7 thoughts on “Paris-Nice today – Nail Biter

  1. Dave Brialsford

    Cudos to The Columbians that dont need the EPO! I tried to get them all on Team Sky so the UK authorities will leave me be these imposters that I have to manage for TDF contention have made me lose all my hair!

  2. Vincenzo Nibale

    Forget that race. Watch TA. I may be getting dropped, but don’t worry. I’ll be there for my usual camera time on the Poggio then dominate the Giro. Hey Dave, I have been working with Shane Sutton. He lacks my senso per le donne, but has good mineral water….my training is going great. Fireworks in those packages.

  3. LA LA

    Gawd damn that Berto can bring it I shoulda brokered a deal with Johan so we coulda been Dual Winners of the TDF together. Why he didnt just buy out DLC for the stage win today I just cant figure, he woulda won the overall by 2 seconds!! Well off to train for another 70.2 Tri……


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