Stuck in Denver / Cross Natz Sledding

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It has been snowing in Colorado for over a day now.  Up in the mountains, it is dumping.  Now down in Denver it doesn’t seem that bad, but the guys at the airport must have gotten behind.  All the flights are way delayed.  Southwest sent me a text saying my flight was 4 hours delayed and I could change it for no extra charge.

So, I am flying tomorrow.  I was supposed to fly to Chicago today and then drive back towards Kansas tomorrow.  Now I’m off a day.  It’s fine I guess.

Have you seen some of the video footage from Cyclocross Nationals in Hartford?  That is crazy.  I’m not sure why each year cyclocross nationals get super unlucky with weather?  And I’m not sure why the guys running the race can’t make course adjustments to allow the riders to compete fairly.  I saw a post on Facebook from Mark McCormick that said something like you shouldn’t have to know how to sled (slide on your ass) to race cyclocross.  That isn’t really even close to what he said, but it gets across the general topic matter.

The course looks way too severe, like  up and down, plus too slick, to race.  Especially for these early week events that the riders aren’t so adapted to these conditions.  Maybe no one would be good at these conditions.  I’m not there, so I can’t really tell how horrible it is.   But, from some of the videos that people are posting, it looks terrible.  You can click here to see some of the “fun” the past couple days there.

Okay, I’m going to go shovel snow for a bit.  That is my exercise of choice today.  Not really my choice, but I do like it sometimes.

Vincent’s back porch this morning.

Nic being an exhibitionist/bed hog last night.

This is a photo from two days ago when there was still some grass for traction. It is much worse now.



11 thoughts on “Stuck in Denver / Cross Natz Sledding

  1. conrad

    There isn’t even snow or ice! I don’t see the problem. The elites are going to make it look easy, and everyone else will learn a thing or two about challenging conditions.

  2. Dude Ron

    To be stuck outside of Denver with those Chicago Blues again. Fer cryin out loud its still 65 n Sunny in LC, “Lost Causes” NM!!!

  3. ChrisC

    Nope, Denver is bad… Not so much snow (5-7″), but the roads are completely covered. And it’s too cold for the MgCl to do much. Best of luck for tomorrow. Worst case it’ll be 60F on Monday 🙂

  4. DaveM

    It looks unlikely that that downhill section with all the carnage from Tuesday’s racing will end up being part of the course for any of the championship events. Muddy, or with snow on it, it is beyond “challenging”.


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