Super Bowl Sunday / Bikin’

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I’m back in Kansas.   I’ve been out in California the past week.  Big change waking up this morning to temperatures in the 20’s compared to riding in sleeveless jersey a couple days this past week.

Luckily for me, it is going to be in the 50’s today here in Kansas.  We’re doing two rides today. Actually, just one ride, but checking back in because some can’t make it out by noon, so we’re going to loop back through town and pick them up after a couple hours.

Yesterday, I flew, then went directly to the Apple Store.  I’ve been having electronic problems the past couple days.  And other than a Garmin, the rest of the stuff is Apple.  Phone and computer.

My computer stopped working on Thursday.  The display wasn’t going on, so I couldn’t see the screen.  I tried to get an Apple appointment in California, but the earliest was on Tuesday.  Luckily I got a genius bar appointment at the Plaza a couple hours after I landed.

Anyway, like usual, they both work now.  It is unbelievable how many people are always at an Apple Store.  They have classes going on, selling products, plus fixing stuff.  They called this Macbook Pro a vintage computer.  It was made in 2011.  I don’t think of it as vintage, but in computer time, it is I guess.

I have 765 miles for the year now.  And most of those I’ve done in the past two weeks.  Like 620. I am still having some issues related to whacking my head on the ground, but think the main problem is that I just layed around for 10 weeks.  Most of that time in pain.  It is a little frustrating, but I’m trying to not dwell on that.  I believe patience is a virtue in this regard, but it isn’t my normal pace, so it is out of character for me.

Okay, today should be good.  After the ride, we’re watching the game at our house.  I’m not big on professional football, so I don’t have any favorite.  I’ve seen a couple of the commercials already and the ones I’ve seen seem to be addressing some of the political discourse our country is going through right now.  Seems good to me.  Make your views open to the masses. That is the only way this whole thing works.

I came out of the Apple Store and saw Trudi and Tucker across the street.

By the time I got over, they were inside a shop, Tucker getting a treat. Very nice women.

The Apple Store was packed.

15 thoughts on “Super Bowl Sunday / Bikin’

  1. brownish

    Many, including myself, watch sports to escape all the political stuff that is everywhere else. Unfortunately the broadcasters, athletes, half time entertainment and advertisers decide to inject their political views into it all rather than just doing what they are there to do. It is no wonder NFL ratings are dropping. Quit telling people how they should think from the context of sport.

  2. Christine

    I too still use my early 2011 MacBook pro. I also suffered the blue screen issue you describe. I hope your Apple “genius” repaired this at no charge. It is a known problem with this year / model.

  3. Bryan Barber

    It’s not so much the “politics” as it is the “whining”. I can’t think of too many things more demeaning than spending my time listening to below-average intelligence football players(NFL) and the like speak about social justice or the plight of the downtrodden.
    You lost. Get over it. Shut up and play.
    Perfect day for a 5hr. ride.

  4. Jay

    I also have a late 2011 MacBook pro. A couple non-essential keys have fallen off of it, but it’s amazing it still works as new after all the abuse I’ve doled out to it. Never had to install virus protection software either–which saves an annual fee. However, I should probably be more diligent now about doing backups just in case…

    In Silicon Valley, I traditionally did SB bike ride during the game every year as I noticed that traffic was always noticeably less. However, after a very dry (but cool) January, it seems like drizzly weather has re-emerged in the Seattle area where I’ve recently relocated–so maybe a hike or some pool/gym time instead.

    I basically think the message of the NFL is reactionary. I know it’s nothing new, but the military tie-ins and promotion just nauseate me. Car ads that extol reckless and aggressive driving as being “manly” make me cringe. I honestly think our society will be better off with reduced emphasis on watching football (it has to have at least something to do with obesity crisis).

  5. Barb

    Ever since I saw the movie Concussion (based on a true story) I can’t help but feel sorry for the athletes(all of them who are affected, MMA, football, etc), knowing what they’re risking to “entertain” the public and make big paychecks for a few years, and even before that, I never could watch them getting pummeled in a tackle. Football isn’t for everyone, in spite of the mass consciousness. I guess the players know what they’re doing. Or not. I think they’re exploited, just like boxers etc.

  6. KrakatoaEastofJava

    A five year old $2000 computer SHOULD still work after 5-6 years. This should not amaze anyone.

  7. Ti-Raleigh

    Sports is a escape. Not much more then that . And the political views of those who play , the fan worship of an individual , and the talk before the game , the talk after the game , mean nothing to me . The same feeling I have towards bike racing . Nothing better then track races , criteriums , and I suppose cyclocross.
    But road races? Not exciting for the fan except at the finish .
    But to think what happens on the field/road has any real meaning for my life is crazy talk.
    Crazy talk…

  8. Lyle Alzado and Kyle Menendez

    I stopped watching football for the same reason I stopped watching boxing. Too many brain injuries.

    It’s ridiculous. Everything we know about the brain and we still have sports that are designed, or in part, to cause brain injury.

    Watch this instead and then vow to never let your children play football.

  9. Reince

    Request trigger warning before any future mentions of apple stores, escapism, or American football. CLEARLY your 4 legged friend could give two sh!ts about apple stores (unless they’re handing out Iphone shaped dog treats) and would rather be up North reducing your mid west cyclist ‘stomp’. Bad hombres folks, bad… coming to YOUR neighborhood… with the apple store. Bad hombres skiing? Fewer.

  10. euro

    Apple sucks. Just go to Costco, get an HP 2 TB touch screen all in one for $599 and you’re good for 5 years. Apple phones suck too. There’s a reason everyone is in the store getting their phones fixed constantly. Or maybe it’s just those who think they are cool because they walk around with an iphone.


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