Landrun 100 is Today

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There is a 100 mile “gravel race” down in Stillwater Oklahoma today.  It is called the Landrun 100.  I’ve never done the race.  I’m not sure I’ll ever do the race.  3 out of the last 4 years, it has rained close to the race day and the course has turned into a mandatory walk for miles.  Miles in red dirt that is sticky.

I know a ton of people that are racing today.  I’m hoping for the best.  I heard that the course was switched up some and that it hasn’t rained there for a long time, so even if the predicted rain comes today, it should be able to hold up better than previously.  I’ll cross my fingers for that.

I actually just checked the weather out and it is raining there currently, with the temperatures in the 30’s.  Man, what bad luck.  It is so hard to stay warm when it is in the 30’s and you are wet. Wet and muddy is a hard thing to persevere through.   Best of luck to everyone.

Tucker got neutered a couple days ago.  He was a very unhappy camper for a day.  I think it was more from anesthesia than from the procedure.   He woke up the next morning feeling much, much better.  He can run off leash for a couple more days and has so much energy now.  He is going a bit stir crazy.

I found a pipe wrench a couple days ago riding.  It was too heavy to carry, so I threw it into deep grass by a highway sign and drove out there yesterday and picked it up.  It had a bunch of surface rust, but my brother Kris, cleaned it up and it should be fine.  It is an 18″ Trimont pipe wrench.  It is an antique, which means that it is a nice tool.  I’ll make good use of it.

It is supposed to start snowing here in an hour or so.  It is in the 30’s, so 30 degrees colder than a couple days ago.  The training race today has been cancelled.  Hopefully the Perry race will be fine tomorrow.  It is only supposed to snow 1 inch and it is supposed to be 50 degrees tomorrow, so it should be fine.

Alright, guess I need to get some inside stuff done today.  I’ve ridden nearly 400 miles this week already, so if I ride to the race and back, plus racing, it should be enough miles, so I don’t need to worry too much about getting out today.

Landrun 100 start this morning.

This is Jason Irwin last year. He went out to finish 12th overall, 2nd singlespeed. This is 40 miles in.

This is when it gets really ugly.  Here is a link to more photos.

Tucker was getting a lot of attention from Wink.

Pipe wrench.

Pipe wrench cleaned up.

16 thoughts on “Landrun 100 is Today

  1. Jim

    Wouldn’t it make a lot more sense to schedule events when the weather has a better than 50-50 chance of being good?? We have the same issue around here and yet July and August have absolutely nothing going on. I guess I will never understand the rush to be completely miserable.
    BTW, there is a road under that mud???

  2. Steve Tilford Post author

    Jim – They have just had terrible luck with weather. That is the road. I think it is not a gravel race everywhere, but a dirt road race some places, sans gravel, which turns into mud.

  3. AK_Ben

    I would guess July and August are considered to be too hot for something like this. A race organizer would probably rather risk rain and mud than racers with heat exhaustion.

  4. Bob kennedy

    Found a pipe wrench too, on a ride a few years back. Ever notice “road prizes” come in sets of two — if you find one, chances are you’ll find another prize latter in the ride. Sears tools always exchanged for sizes needed for shop.

  5. Dan

    I have found some good tools while running and riding too. I once found a pipe wrench, another time a nice large curved pliers and once a nice throwing knife. That was all around Philadelphia.

  6. Bill K

    Got my first Crit of the year tomorrow. 25/26 degrees and sunny……I may regret it but I think that I’ll wear tights instead knee warmers…..I’ve got an old pipe wrench like that (painted red). Got it from my Dad. Must be from the 40’s or 50’s.

  7. Crank N. Wank

    Before the World Wide Interwebs one of the great finds was bike porn. Always worrisome to do those last 20 miles home with someone’s discarded magazines tucked under your jersey.

    What will the EMTs think?

    These days I just ride right past it.

  8. Rusty James aka Rumblefish

    A strong acid like muriatic will take the rust right off. Then a wire wheel but FFS use eye protection.

  9. Jock Boyer

    Hey I threw that pipe wrench away after the UCI Weight inspecters were gone on my RAAM Win!! Todo its too muddy and wet in Okie!!

  10. paul boudreaux

    Went out and watched the Cactus Cup x country race this morning. 90 degree high today, but conditions pretty nice with a 7-8am start for most folks. Good party this evening and the Super D tomorrow. Never ceases how f’ing quick pros like Todd Wells are out there…

  11. Nathan

    As far as weather goes good luck planning in the Midwest, 70 here in lawrence last week and snowing today….. guess it depends on what you’re looking for as a racer….. If you’re of the gravel persuasion bring a SS besides you’re geared bike and decide on race day …. Last year at the LR I witnessed 23 derailleur failures due to mud/chainwrap, one was a dura-ace di2 who’s rider said “fuck not again …..just like last year”….. Post race garmin had me walking 2 hrs/5 miles…. Otherwise it was rideable. Tips I learned, conserve water and pee on your drivetrain to clean it, and don’t drink so much great microbrew at the sags and buried keg on course ????????, and definitely skip the tequila at the 50mile checkpoint, not really sure how I averaged close to 17mph the last 56 or so with all the “pitstops”…….. Anyway, worth doing at least once, great vibe, awesome promoter ????????

  12. The Instigator

    Vinegar also works as a rust remover. Find some inexpensive, bulk vinegar like what Costco sells and soak the item for a few hours, or overnight.


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