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Petacchi great in green in Wolvertem-Meise

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Petacchi and Basso were both on the podium in a start money criterium in Belgium. What surprised me was the Petacchi was wearing the Points Jersey from the Tour and Basso was wearing the Leader’s Jersey from the Giro. Maybe I haven’t been closely following these criteriums historically, but it seems weird that they are wearing the jerseys they won in other races. I understand the importance of their participation, but I have never heard of someone wearing the jersey from a previous race, other than World’s or Nationals, in a later event.

Not many times you see a jersey from the Tour mixed up with a jersey from the Giro.

Eddy Merckx Special Edition Book

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Looking around the BMC service course last week I saw this book on one of the office tables. I realized it was something really cool instantly. It was one of the 525 copies of the Eddy Merckx book. There are 525 editions to match the number of races that Eddy Merckx won in his career. It is the same book that Eddy Merckx gave Lance at the start of the Tour de France this year. (He gave Lance edition # 7.) Anyway, I spent the best part of an hour skimming through the book. There are amazing photos from cycling’s past. The book belongs to Jim Ochowicz, Och, co owner of the BMC Racing Team. I would kill to own this book.

Vials of road from some of the most important victories.

Merckx with Tom Simpson, Jacques Anquetil and Rudi Altig in 1967.

Eddy Merckx giving Lance book #7 at the Tour this year.

Random Stuff, Remiss Bookwalter Tour de France Photo

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Okay. The first photo below is of Brent Brookwalter and his 10 grade school teacher – Ms. Anderson. She flew all the way to Paris, alone, to watch Brent finish the Tour de France. Brent removed his race number and signed it for her. She ended up coming to the BMC after race party. She was great.

I’m up in Cable. It was 106 in Kansas yesterday with a heat index of something way more. It was a high of 75 here in Cable yesterday. I rode the last 1/4 of the Chequamegon race on my MTB. It is so weird, my ribs are much worse riding on the rode. I’m beginning to think it is a soft tissue issue (tissue issue, he he) and not a bone or cartilage deal. That might not be so good. I’m just trying to ignore the whole thing right now and do whatever I would normally do. It has kind of been working. I got up at 7 am and swam all the way across the lake and back. About 20 minutes. I’m not any worse rib-wise than the day before. I think that is progress.

The 2nd big news of the day is that Dennis Kruse has a new washer and dryer. I know a lot of you out there have used his 1962 Maytag machines that were his parents. I couldn’t stand it anymore. I washed my clothes after returning from Europe and had to dry my jeans for 2 1/2 hours. We went to the small Sears outlet in Hayward and looked at new front loading machines. I was bound and determined not to leave the store without new appliances in the back of the van. It was iffy, but after a little negotiating with the store, and Dennis, a brand new LG pair were safely tucked away. They are great. The washer plays a little happy song when it is finished.

Tonight there is a Tuesday night ride down at New Moon in Hayward. In the meantime, we’re replacing the floor in Dennis’ ski boat. He has some good friends coming over from Germany in a couple weeks and they have two teenage girls. Water skiing is a must in that situation. I’ve never messed much with boats. A combination of wood, or non wood in this case, and fiberglass. We right now looking for some teak to use over the marine grade plywood.

I have no idea where my form is right now. I rode the Seeley Firetower climb yesterday in my middle ring a couple down in the back. That is the gear I use normally. I kind of wished I had raced the Firehouse 50 on Saturday. That would have at least given me a gauge of where I’m at. I ran another 30 hour yesterday. That is twice now and I can still walk. I figured I had walked enough around Europe to allow me to start running. It seems to have worked. So far.

Brent Brookwalter and his high school teacher Angela Anderson right after the finish of the Tour de France.

The new appliances. Anyone need a washer and dryer from 1962?

Middle of boat demo.

Car Up?

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I went on a ride yesterday with a bunch of folks I have mostly never ride with. They turned out to be one of those “car up” groups. It sort of drives me crazy. The constant car up, car back, stopping, hole, ect. thing. I’m so used to riding in groups where nothing is ever said, unless someones seems to be in mortal danger, that with people are yelling every other minute, it initially scares me and eventually bugs me.

I know how this starts and it is somewhat common throughout the country. I don’t get it. Especially car up. What is the purpose of yelling car up? Telling the guys you are with to not peel off into the oncoming traffic. I always think, “boy, I was lucky they yelled because I was just about ready to ride for a while in the opposite lane.”

We went to eat after the ride at a local brewery in Hayward, The Angry Minnow. It is obvious that people are doing this vocalization to look out for the safety of the other riders. I asked if they actually thought someone was going to be riding over the center/yellow line. They said maybe. If I see someone that is riding or I think for some reason is maybe going to ride over the centerline, I’d said something more like, “WTF are you doing. Get back on the right side of the road.” Car up doesn’t really come to mind when I see something dangerous happening.

Stopping is another “saying” that is pretty valueless. I’m pretty sure I don’t want to be riding with a bunch of guys that can’t tell when the riders in front of them are stopping for a stop sign. Braking. The same thing. Can you imagine in a criterium everytime you pulled your brakes, you have to say braking.

You get my point. I’d like it if guys I’m riding with yell something if I’m running a stop sign and don’t see a car barrelling down on me, but if that isn’t the case, then maybe we can just go out and ride our bikes.

Some local photos.

Oyvind Solvang. Norwegian skiier. Super athlete. But, not such a MTB rider. It is most likely his own tread print on his shirt from his front tire. Probably not easy to do.

Nice camo, North Woods ride.

Stopped by the CXC training center and watched a painful VO2 max test.

Typical morning. They stare long enough and eventually someone will walk in the woods with them.

The boat repair project is getting a little more serious. Note to self, wear long sleeves and pants when sawing fiberglass next time.

Lance’s Predicament

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I heard this numerous times- “This is going to end badly for Floyd”. That still might be true. I can’t exactly condone Floyd’s actions. I don’t think I’m going out on a limb here – this is going to end badly for Lance. This New York Time’s article is just the start. It is not going to go away.

It amazed me last week, over at the Tour de France, how little press there was in Europe about this whole Floyd thing. No Nightline mention. Nothing. Then when I came back to Wisconsin, it still amazed me, hanging out with local weekend warriors, that no one thought it was a big deal. And they all believed in Lance racing clean.

Jonathan Vaughters has told his guys concerned that they need to cooperate. I think most these riders don’t have any choice other than to cooperate. And the UCI has mentioned that there might be a possibility of shorter suspensions with such cooperation. This, with the fact that most of the riders concerned are approaching the end of their careers, doesn’t bode well for Lance.

Like I said earlier, I can’t support the method that Floyd used here. Frankie Andreau did it right years ago. “I took EPO. Ask Lance if you want to know about that”.

I was hoping this whole thing was going to go away. There is no downside to have a Lance Armstrong around the sport for the next couple decades. Obviously, I don’t think that is going to be the case anymore.


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When I’m not racing, it is nearly impossible for me to keep track of what day of the week it is. I know that sounds stupid, but it is true. This morning, I guess, we’re supposed to meet up with some guys for a 100 mile ride up towards Lake Superior. It was nearly in the 40’s last night. I had to sleep under a down quilt.

I’m not sure when I’m going to race again. Pretty soon I think. I’m kind of apprehensive about it right now. Like I haven’t raced in so long I have no race gauge to go by. If I go by my training gauge, it is going to be pretty ugly.

Here are some photos of the last couple days.

We’ve been eating over at the River’s Eatery/Ideal Market and hanging there late. Here is Gary Crandell (Mr. Chequamegon, Mick, owner, and Dennis.

It's been raining a ton here recently. I've been testing my ribs on my MTB bike. There are a ton of puddles to go around/thru on the Chequamegon course right now.

This is the scene at the bottom of Seeley Fire Tower climb. I guess that is why they call them logging roads.

The IMBA Trail Crew showed up today to help out on the CAMBA trails at Rock Lake.

This is Dennis' ski boat that needed the floor replaced.

Gluing the carpet down on the new floor. We found the exact match of 1987 boat carpet.

Dennis using his antique rolling pin to adhere the carpet to the glue.

Francesco Moser

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The Tour of Poland finished today. Trudi sent a photo of her with Francesco Moser. He was an Italian version of Eddy Merckx when I started racing. I had the opportunity to race against Moser a couple times in Canada. I wasn’t into the history of the sport so much then. I was more into the actual racing.

The first time I raced with him was in a criterium in downtown Toronto in the mid ’80’s. The race had paid for a few European Pro’s to come over and race against the best from North America. Moser got into a break with my team mate from Levis/Raleigh, Hugh Walton and Steve Bauer. That wasn’t too good a move for him to be in. Anyway, Hugh won the race, Bauer 2nd and Moser finished 3rd. I remember listening to the interview with Moser after the race through a translator. He said something like he was at a disadvantage because he didn’t know the riders he was riding with and they knew him. I was thinking that maybe he should of been paying more attention when they announced Hugh to the start line and said he was something like 20 times Canadian National Champion. Same with Steve. I though, man, kind of lame.

Then a couple years later, late 80’s, I was racing in Hamilton Ontario and the race flew in Moser, Sean Kelly and a few other guys. I was riding for Wheaties/Schwinn then. 4 of us were at the race. Big money prize list. The course was a crazy hard circuit climbing a harder hill than the used more recently at the World Road Championships in Hamilton. Moser had broken Merckx’s hour record, but was essentially retired from the sport. He schooled us. All the Europeans were combining, but he went around and lapped the field on a long circuit, over 5 miles. We finished 2nd and 3rd on the day with Alan McCormick and Roland Gunther. Tom Broznowski and I also finished in the top ten. Very good pay day. But, for a washed up retiring Pro, he made us look silly.

Moser looks pretty good. I’ve read he rides a ton still. I guess there was a celebrity race at the Tour of Poland and Moser was all pissed off that they gave him a shitty bike with toe clips to race. Pretty competitive still. I like that.

Moser breaking the hour record.