Another Birthday

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Today is my birthday.  Another one.  They keep coming in constant procession.  I’m not normally too big on celebrating birthday.  Still aren’t, but this one is a little different, I think.

This head injury deal has made me appreciate life a bit more.  Not that I didn’t appreciate life a lot already.  It is just that when you might have come close to not having it, you tend to pay a bit more attention to it.

I’ve already lived a couple years longer than my father.  When he died, I didn’t really take into account how old he was and how much potential life he had left.  You don’t do that when you are young.  At least I didn’t.  Now is a different deal.

Both my mother and father aren’t alive.  They lived their lives and I didn’t have much control over them.  They were great parents, but rotten on their own preservation.  They aren’t alone in that category.

Maybe I’m not so good at it either.  Maybe I am, I guess I won’t know that for a while.  I do know that I like living and would surely be disappointed if I quit doing that shortly.  But, it is life, and as we all know, we ultimately don’t have all that much control over the endgame of that.

I have a doctor’s appointment in a couple hours.  Guess I’m going to try to retrain my eyes and ears to work together with my brain better some.  Plus, get some more ear crystals to go back to where they belong.  Seems a little weird, but I tend to be more dizzy after I leave the dizzy doctor than before I went.  Maybe it is like getting active release or something.  It might hurt initially, but is good for you in the long run.

I try to ride my age in miles on my birthday.  I had a friend that used to do that running.  He did that until he was around 50, then switched to kilometers.  Anyway, I haven’t done it in a couple years.  I should skip it this year again since I have a bad head cold, but sort of feel like riding.

Catherine is taking half a day off work, plus Bill is feeling a little better from being sick, so we’ll probably just ride over to Lawrence, just some coffee and ride back.  That is the correct mileage. It is supposed to be nearly 70 degrees today and tomorrow.  I’m not sure we’ll make the one mile for every degree temperature winter rule.  Maybe, but maybe not.  It is supposed to be windy and when that is the case here in Kansas, it is pretty windy.  Should be fun either way.

Okay, I didn’t sleep much last night, from coughing most of it.  Think I’ll try to sleep another hour before heading to the doctor.   It is my birthday, I should be able to sleep in.

Nice picture someone made.

And then I got an email with this, early this morning, like last night. Seems appropriate.




37 thoughts on “Another Birthday

  1. Fausto

    HBD Steve, February birthdays are tough on the ride your age tradition. Celebrated 52 last week and here in the North East we don’t get the weather to work but was happy and proud to be able to get it done in 30 degree weather. Longest but best birthday ride in years. Cheers, you have more reason this year than ever to celebrate.

  2. Rope a Dope

    Happy Birthday mistuh president. Hey if I wasnt so old n lazy I would jump the Tailwind from Cruces n ride up Hwy 54 and meet you in Pratt for a small ride back to Topeka. Its hittin 85′ in Las Cruces today. What global warming?!

  3. Bob

    Trying to mark it with big plans, big party is so overrated, you can’t force good times. A nice ride with a small group of friends, a little coffee stop, and you’ve got good weather, perfect.

  4. TFSturgis

    Happy Birthday Steve, have a good ride. The weather is great, except maybe the wind, blustery in KC.

  5. Ducky

    BS Craig. You obviously do not know, or simply have no empathy, for anyone with pituitary gland or some other other hormone deficiency disease/ birth defect. So many commentators on this blog are so fripping serious about the masters race for mid pack. It is not about where you firnish, it is about the act of participation. In your world just because a very few old geezers cheat to win a race no really cares about, you would ban all the folks with real medical problems the chance to race and all the good that they could derive from that.

  6. paul boudreaux

    Happy BD Steve and thx for the awesome read every single day. Would love to hear more about what your old man was like, and what you learned from him. Guessing he was a no bullshit tough hombre.

  7. Gene Oberpriller

    A cosmic link is established between your future plans and your present self. You see where you want to go in stunning clarity, and you can almost feel the wind at your back, blowing you to your destination!
    You and Joop are my 2 favorite Aquarians.

  8. Mark Holt

    Happy birthday and may 2017 be an awesome year for you with ever improving health and no more spills.


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