Winter Weather

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Kansas has pretty great winter weather, usually.  Of course it can be what a person thinks as winter.  Lots of snow and freezing temperatures.  But also there are days that are spring-like.

Today is one of those days.  It is supposed to be 61 degrees this afternoon.  The average high temperatures in January is nearly 38 degrees, so it really isn’t like North Dakota here, normally. And the summers aren’t like Texas or Arizona either.

Anyway, 61 degrees is enough to get me out on my bike.  I’ve been taking it pretty gingerly the past couple weeks.  I’m not going to do anything that gives me a headache.  Like in the real sense of a headache.  That being said, it is going to be 3 months in a few days, since I fractured my skull, and when I exercise, I feel the best, so that is what I’m going to do.

Yesterday I did some auto repair.  Auto repair is more challenging than riding, as of now.  I put on new leaf spring bushings on the AWD minivan.   The first one took an hour.  The second about 15 minutes.  That is how it goes fixing cars.  Once you know how to do it correctly, it is a lot easier.

Okay, spring is here for one day.  Then the temperatures are going to plummet 40 degrees or so.  That is normal for Kansas too.  That means back to the trainer.

I’ve already ridden the trainer more the past month that I would normally in a five year period. And more to come I suppose.    Not such a bad thing, just a thing.  I say that, but I am really looking forward to some wind and scenic views.

Sunset last night. It was pretty great.


5 thoughts on “Winter Weather

  1. Clifford

    love the look of contrails — I guess that’s why they call our fair state “flyover country.”

  2. Dude Ron

    We been holding near 70′ for a week in Las Cruces, it aint supposed to go lower until sunday, its supposed to be near 50′! Global Warming?! I have had my friend a Cal Berkeley Phd in Geography tell me the earth went thru this warm cycle in the 30’s!! Wasn’t that The Depression?! Stay Warm my Friends!!

  3. Tony

    That is relative humidity. Cold air holds little moisture so the air is really dry at 25 below. Your relative humidity sounds accurate.


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