24 Hour Update

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There is only a couple hours left in the 24 Hour of Old Pueblo.   I’ve been following the results on and off.  Vincent, Jed and Company had some physical issues, so they decided health was more important than playing in the desert.

Seems like Lance’s team is slowing moving up to my predicted 2nd place finish in their 4 man team category.   They are 4 minutes back of 2nd now, but there is a team of singlespeed guys beating them.  They don’t have a chance to win.

The “Nine Inch Males” team of Kalan Beisel, Kyle Trudeau and friends is smearing everyone.  I know Kalan and rode with Kyle a couple years ago at the race.  They are both hauling ass and aren’t going to lose their two lap lead. (It is about an hour a lap.)

I guess it has been pretty wet there.  And not that warm.  Sounds miserable, but I still wish I was there, either riding or just enjoying.  Next year for sure.

Okay, the live results are here still.  

Jed and Vincent before the start. Jed is in the hospital currently.

The official race starter.



18 thoughts on “24 Hour Update

  1. paul boudreaux

    The finish on that course is extremely fast and tight. Not technical per se, but you can fly and can get hurt if you aren’t paying attention. Seen a couple of very nasty wrecks in that stretch. It would take a pretty ballsy move to get around someone in the last 3/4 mile or so. If two guys were dueling on a lap, whoever gets to the top of the last climb in front has the hole shot to the line.

  2. paul boudreaux

    Sillypuddy: About your question to Steve a few posts ago – it pretty much got answered at the 24HOP. Steve wins and it’s not really even close…

  3. KrakatoaEastofJava

    Loving it more.

    At first, Lance doped against professional riders and beat most of them while there were doping controls in-place. Of course, all along, he said he wasn’t doping.

    Now, ten years later, he’s changing focus to beat most weekend HOBBYISTS, in a race with NO doping controls. And (of course) all along, he says he isn’t doping.

  4. paul boudreaux

    KEJ: Well, judging from the lap times, there were certainly no supercharged 2000 Ventoux moments out there for WEDU. Honestly, I have mixed feelings about this whole thing. I’m a LeMond guy, but I must admit, if not for LA and all the coverage he brought to the TDF in the early 2000’s, I’m not sure I’d be cycling today…Sad, but true. That said, I completely understand why pros like ST feel hugely cheated…

  5. Mike Rodose

    Any event with stupid team names and starters in borat bikinis is lame.

    Add Lance and his merry hipster men – this event has jumped the shark.

    Sad. Shame, shame.

  6. Mike crum

    Paul , how do you know steve got cheated ? After all , he was a pro, and what pro , in any sport dosent cheat? It’s BEEN to the point for a long time now , espically in cycling , you ‘re cheating but passing some lame rest. Personally , in any pro sport, I think athletes are all guilty. The ones that didn’t get caught blast the ones that got caught. IMO, they all cheat. So I don’t think steve got cheated. I think the cat 1 guys that are clean got cheated by the ones who are pros that cheated getting there ..

  7. KrakatoaEastofJava

    No Mike. There really was a time when cheating in this sport (in Armstrong’s manner) was virtually unfathomable. It just wasn’t on the menu. We really didn’t all do it. In 1984, when we learned about the blood doping (which wasn’t even against the rules yet–it came on so quickly) we were genuinely shocked. Even those who crossed that line and did it felt bad about it (for the most part). Faking a mishap for a free-lap, etc. People (pretty much) just didn’t.

  8. KrakatoaEastofJava

    Queer is the new straight. And according to Huey Lewis, it’s hip to be square now. And bust a move, because Young MC says it’s OK.

  9. David

    Has anyone read Spitting in the Soup ? Enlightening for anyone who seeks a big picture on the history of doping in all sports.

  10. Steve Tilford Post author

    Ken-Thanks. Meant to post something. Jed had an issue after riding a pretty fast lap, late at night. They took him to the hospital, telling him that he had a heart attack. Even the next morning, he was having trouble. They did some tests and they have now ruled that out, which is great. He needs more tests, but is out of the hospital and going home to do them.

  11. Ken

    Scary. Thanks for the update. I hope it will be nothing serious and he’ll be OK. Riding a fast lap at night would give me a heart attack, though. I kind of need to see where I’m going.


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