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I saw that Lance did a new podcast interviewing his old/new teammates before the 24 Hour of Old Pueblo.  I’m actually in a bit of a hurry today, so didn’t get a chance to listen it yet, but am gonna.

I have heard a few of Lance’s podcasts, not all.  I’ve found each to be pretty good.  Very entertaining.  The guy is pretty smart.

From the people that agree to do the podcasts with Lance, it is very obvious that many people don’t hold any animosity towards him.   His doping was a non-issue in their minds.  It is interesting thinking about that.

When I was talking with Lance on the phone, a couple years ago, I told him that if he acted piously, just plain sincere, then I believed most Americans would eventually treat him nicely.  We have that in our DNA for some reason.  We don’t hold long term grudges against “our enemies”.  Not that Lance would qualify for that label.  But, you understand what I’m saying.

I’m not going to not listen to his podcasts because I don’t agree with his actions.  He gets some pretty interesting people.  Very diverse.  From Rahm Emanuel, to Bo Jackson, to the police chief of Houston, Seal, even T.J. Juskiewicz, the promoter of RAGBRAI.

Anyway, listen if you want.  I have some driving to do, so plan on listening to a couple today.

Here is a link to all he’s done. 



47 thoughts on “Lance’s Podcasts

  1. Jim Sully

    I’m a nobody,but I do adhere to this Irish sentiment:

    Irish alzheimers,we forget everything except our grudges..

    As much as I enjoyed the hell outa LA’s performances at the TDF,the fallout from what was exposed after sticks like rank dogsht on my shoe.

    Now I’ll take a listen,keep tryin to scrape that sht off my shoe.

  2. Scott Patton

    You say you aren’t going to listen and you are going to listen? I agree with your assessment.

  3. Ryan

    I listened to it this morning and it was refreshing to hear these guys speaking pretty openly about themselves. They are just some dudes who fucked up. They know it and they can’t change it. I found it interesting to hear that some of the guys involved in the doping controversy are basically stuck and can’t move past the situation. These 4 guys are moving on and it sounded like they were having a great time at the race. It sounded just like you’d imagine 4 friends would sound when they’re headed to a race. They were nervous, excited, and talking shit on each other. I think a lot of us can totally relate. Some people will never forgive Lance and Co for what they did. I choose to get over it with the full understanding of how fucked up their actions were. To each his own I guess.

  4. Jay

    I could see him going into state politics at some point. Fact is a lot of people are still going to be thrilled to meet him.

  5. Choppy Warburton

    I’d rather go for a ride with Christophe Bassons that anyone that closely resembles Armstrong and his doping ilk.

    It’s pretty clear that Lance was doping as early as 1990 so anything he did after that doesn’t count.

    He’s just a cheater. Cut from the same kind of cloth that cheats on his wife, that cheats child support (unless it’s easy to pay), cheats on taxes, cheats on races (Triple Crown) (which cheats promoters and race sponsors and as a result cheats racers from future possibilities), cheated SCA, cheated Oprah and the rest of us by not coming 100% clean in his ‘confession’, the list goes on and on.

    Why should there be any redemption for him?

  6. Michel de Montaigne

    This blog would be way better if Steve never did one more article, post or blog about Armstrong or any known doper or ex-doper ever again.

    It’s interesting to hear the new news of some dentist/masters racer that gets busted trying to win the Tour of Topeka but I am completely out of fucks to give when it comes to these other assholes.

    Let’s move on. Their 15 minutes are over and it was only because they cheated, doped and lied that they ever had 15 minutes in the first place.

    It’s a disservice to give them any more attention or consideration.

  7. KrakatoaEastofJava

    That is, everyone except for Dylan Casey, right? Because HE’s never publicly admitted to participating in doping.

  8. Bolas Azules

    I remember drinking beer with the young Lance and talking racing and I have to tell you I came away with the idea that he really wasn’t all that special on the bike. At the time the one thought which stuck with me and it was, “Gee a lot of much more talented guys bailed-out on racing in the early-to-mid 1980’s because they just couldn’t pay the bills.” Truthfully I feel he got to where he got because – he was had no fall-back opportunities; he was 100% all-in committed and lastly because his body somehow responded better to the drugs of the day.

    Moving forward I’m pretty sure he still has no fall back opportunities, and his ongoing name recognition just might be the uneven advantage he has today just like EPO of the past.

  9. Bryan Barber

    Cheated Oprah?
    100% clean?
    People who take EPO cheat on their wives? Don’t support their children?
    And who would “like” such a ridiculous statement?

  10. Bill

    Doping aside. I listened to it and it made me want to vomit.

    Bunch of 40 year old morons being 20 year old BRO’s ! and acting as if they’ve suddenly discovered the awesome shit about cycling that the rest of us have been doing since 1994.

    With regard to doping, Lance says his only regret is having had been a VICTIM of his time.
    Still no responsibility for his actions.

    Narcissistic cunt with the emotional development of a teenager – not surprising he has a podcast.

  11. Rope a Dope

    Dats what I been talkin bout. Lance coulda woulda shoulda been GovNor of the great state of TexAss and maybe been in the frikkin White House Now if he had run before his fake ass whining confessional on frikkin Oprah of all frikkin places!? His big mistake was The Comeback!!

  12. Bryan Barber

    I enjoyed the hell out of it. Made me want to go Mountain Biking with my best old riding mates. And act like a 20yr old who gets great joy from riding in the mud with friends. Then eat burritos and drink ipa’s and talk-a-lot-of-shit.
    If that’s moronic? Then you hit the nail on the head.
    “Acting as if they just discovered the awesome shit about cycling…”
    I believe they did!
    That was my favorite part of the whole bit.

  13. mike crum

    lance is a huge prick for being an ahole to people… he fucked a lot of people over…why in the hell nobody just beat his ass I have no clue, or at least fought him… pussy riders… big time…the 7 times tour winner dopped like ALL THE OTHER TOUR WINNERS ….

  14. mike crum

    steve, put up some more stories about racing the cobbles in Belgium.. those are great stories.. fuck all this doping bs….

  15. Bill K

    “It’s pretty clear that Lance was doping as early as 1990 so anything he did after that doesn’t count.”…..
    Does this also apply to most of the other top riders of the time that would crush him, until he learned how to dope better than they did???….

  16. als

    This blog would be way better if Michel de Montaigne and Mike Scrum never did read one more article, post or blog that Steve writes, doping or non-doping related, ever again.

    Its interesting to hear how much butthurt some readers of this blog experience when Steve doesn’t share his knowledge in a post of “How to win your local grassroots Thursday night World Time Trial Championships”. But I’m completely out of fucks to give to be sympathetic to those butthurt assholes.

    Just move on guys. It only takes 15 minutes for you to read Steves blog, if at the end of those 15 minutes you don’t like what you read, then don’t read the next days post and you won’t have wasted those 15 minutes in the first place.

    Its a disservice to yourselves to give any amount of attention towards something other than your fantasy of taking a Big Rig Truckin’ Trip with one of your Big Rig Truckin’ buddies.

  17. Bobby

    I’ve been listening to Lance’s podcast for a few months now and it seems he’s becoming more self-aware with each passing week and really learning a lot about himself and the world. Still think he should let it all out like when Chunk made his confession to the Fratellis in The Goonies if he really wants to start fresh and take a crack at a clean slate but this has been a good start for him so far.

  18. William Stevenson

    They are not merely “some dudes who fucked up”. They are some dudes who fucked up and gained from it.
    Sure they worked hard but they would not achieved and earned if they did not cheat. Their luxury and comfort was stolen.

  19. William Stevenson

    Casey just got the invite to the club so Lance can use his IT expertise for some upcoming venture.

  20. als

    scrum, put up some more comments about your fantasy of taking a big rig truckin’ trip with one of your big rig truckin’ buddies… those are some fucked up fantasies you have… fuck your opinions about what Steve should write.

  21. Ryan

    Thanks for that lesson. I had absolutely no idea. Like I said, I know what they did and I’ve chosen to get over it. Simple as that.

  22. Lance

    You must be a doper Crum because you have won every time trial you have ever raced in. Oh I forgot you are the only one racing.

  23. Mike crum

    ALS, I no longer work at that club part time.. I moved to Texas and have a very good IT job now.. I do miss it . Those old truckers and farmers are not the ones to mess with. The older regulars were cool, and some of the young punks were pretty cool too. Always a danger no matter who you escort or throw out the door . Would just love to run into you one Saturday nite .. I’m just an average at best time trialist , but I bet I can whip ur ass at the dark end of the street just a few seconds . Never gonna happen, and you’re lucky on that, but my money be on me.. Lol. Ok, your turn, but not 37 paragraphs .

  24. BZ

    “With regard to doping, Lance says his only regret is having had been a VICTIM of his time.
    Still no responsibility for his actions.”

    That’s spot on. I was listening to public radio this weekend this past weekend, and they had a reporter from the NYTimes who essentially said the same thing. He refuses to take responsibility not only for cheating the sport but his fraudulent message of his (former?) foundation.

  25. als

    Damn Scrum! You’re moving up in the world! Well fuck man, congratulations! Your part time work experience of being an escort to old truckers and farmers who “took you out to clubs” so they could have you ‘thrown it in their back door’, will for sure pay dividends down there in the Lone Star State. I mean you got them old ranchers, cowboys, and oil men, and well hell, you even got Lance. But you best beware, cause you know what they say ’bout Texas right? You don’t mess with it and everything is bigger in texASS. I completely understand how’d you’d love to meet me at the dark end of a street on a Saturday night (as Im sure you’d be willing on any night of week) so you could whip it into my ass. And I don’t doubt for a second that you’re so experienced that it would only take you a few seconds. And not that there is anything wrong with what you want to do, its just that I don’t roll that way. Sorry! So ya you’re right, I am lucky that it’ll never happen! Well hey best of luck down there in Texas!

    Oh hey, I also have been told that there’s a lot of steers and queens down there in Texas. Is that true? Have you seen any horns or crowns since you’ve down there?

  26. Mike crum

    Lance , I ride alone cause I’m not really good enough to race. I’m thinking about it though. But I like the gym a lot too. And mma is also a favorite training tool. TT I do for personal goals. Stuck at 33:00:00 for 15 miles . Goal is breaking that time. Weight training another personal goal. Mma of course me vs my opponent. Never gonna be a good cyclist. I just like doing it a few days a week for training.

  27. Lance

    Actually crum if you ride that fast you would be very competitive in a cat 5 race or TT. You should race. Lots of races in Texas. You might even win. Just try not to beat the crap out of anybody who gets too close.

  28. donkybhoy

    Lance was going to be Governor of Texas before becoming POTUS.

    Reduced to podcasting with his so-called* mates.

    *Narcissits don’t have friends.

  29. Reid

    Another Lance circle jerk.

    Hincapie was an asshole already even without Lance.

    If Casey had any talent he’d be a bigger dick than Lance. He might be anyway.

    CVV swallows.

  30. DR

    I don’t have any time for the “we were just doing what everyone else was doing” crowd, they show no remorse. They cheated themseleves as well as everyone else. Now someome like Tyler Hamilton, who has told the truth and is making the sport better, yes I want to hear what he has to say and I will buy his books. It’s all about your actions once you were caught.


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