January 1st

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Today is the start of a new year.  Funny how us humans think that is important.  At least some of us humans.  There are for sure places in the world where today is just another day.  People trying to subsist.

Not us Americans.  We celebrate the start of a new year like it is going to reset all our problems, at least give us a chance to address them better.  I wonder why that is?

Anyway, today is a good day really.   I’ve just been doggin’.  Walking Nic and Jack is always fun. More for them than me.  Even though for me it is pretty enjoyable.  It is nearly impossible to match a dog’s exuberance when they think they are going out to romp.

I have some toilet repair to do still, so the day isn’t a complete write off.  It is going to be in the 40’s today, so I’m going to go for a ride too.  I’m kind of setting around a 2 hour limit to rides now.  I doubt that I’ll adhere to that if I was somewhere warmer.  Actually, I have no intention to do that.

It is the start of a new year, which is something.  Sort of special.  For the dogs, it is just another day.  The dogs are just doing their normal dog thing, much like the humans in less fortunate countries.   If one thing, we should all understand how lucky we are.  I am.

Nic at sunset.

The local dog park.

It has pretty cool gate latches.

Nic found a friend to play with this morning.

Nic is exhausted now.

So is Jack.

And Tucker has taken over Dennis’ chair up in Cable. He is so happy in the snow.

12 thoughts on “January 1st

  1. Joe

    On the first image, I was about to say those don’t look like Kansas clouds, they look like Front Range clouds. Then I scrolled down and saw you were at the foot of the Front Range. Doh!

  2. Uncle S

    Losinto, it was meant for the previous post
    Block crum? Why, because he says crazy stuff? occasionally he is right, perhaps pay attention to the 13% crum gets right. The only advocate i’ve seen for tilfords helmetless lifestyle is ” the cyclist” and he also advocates againstt white socks and people who smoke while racing him in his bike lane on their commute home(in my opinion he is the second biggest advocate for wearing helmets, just listen to the basis of his rants).

    I once had a buddy tell me tilford wont stop, he wont retire, one day he’ll just go over the edge and be gone. He seems pretty hell bent on accelerting that process.

  3. Uncle S

    Sorry my “against” wasnt time trailing i mispelled against. i hope that saved the grammer police english majors on this site the 3mins to get to their manager position at starbucks on time.

  4. Dude Ron

    Yep dat gate lock sure looks Made in the USA……”Smell the Bacon” as Slowta emblamized on his LandSharks! We dont celebrate hollidays in Land of Enchantment except for Cinco de Mayo, and Diez y Seis!! Prospero Ano Nuevo! Yeah I threw out my grammar n spellin check too, its ruinous to our creative writing skills lol.

  5. Mark Holt

    I hope you have a great New Year Steve, with no more crashes and that the TBI stuff continues to get better. Take care of yourself, you’ve got plenty of folks who appreciate this blog and want to keep appreciating it.

  6. H Luce

    The latch is a clever design to prevent horses from lifting the latch and taking a run around the countryside, while making it easy for humans on horseback to lean over, lift the latch, get the gate swung open, ride out and then shut the gate without having to dismount – the latch stays up until the gate closing jars it, and it falls back down, securing the gate. This sort of thing is common in horse country, and in kennels, too, it keeps hounds out from running deer and suchlike.

  7. Bob

    Steve,THANK YOU for continued thought provoking good msgs y pix…YOU Continue to inspire Many of us…For that,we are grateful and look forward to your insightful posts. Warm regards to you,Trudi and Tucker…Bob

  8. Bill Stevenson

    Would you be referring to the same “humans on horseback” That have no problem with hauling their fat asses out in the mud to ruin the trails??

  9. The Cyclist

    There’re a lot of stray homeless dogs running around on the beaches of India. Makes it a tad dangerous to go for an early morning jog along the ocean waves. But I’m pretty sure some of those dogs are better off than a lot of ppl over there…

  10. The Cyclist

    …also, while I’m at it there’re families over there using their motorbikes for transportation and not for fun alone. Dad driving, mom behind him, a small child on the handlebars and another one between the parents. All going at least 40 mph in busy traffic. No one’s wearing a helmet. Gives you some perspective on life, doesn’t it?

  11. sillypuddy

    I agree with u Uncle S. Crum has been on good behavior of late. Lets just roll wih it. Crumtells it like is or as he sees it. Not always tastefully done. And somewhat ill mannered. Now on to something a wee bit more important. A goofball neighbor gave me a case of Krafteg light for Xmas. Already had one (not bad at all). Gonna knock a few back and watch the NHL Winter Classic in the garage. Yall have good one.
    Sillypuddy Out!


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