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Bunny Hopping

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It is cyclocross season and it seems like what guys at clinics I’ve done get most excited about is trying to learn how to jump barriers.  I tell them that it isn’t really a very important part of the sport.  And by the time it becomes important for them to be able to master it, they would have already done it enough that it would be in their quiver.   But, everyone still wants to at least try it.    Here are a couple videos of great bunny hopping and a little how to do it.  The how to is a little basic, but you’ll get the idea.  And Cody doing it at Nationals last year makes it looks like he’s accelerating as he’s climbing the stairs.  Pretty great!


Jeromy Powers at the World Cup in England last Saturday.


Jogged a Couple of Steps

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Late last night, under a half-full moon, I went outside, in front of my house, wearing jeans and Merrell boots, I did a little jogging.  And by little, I mean that I just went a few steps, well, many more than a few steps, but not a city block.

My problem was, one, it hurt my previously broken, but “now healed hip” a little, plus, I couldn’t really tell if I was limping.  I don’t want to be jogging if it is going to be contorting my body all out of shape and make something else not work right.  I need Burt, my PT guy, to take a glimpse of my stellar form and critique it some.

I am in pitiful all-around shape.  Bike riding, I’m just in off-season form.  But, my general overall strength sucks.  Even though I’ve been carrying bags of concrete and heavy things around recently, I don’t seem to be getting any stronger.  That is a mild surprise.

I did cross the 11,000 mile mark for the year, yesterday on Strava.  That is without really riding my bike much at all for about 3 months or so.   I would have had a pretty big mileage season this year without breaking myself.

I think yesterday was the 5th day in a row I‘d ridden and I was pretty fatigued.  That was sort of surprising.  I wouldn’t have thought that I would be so out of shape, but I had pretty much taken two out of the last four weeks completely off, from riding.  Man, it takes so long to get form and it disappears so quickly.  Doesn’t seem right for some reason.

Last night we unloaded the furnances and a/c units I got from Vincent and then, since we were already downtown, went by the holiday parade.  We didn’t have a leash for Bromont, so Trudi just tied a long strip of curtain to his halter.  It actually just looked holiday-like.

I was surprised how many people were out.  The parade is really mainly a collection of weird automobiles and such, decorated.  There were the Shriners, with their little cars and motorcycles.  And a few actual float-like flatbed trailers.  It was pretty fun, and since it was so warm, nearly 60, it seems like everyone was in a pretty festive mood.  I wouldn’t have normally went and glad I happened by.

It got cold last night, the temperatures dropped 30 degrees.  The high today is supposed to be in the 30’s, but that isn’t lasting for long.  By Tuesday it’s supposed to be back to the mid-40’s and then the 50’s again by the weekend.  Kansas doesn’t have horrible winters, usually.  Most of the time, at least recently, you can ride nearly all winter without much of a problem.  Hopefully that will be the case this year.  I missed so much of summer, riding, I’m not really ready for winter this year.

I never really seen a guy walking in a parade portraying Jesus.  Barefoot and all.  I liked it.

I have never really seen a guy walking in a parade portraying Jesus.  I liked it.

Bromont got all excited when the local bike club came by.

Bromont got all excited when the local bike club came by.

Of course, the Phelp's, Westboro Baptist Church was there protesting.  They were playing a song on speakers, saying that Santa Claus will take you to hell.  No one was really paying much attention, which is how it should be.

Of course, the Phelp’s, Westboro Baptist Church was there protesting. They were playing a song on speakers, saying that Santa Claus will take you to hell. No one was really paying much attention, which is how it should be.


11K for the year.

11K for the year.

Copper Thieves

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On Thanksgiving, I went by a house I own in Central Topeka, to find that someone had kicked in the door and ransacked the place.  But, worse than that they had taken some bolt cutters and try, semi-successfully, to cut out the copper plumbing and wiring.

I would normally have been sort of upset, but this is nothing new in that neighborhood.  Central Topeka is not a very good area.  Actually, it is downright dangerous.  I bought the house back in the 80’s, when I was riding for Wheaties/Schwinn.  I was audited by the IRS and they disallowed most of my travel deductions because I didn’t have a “tax home”.  So, I bought this house and it just sat there.  The area was nice then.

But, it got worse and worse.  Now, I think most of the surrounding houses on the street are Section 8, and no one seems the least bit interested in doing anything about it.  I’m not.

This is the same house where I had three cars stolen from the garage.  So, it is nothing new.

Topeka, in general, has a fair amount of crime.  Nearly every property I’ve been associated with has been broken into.  Copper is what most guys are stealing now .   I guess it’s about $3.00 a pound scrape, so it is semi-valuable.  Lots of people’s central A/C units are disappearing nowadays here in Topeka.

I had my scooter stolen from my driveway a few years ago.  There are lots of people  that are hard up, that don’t seem to have a problem taking other people’s stuff.

I doubt I’ll even call the police.  I have the bolt cutters that the guys used to mangle the plumbing, but I am nearly positive that the police wouldn’t take a fingerprint or do anything to try to apprehend the guys.  I never was contacted once about the cars or scooter.  This break-in would be $1000’s of dollars to repair, if you were a regular guy, hiring people to do it.  But, that doesn’t seem to matter to the police anymore.  I think they are so over-worked that break-ins at vacant houses are nearly nothing to them.

On a brighter note, it is supposed to be in the mid-60’s today, so we’re heading out at noon for a longish ride.  Last nice day for the foreseeable forecast.


The front door was kicked in.  I fixed it now so that it would be very hard to do.

The front door was kicked in. I fixed it now so that it would be very hard to do.

They only got about half the copper pipes.

They only got about half the copper pipes.


And none of the wiring.  I am sort of wondering if I walked in on the whole thing and they took off.

And none of the wiring. I am sort of wondering if I walked in on the whole thing and they took off.

I found these down the basement. I hate these without the proper tools for the job!

I found these down the basement. I hate these without the proper tools for the job!

Trying to Stay “Relevant” ???

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facebook copyThis is a clip from Facebook on a post, from a couple days ago on my blog post about the chart of some payments Lance made to Dr. Ferrari for a doping program.   I was surprised that James, who I have no idea who he is,  seems to be sort of pissed or more accurately, condemning, about the subject matter.

He seems to think that I have any motive writing my website other than jotting down some of my thoughts .  And I did think it was pretty interesting about the financial matters and exchanges in the doping process.   I don’t know why James thought that this chart was somehow negative.  Some of the comments from the Facebook comment section on the post got kind of pointed, but that wasn’t my doing.

Anyway, I did an interview with Chris Case from Velo a couple weeks ago.  I was mildly surprised about a few of the questions he asked.  He asked about whether I worried that some of the younger riders in the sport, that don’t know me personally, might think I’m sort of a jerk about calling people out.   He didn’t word it like that, but that was his question.

I told him that sometimes I’m pretty blunt and pretty much state whatever is on my mind.  And I realize that when anyone, me included, introduces a polarizing subject, like doping in cycling, religion, hand guns, any subject people have their own, set, convictions, then it is going to draw a line in the sand.

But, that line isn’t always there.  I have a few lines that I think are permanent, but I could probably be convinced that my stance is off if there was enough compelling evidence or information.

I do post a fair amount about doping in cycling.  But, not nearly as much as most people think.  I just checked and I’ve posted here 2517 times.  Man, that seems like a lot.  And I very much doubt that one of ten of those posts has anything to do with doping.  So, I’d guess 10% of my posts, which might be off to the high side by a ways, are doping related.

Most, more than 70%, guess once again, of my posts, have something to do with cycling.  That is what I do most.  And doping is a very relevant subject in cycling.  It has affected the sport more than any other one thing the last two decades.  I would love to be able to just comment about the great aspects of our sport.  I think I do that too.   But, the doping stuff is there, always, trying to be spun a million different ways by people with agendas.  People that have a vested interest in the issue silently disappearing.

Let’s look at Vino and the Astana team issues recently.  Two of his Pro Tour riders have turned up positive.  One helped Nibali win  the Tour de France this year.  Then three riders from the Astana Continental team are suspended.  And here is Alexandre Vinokourov, last Olympic Champion, past doper, and czar of Astana saying that

“People have to understand that they (the Continental team) has nothing to do with this team (the Astana WorldTour team). The only thing we have in common is the jersey and the name.”

NOTHING.  He says this and then somehow, since the teams are so separate, suspends the whole Astana Continental team.  Man, that is pretty separate, huh.  I wonder if I could have just suspended that team if I wanted to?  Maybe I can suspend the license of the Astana WorldTour team since I am virtually positive that I have “nothing to do” with it.

Someone has to call these goofballs out.  I don’t think it’s my “job” to do it, it just rubs me the wrong way enough, and is entertaining enough for me, to be involved in a small way.

I told Chris at Velo that I am surprised how people tend to focus on the doping posts and disregard posts that I think should have more interactions.  Like the homeless, world hunger, etc.  But, those aren’t polarizing subjects.  Everyone agrees on those subjects.  He agreed somewhat.  He told me that on the Velonews website, they had to take down the comment sections on some posts because it just got into the same old broken record happening on each and every doping post.

Anyway, my answer to James is,  no, I have no desire or thought about “staying relevant”, whatever that means, through this website.  I just write what is in my head.  It’s my website and pretty much how it has to be, since I know no other way.  And “put it to bed already”?  I just wish, but doping in the sport seems to be never ending.

PS To appease James a little, I’d like to say that the most hits to my website ever, superseding Vaughter’s Outs Danielson, was the announcement of Steve Hed’s passing.   It was so popular because Steve Hed was so important and touched so many people’s lives, in a very, very positive way. copyThis is a clip from the Velonews website a few weeks ago.  Obviously, since Velonews is a specific publication about the sport of cycling, and 50% of their stories that day, have something to do with doping, it is a very relevant topic.


stevehedstats copy




Happy Thanksgiving

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Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday.  I’ve said it before, but it never gets old.  Any gathering where a bunch of friends get together, talk, eat, talk some more, eat some more, is okay by me.

I never really think much about the meaning of the day.  I just enjoy it.  A few times in the past, I’ve been in usual places or situations, and I assign more thought to the meaning of the day.

But, I’m at home and everything should be good.  But, I haven’t really quit thinking about Steve Hed and his death.

I shouldn’t be so wrapped up with it.  Like I posted yesterday, we didn’t have a close relationship.  Or more accurate, hardly any interaction at all.  But that is what I’ve been thinking about.

I feel bad because I always assumed that eventually we were going to cross paths in a more meaningful way and I would get my chance to sit down with him, hopefully not just once, and get to know him.  I feel a loss because of what I missed out on.

I’ve known of Steve Hed for a really long time.  I’ve maybe said 50 words to him my whole life.  But, we sort of ran into us other all over the country.  I’d see him at a bike show and make eye contact or give each other a nod, but for some unexplained reason we just never made that meaningful contact.

I’ll never get the chance to hear his view of many things, not just cycling related topics, all life topics.  He was a treasure chest of knowledge, just there for the taking.  A visionary of the sport that acted instead of just thinking.   And I just walked by, multiple times. And now that opportunity has passed.  And I missed out.  I blew it.

I have very few regrets in my life.  A few, as everyone does.  I try to live my life in such a way that I avoid regrets.  You do this by exploring opportunities and not letting obviously ones pass you by.  This was one of those obvious ones.

I guess, or more accurately, I hope, I learned something here.  When you hope to know someone, then make it a point to do just that.  And don’t procrastinate.  Don’t procrastinate in life in general.  You never know when those such opportunities are gone.  And then you have regrets.

Live is too short to make these mistakes.  We need to understand that and acknowledge that is the case.  We shouldn’t take it for granted.

Thanksgiving is pretty much an American holiday.   And we are all the fortunate ones.  If you’re reading this, you’re one of the chosen ones, at least compared  to the majority of people on this planet.  Don’t forget this.  Especially when judging the less fortunate.  The less fortunate are the majority.  We are the minority.  Live life with that in mind and you’ll appreciate it much more.

I hope everyone gets a little time to spend a little bit of the day riding their bikes.  It allows us to appreciate all we have.  Enjoy the day!


Pies in the oven.

Pies in the oven.


A little tribute to Steve Hed on the Thanksgiving Day ride.

A little tribute to Steve Hed on the Thanksgiving Day ride.







Steve Hed Passed Away

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I just received a message that Steve Hed passed away this morning.  I don’t have any of the specifics, but I heard that he collapsed last week, outside of work, with no pulse.

I didn’t know Steve very well, but would have liked to more, for sure.  We just never really crossed paths, intersected, even though we were in close proximity to each other for years.

He was a visionary in the sport of cycling.  He thought outside the box and made the sport that much more attractive.  Guys like Steve Hed are why I ride bikes.  He will be missed greatly by many.  My condolences to Anne and his family.



Steve and his family.

Steve and his family.