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Pictorial of the Weekend

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Since Flanders was today, I thought this appropriate. I guess Hollywood has a intimate relationship with Flanders. Big win for Tom Boonen today. Too bad for Cancellara.

I rode nearly 90 miles on a Tour de Minneapolis yesterday. It was supposed to be nearly 70 degrees. It was in the lower 40's.

T-1 before the Grand opening of Hollywood Cycles 2.

The new shop after opening.

Hollywood and me.

One of those bad flats.

Gene Oberpiller's shop in Minneapolis.

Inside Gene's shop is a pretty interesting/eclectic collection of stuff.

And last, but not least, Kansas University is playing Monday night for the National Championships after winning last night.

And of course, Mass. St. in downtown Lawrence was rockin'. I know where I plan to be Monday night late.

Driving South to Kansas

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I got up this morning and went by this local frame builder’s shop, Matt Appleman. He builds in carbon. Other than Nick Crumpton down in Austin, I’m not sure I know of another custom builder of carbon. I don’t, but I’m sure there are lots around. Anyway, it was pretty interesting.

I think there were 4 different frame builders using the same warehouse area. Lots of cool projects going. There was an old Austin mini stripped down to the bare frame and tons of other half done projects everywhere.

Matt was a nice guy. Really knowledgeable about carbon. He used to make wind turbine blades. Anyway, it was a good morning all around.

Minneapolis is full of these weird, interesting, cycling related, enclaves. I heard there are something around 60 bikes shops in the area. That is unbelievable. But from riding on the bike paths some yesterday, I can believe they are all doing pretty good business.

Heading South to Lawrence to watch the KU vs. UK NCAA National Championship game. Rock Chalk!!!

Appleman's. Pretty interesting enclave.

I could have looked around these frame builder's cave all day.

A near traffic jam on the bike path yesterday.

Ouch. That hurt!

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Just got back from Lawrence and watching the KU basketball game. It wasn’t to be. I watched the game at Freestate Brewery on Mass. St. in downtown. The crowds were crazy supportive of Kansas. That what was so amazing to me. Even when the game seemed to be completely out of reach, the fans were always optimistic and supportive. It was pretty contagious.

I rode my bike to downtown from up on campus. There were so, so many people wandering before and then after the game. There were 100’s of police on the streets. I think about 8 on each corner on Mass. The streets were pretty packed with people after the game. The police kept saying that the streets were not closed and that everyone needed to be walking on the sidewalks. There was 0% chance that was going to happen.

Anyway, it was a great basketball season and pretty amazing run in the tournament for the Jayhawks. Nothing to be ashamed of there. And it was an experience, once again, hanging in Lawrence during the festivities. It is hard to beat that much energy.

Some of the action riding to Freestate before the game.

Mass. St. in downtown right after the game was over. It only got busier.

The police were taking the high ground right from the start.

One of the most out of place things I saw all night was this girl, dressed fully in KU colors, reading a book during the game. It was The Hunger Games. Guess it is hard to put down.

Aspirin for Cancer

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I heard about this on NPR a couple weeks ago and meant to post something on it, but spaced it out. Anyway, there are a couple studies out that show that aspirin can reduce the risk of cancer and lower the spreading of it if taken on a daily basis.

This is pretty big news on the cancer front. The study was done at Oxford and was actually trying to establish the benefits of aspirin in relation to heart attacks.

The problem with the whole situation is that aspirin is nearly free compared to other drugs. And that there isn’t a way to make any money from its use to treat cancer, thus, there are not going to be any people/drug companies jumping to do any more long term studies to validate the findings. That seems completely wrong. This would be a good time for our government to spend some funds for the benefit of the people.

Here’s a link to a New York Times article on it.

Ashenden – One of UCI’s Doping Experts Resigns

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Michael Ashenden, one of the experts overseeing the biological passport on cycling, resigned because of a clause in his contract that would essentially make it impossible to express his own opinions about doping in the sport. He did a pretty in depth interview with that goes on to explain a lot of what goes on in the testing and doping arenas in cycling. It is pretty serious reading, but if you what to expand your knowledge on the subject, it is pretty good. The article goes into depth about the Contador case and the underlying facts.

He thanks Floyd Landis a couple time for giving him information on what lengths the riders will go to stay under the radar. They aren’t just carrying around hematocrit centrifuges like the old days, they have transportable blood analysers that followed them around and allow the riders to constantly monitor their reticulocyte levels.

It goes on to explain that EPO is more of a masking agent now and that the blood transfusions are the way they use to gain the oxygen carrying advantages. Man, it just gets more complicated and crazier every time something comes out.

Anyway, after reading the article, it is apparent that he is one of the “good guys” and that the sport needs more people like him around. I guess he is going to be associated with WADA some still, but it sounds like he isn’t going to be the go to guy to try to clean the sport up. It’s a big loss.

Spring is Here-The Turtles are Out

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I thought all along this premature Spring was going to disappear and we’d come back to reality on what the real temperatures are supposed to be this time of the year. Now I don’t think so. I think that it is going to stay nice and that it is going to be a long Spring, which is perfect.

I found a baby turtle out riding a couple days ago. That is a sure sign that Spring is here. It is about a month early this year here in Kansas. A full month, that is nuts. I talked to a friend of mine whose parents are farmers. She said that the wheat is starting to come to head, which isn’t normal until May. If it doesn’t freeze, it is going to be a great wheat crop this year I’d guess.

I’ve been taking it pretty easy for a while. I wanted to rest some during March and April and try to get my body back to normal. I’m doing the resting part, but haven’t really addressed the back to normal part.

It is amazing how much bicycle racing is on the internet now. It kind of screws up my mornings. And the weekends some too with the Spring Classics happening now. I watched the finish of The Tour of the Basque Country (Vuelta Ciclista al Pais Vasco) this morning. It finished on a pretty steep pitch. Joaquim Rodriguez Oliver (Spa) Katusha Team took off with a couple hundred meters to go and put 9 seconds into Samuel Sanchez, who was the previous race leader. That was a lot of time for such a short period. Pretty impressive.

Anyway, there aren’t any races this weekend because it is Easter. I understand the reasons, but it is a shame that Easter has to fall right in the middle of such perfect weather. There should at least be something going on Saturday you’d think? But, it never seems to happen. Spring is my favorite season. I like them all, but when everything is new and fresh, it is energizing.

Baby Green turtle found on the road.

He had a very pretty underbelly

This chard is left over from last year. I'm going to eat it tonight.

I planted seeds in one of the planters I built last fall yesterday. The other one is strawberries.

You know it is Spring when the road work has started. Our city is under the impression that replacing just squares of the concrete is the way to go. It isn't working, but they have no idea.

Spring breakfast this morning. I don't know why, but when it gets warmer out, I like to eat way more fruit and fresh vegetables.