Trek USA report-Superweek, Ect.

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3 wins for TREK in 24 hours

07/14/2006 – Three Trek Wins in 24 HoursRacing is a strange game. Oftentimes, no matter how much talent, dedication and hard work is expended, things just don’t work out. However, sometimes they do and in the course of one 24 hour period things really worked out for Trek. From Wisconsin to California to France, this was the sort of day that most other bike companies could only dream of enjoying. Things started off in our home state when American racing icon Steve Tilford took a big win the final race of the classic Superweek series. For the seemingly ageless, Tilford who remains one of the most decorated U.S. racers still competing, laid it down in the final race of the week to further cement the respect he receives from his fellow competitors. Click here for the results. Another gold medal performance was put in by American mountain bike legend, Travis Brown who powered away from Trek VW rider Chris Eatough to take his second consecutive NORBA National marathon title. Travis, who now rides as a Trek R&D rider following a ten year stint as a Trek VW rider, beat Chris to the line by 13 seconds after over four and half hours of hard racing. Click here for the full story.
And finally something for the kids to celebrate, Yarolsav Popovych took a big stage win yesterday in the Tour de France. Despite one day in yellow, this year’s Tour de France has been rough one for the Discovery Channel team, but last years recipient of the Best Young Rider award showed that there was still some fight left in Lance’s team. Click here for the full story.
All three of these victories were aboard Trek OCLV Carbon bikes; Tilford abord a Trek Madone SL, Travis riding a Top Fuel 110, and Popo providing a break-out performance for the yet-to-released Madone SSL 6.9.Three riders in three different races – continuing to prove the capabilities of Trek’s proprietary OCLV Carbon frames that are all handmade at the Trek factory in Waterloo, Wisconsin.

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