Donald’s 3rd wife, would it be proper to call her ‘The 3rd Lady’? (Asking for a friend, Thanks!)

  25. darkcloud

    I’m trying to rate some of these posts and the 👍👎 function isn’t working foe me. It’s rigged, I tell ya😂

  26. numbnuts

    oh my america, what the hell did you just do…

    purely narcissistic fool that guy is…

    goodbye social programs, he will cut them (he loves firing people)
    goodbye relations with other countries and with groups within america, he will start a war (hot headed)
    goodbye democracy, he loves control – like hitler.

    oh my america, what the hell did you just do…reminds me of my ex-wife’s dad – we was violent drunk. Shamed and blamed others while not taking responsibility for his own problems.

    America has some substantial underlying problems – 18 trillion dollars in debt is a huge one… its no longer a manufacture super power as other countries work for cheaper and cheaper standard of living, who’s going to buy american goods when it costs 10 times as much now… ain’t many going to give up shopping at the big box stores… great divide of americans.
    Its almost bipolar like – from a good decent politician to one that is in it for himself. Don’t fool yourself otherwise, this guy loves control and power… thrives off control and power. Narcissistic he is.
    He will be the demise of america… like hitler was.

    1. Donald Trump

      Democrats need victims to stay in for us they say, we will take care of you with lots of free stuff. You are a victim.

      1. numbnuts

        dude, yah need a BALANCE in any system…

        you are now about to see some drastic changes in america… really drastic. This guy is going to destroy the social network…

        be very very fearful and hope till hell you don’t come down with something, loose your job, etc…
        just takes a second to loose it all, been there done that. Thankfully in my country, not from the USA… we have a reasonable social network. Which I didn’t fully use, I did sleep out of my car for 8 months while getting myself back up on my feet… I did use the medical system though, luckily it doesn’t cost much too use or I would have been on the street.

        Be thankful for a social network… Balance is key.
        America is completely fcked now for its 18 trillion dollars in debt. It over priced itself out of business, thus many businesses have moved elsewhere. To get those businesses back would mean taking huge huge pay cuts and having 3-4 families living to a house… others in cheaper countries will work for peanuts and live a life you can’t imagine.

        Thus, america is like a bad drunken fool now…. Trump will take it down further till it falls on its face. At which point the pain will be greater than the fear, it will then have to change.

        Be thankful for social programs – a reasonable and balanced social programs…
        you just never know when you will need it… you can be a “superman” all yah want, been there done that game of fools… but, when you fall, yah better hope something is there to lessen the fall… (medical condition, bad divorce, loss of job, etc…) anything can happen in life, anything… I’ve seen well off people loose it all…

      2. numbnuts

        the sad reality, america can’t even see its own problems… till that time, it will keep blaming/shaming others to avoid dealing with its harsh reality…

        its like a bad drunk, won’t admit its problems till it falls flat on its face (pain greater than the fear).

      3. Barb

        yes, except it was under the Republican watch that the housing bubble was intentionally engineered, many on Wall St then hedged on the failure of junk investments to line their own pockets, and the economy crashed. This wasn’t caused by democrats. People have such a one-dimensional view/scapegoat mentality, and a really short memory because they never consider the complex history behind any problem America has. It was the Repubs who promised a house for everyone, with no interest-no doc (no job) loans…Americans weren’t the victims, they just bought into the lies and all wanted houses, and Wall St bled them dry and then threw them under the bus.

  27. camembert teuton

    I´m european, and am seing here on this blog´s comments ( a cycling blog for Christ´s sake !) the consequences of this election: the divide, the insults, the hatred.

    This is so sad and scary..

    1. darkcloud

      The least tolerant people that I know, and I have numerous “progressive” friends, are progressives. Seriously. Look at the violence they committed at Trump rallies. Then again after the election. These folks have hijacked the Democratic Party and taken it as far left as they can. And evidently it has had an effect on people. Look at the vote results.
      Both the left and right have great ideas. Too bad there’s so little compromise. Too bad both political parties in the USA feed at the troughs of large corporate donors. Neither party has clean hands.
      Neither of these candidates is worthy of our time or votes.

    2. Bill K

      This has been what it’s been like in America for the last 8 years…..Things will not get better.

      1. numbnuts

        america blew it along time ago, once it became highly dependent on foreign energy… its no long self sustainable…
        Thus, it over priced itself out of business. So, business went elsewhere.

        its like a bad drunk really. Trump will just take it into further debt, break foreign and internal relations causing more conflict, create a deviation further between rich and poor and bust apart social programs… I suspect 4 years from now, you’ll see an even worse off america further divided.
        Its a very very tough hole of disparity to get out of… like some bad drunk that had a good time, now it has a wicked hangover and has to pay the piper (the debt at 18 trillion dollars) …

        at least with the other, social programs would have been kept in tacked. This guy, will tear it all apart. There will be lots of pain to be had…

    3. numbnuts

      a-men to that… wah, I’m not sure what the hell americans were thinking… narcissistic that guy is.. puts on a good front, but once he’s gotcha by the balls, he will destroy yah for his own gains (financial, emotional, physical, legal etc…).
      I had plenty of ex’s like that, put a good front… can spot a narcissistic type from 100 miles away… can smell them…

      god bless america now, going to be the demise of america – social systems, relations, more debt, deviation between rich and poor will grow tremendously…

      1. numbnuts

        dude, I learnt from my mistakes… america hasn’t – blames/shames… as per the debates… that’s all it was – blame/shame… not dealing with the underlying issues. Its a ship of fools.

        Learning from mistakes is key otherwise you sit their spinning in your own shit.
        Learnt from my mistakes, thus I can spot a narcissistic type from 100 miles away… know the red flags now… America has some deep dark trouble spots it doesn’t want to deal with, thus the shame/blaming… like a bad drunk really.

    4. Matt

      Wait you are blaming trump for a divided American that is raging with hatred. Those things do not happen over night and correct me if I am wrong, but Trump has not been the president for the last 8 years.

      1. Mark

        The only hope for our nation and for all of its people is to turn to Jesus. There is no other answer.

      2. Dave

        Mark – hilarious. Nothing fails like prayer. Yet it gives people hope and they think they are actually doing something. Its win-win. No, I guess not. It just keeps the simpletons distracted

    1. darkcloud

      Steve, your hair is on fire. The guys not even in office and you’re crucifying him. I don’t recall you ever getting down on the Obama fuck ups. And there have been plenty. People have lost their lives due to the incompetence of his administration. Where has your outrage been??????
      Just another shining example of “anything my team does is just fine mentality.

      1. Steve Tilford Post author

        Darkcloud-I’m not sure what your last line meant. I don’t have a team here. Seems like none of us does. My problem with the guy is he isn’t smart enough to do the job. Plus he comes off as arrogant and mean on TV. Did you watch the debates? He never once answered a question he was asked. Afterward, listening to NPR, he was completely off on anything he said nearly 80% of the time. That is crazy that he still got 50% of the vote.

        Granted, this election wasn’t easy to choose. It was like most people thought they needed to choose who they disliked less. But they really needed to vote for who might have an ability to make life better for who elected them. And what is best for our society. I very much doubt that is Mr. Trumps goal here. I very much hope I am wrong.

    2. Kazi Rekab

      Myron Ebell is scary as hell. Simple as that.

      Actually, having a president who also feels global warming is horseshit is also
      scary as hell.

      It’s like a real life Idocracy!! Trump/Comacho!!

  28. euro

    Sorry Steve. You’re wrong. The stock market boomed, Construction will boom in 2017. It’s fun to watch all you whiny liberals cry about the loss.

    1. Hillary

      If you are young and not a Democrat, you have no heart. If you are old and still a Democrat, you have no brains.

    1. Steve Tilford Post author

      Krakatoa – No, I sold most all my stock a few days ago. I only have Google and a couple others, all which were down. I don’t, and never did, own any bank stocks, or biotech. How about gun stocks sucking today? Believe me, the stock market is going to be all over the place for quite a while. Same with the US $ and precious metals. Like I said, the markets aren’t too big on uncertainty.

  29. Chris

    From a guy who doesn’t contribute to society. This elitist left holy than than though crap is what America is sick of.

    Maybe you’ll like your health insuarance when it’s cheaper because we’re getting fucked by Obamacare.

    Nailed it on the stock market.

    Solar stocks are getting pounded because they wont being subsidized with my taxes.

    Dude, theory is fine. However,theory, rarely is reality.

  30. Mark G

    Steve listens to the liberal propaganda machine npr a lot. So do I, but see it for what it is, the opposite of fox news.

    1. daveeckstrom

      You apparently haven’t listened to npr throughout this presidential election season if you think they are a “liberal propaganda machine”.

      You are mostly correct in your assessment of npr as the opposite of fox news. People who get their news from fox are least informed, while those who get their news from npr are most informed:

  31. Miguel

    Let us not forget about Trump’s cycling connection. He sponsored and promoted the Tour De Trump. Won by Dag Otto (7-11) in 1989 and Raul Alcala (PDM) in 1990.
    Steve, did you compete in any Tours de Trump, or Tours du Pont?

  32. Clifford

    Another day, another glut of trolls. Wonder how many of these people actually read about cycling, know the blogger, and/or anything other than self-congratulatory Breitbart slurry?

  33. James

    Most accurate headline yet. Except we just shot ourselves in the head.

    I hope you supporters of a racist demagogue have just a few seconds after the flash & before the blast kills many of us that you decided to step into the abyss with full knowledge that you were.

      1. James

        “If we have nukes, why can’t we use them?”

        When asked about the nuclear triad he couldn’t respond & had it explained to him what it was.

        Thinks D McArther was just the best. A general who was sacked for ignoring the excecutive branch & trying to start www3 with the Chinese. Dictatorial tendencies anyone?

        Thinks NATO needs to go.

        Answer to everything is “bomb the shit out of them…”

        By all accounts has no concept of history, as he lacks the attention span to read a book & like his followers must have skipped western civ.

        Need we be reminded there is no checks & balance on POTUS’ use of the nuclear arsenal? I guess so, because nearly 1/2 the country voted for an obvious facists demagogue.

        Democracy is a fragile thing boys & girls, 240 years is but a blip, and you just threw the sheep she is to lions.

        Moving to Canada isn’t going to help.

  34. dave

    So much for a “tanked” stock market……up another 218 points as of 3:30 pm Thursday. Sure glad I didn’t dump all my equities!

  35. Todd

    Can we all go back to whether Steve is a moron for not wearing a helmet or refusing to admit his culpability in his injuries? One day and I am already tired of all the political whining. This country got what it wanted/Deserved. Deal with it.

  36. Jim

    I really enjoy reading this blog……..but…….Tilford has never been exactly a very good model to follow – we all know where riding without a helmet got him…..his doing push ups just days after a severe head injury….his lack of insight regarding this latest and numerous other injuries…his poor investment timing record…..his spouting this “sky is falling” divisive mimicry of the popular media. I’ll keep reading this blog, but ignore his politics.

    1. Steve Tilford Post author

      Jim – Where do you think riding without a helmet or doing 10 pushups got me? Or how about the stock market? You must own a ton of bank stocks? Have you checked out the tech stocks. Google was down over 30 points today. Apple too, down. You must not think Nasdaq stocks are investments? I have no idea if you invest, but I’m quite happy how I’ve done my whole life.

      Is there a lack of insight of injuries in athletics? I’d love to see how you would deal with those same injuries. I’m pretty okay with how mine have gone so far. This one is still waiting for that.

      Popular media spouting? Hardly. I’m glad your guy got into office. Head of the EPA, no global warming. Head of the Dept. of Agriculture- Sam Brownback, current governor of Kansas, who drove our state into the ground. Pretty unbelievably brilliant choices. And it is just going to continue.

      Please keep me advised on how well this is doing for our country. I’ll be all ears, assuming that you aren’t a member of the popular media.

    2. Barb

      WTH is wrong with you people? Attacking, criticising and arguing with someone trying to recover from a severe head injury, just because you have a free platform to spout your own petty ego trips? Steve, would’ja please block these morons from your blog, they don’t deserve an argument, and you don’t need to explain or defend yourself to anyone in cyberspace…. their posts are an insult to our collective intelligence.

  37. Jim

    Uh….riding without a helmet got you a severe concussion and a TBI.

    “My guy?” Hardly. I think he’s an ass, but the current state of the US Government necessitates a change. I have little to no confidence in the Federal government to do what they say or follow their own stated principles, or to look out for the common man – so I voted – not for the man, but for change. I didn’t hear Secretary Clinton voicing the sort of change that I think is needed to effect any sort of course correction.

    And yes I invest. Low cost, index mutual funds, and I’ve done quite well over the last several years. Enough to allow me to retire at 54.

    All this BS about “Not my president.” Deal with it, embrace the opportunity and challenge to help make this county better than it is, or continue in anger and denial and get left behind.

    I’ll let you know how he’s doing in a couple of years. Give him a chance to take office, for God’s sake.

    1. Steve Tilford Post author

      Jim – Your helmet theory, hardly. I’ve had multiple concussions crashing on my bike and this was the first time without a helmet. It was happening with or without a helmet.

      I can’t agree with anything you write about Tuesday’s election results. The last two days haven’t surprised me the least bit. Ive met Mr. Trump. The man isn’t suited to be president. Sorry, but that isn’t just my opinion.

      Maybe you haven’t been following the post election media coverage? I don’t need to wait two years for you to tell me something that is so apparent.

      So I guess we just have to agree to disagree on this.

      1. Todd

        “Your helmet theory, hardly. I’ve had multiple concussions crashing on my bike and this was the first time without a helmet. It was happening with or without a helmet. ”

        Steve…this is you in denial……if you had a helmet on the possibility is great that maybe you walk away without a TBI…..just a concussion. Your denial of simple facts is astounding. The next time you hit your head could be the last… answer the questions everyone is wanting to know….are you going to be wearing a helmet from now on??

  38. barb

    For the most part, they weren’t “divided and raging with hatred” before this campaign. The media seriously provoked people into this, with their ongoing distortion of Trump’s comments. For example, “illegal” immigrants and those who are also criminals was misrepresented over and over by the left-leaning media as all immigrants. The “leaked tape” where Trump was heard saying “because I have money “they let me”, (referring to himself groping women) was announced ad nauseum as “sexual assault”. His comments about screening incoming refugees or immigrants from countries with terrorism going on, were morphed into “keeping out all muslims.” Many people with no critical thinking skills have been completely provoked into protesting this election, based on being fed a constant diet of distortion. As well, what I read about the Portland riots was that mixed in with the peaceful protesters, were “anarchists” people who are professional agitators, who look for any civil unrest to act out their own disturbed aggressive and hostile mentalities. These protests and issues are much more complex than just blaming Obama. Again, it was not on Obama’s watch, that the housing bubble was created and the banks crashed, resulting in millions of Americans losing their homes and jobs. That was created under Bush’s watch, and ongoing deregulation of Wall St and government being complicit in fleecing the American public out of their last nickel. Obama inherited a mess and americans are clearly sick of mainstream political corruption (of both repubs and dems, of which Trump is an outlier) stroking each other’s pocketbooks, decision-making cronyism and greed, their ridiculous lies and never-ending boolsheet. That’s why Trump won. I’m not saying he’s the solution, I’m just saying, don’t blame Obama, that’s just using one person as a scapegoat for a very complex situation.


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