Last Minute Christmas Ideas for Cyclists

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I guess the best Christmas presents are things that someone wants, but won’t buy it for themselves.  At least that is what some people say.

I seems like our society has turned disposable.  I’m not sure if that is because there isn’t anyone left around to fix things that are hard to fix or it is just more affordable buying it new again.  I tend to like stuff that works really well initially and then if it does need repair, it is repairable.

I haven’t thought through all this, but here are a few ideas that might not be too late to get.

I think anyone that doesn’t have a Strava Premium account would love it.   It works best for a rider with ability to measure power, but that isn’t all it offers.  Plus, Strava is so great in so many respects, it’s a no-brainer paying something for their great service.  Here is a link.

Anything that Silca makes will work.  They make the best stuff and you have to pay for it.   But, it for sure fits into the category of something you might not buy yourself, but want.  Sometimes badly.  The Silca Superpista Ultimate floor pump is the best floor pump on the market.  By far. At least it’s the best I’ve used.  I don’t have one yet, but will soon hopefully.  Silca is making a frame pump and some tools that are just as perfect as their floor pump.  Here is their link.  

The guys at Barfly make super cool mounts for Garmins and cameras.  Plus other stuff too. Their products are made by cyclists, so they are ahead of the game in that respect.  Here is their link. 

If your person rides indoors, the Zwift might be the answer.  I haven’t used it yet, even though I’ve been nearly forced to the last couple years.  I plan to soon.  It is a good way for interactive riding.  I think it is best with a power meter, or trainer that does wattage, but that might not be correct.   The link below explains it.  I think there is a 7 day free trial, so maybe start there and see if it is for you.  Link is here.  

Everyone I know rides with something to record their ride.  Garmin started the movement and they still make a wide array of products that work great.  You nearly have to have one if you have a powermeter.  Plus, Strava only works with a way to record the ride.  You can use Strava on your phone, but having a bar mounted unit is way better.  Here is their link. 

Garmin isn’t the only company to make cycling  computers.  Wahoo came out with a new unit this year.   It is called the Elemnt.  It does a lot of cool things.   I’ve never used this either, but I’ve heard pretty good things about them.  They work great, obviously, with their trainer, the Wahoo KickR.  It measures power and it a top of the line trainer.  Pretty important for Zwift races maybe.  Okay, their link is here.  

Socks.  I have a sock fetish sort of.  Or maybe I’m a sock snob.  I try to only wear super nice socks.  Cycling and not.  I like wool socks.  Defeet initially came out with the first wool cycling socks.  Actually, Defeet should get credit for all modern cycling socks.  Before them, it was pretty much Italian thin socks, or K-Mart nylons.   Anyway, they still make super socks and tons of different styles.  They are everywhere, but they sell them on their website too. Check them out.

I can’t leave out Donkey Label sock too.  Donkey Label sells way more than socks.  High rent cycling clothing, skin care products, etc.  But their socks are great.  Wool and great.  If socks aren’t your deal, then their base layers are great too.   Donkey Label link.  

Okay, that is enough.  These are just a few ideas, as late as it is now.  All the companies above are great people that have really helped the sport a ton.  They’ve all contributed to make our sport much more enjoyable.  You can most of this stuff at your local bike shop.  Happy holidays.

The best of the best. A Silca floor pump.

The best of the best. A Silca floor pump.

Donkey Label socks. Merino wool. Love them.

Donkey Label socks. Merino wool. Love them.

The Wahoo KickR trainer. Pretty great for a long winter.

The Wahoo KickR trainer. Pretty great for a long winter.

Barfly makes a ton of different stuff.

Barfly makes a ton of different stuff.


12 thoughts on “Last Minute Christmas Ideas for Cyclists

  1. Dude Ron

    Dear Santa all I want is some Century Link Internet that gives me more than 1mbps here in Southern New Mexico, Fiber will never get here….too many ambushes at The Pass haha. Oh and just one of those Far Out Team Sky super fast Pinarellos…Ho Ho Ho

  2. mks

    My wife bought me (and already let me open) about the best cycling related gift I’ve ever received (other than a bike) – a Jura Super Automatic Coffee machine. Latte or Cappuccino at the touch of a button. Get buzzed on awesome coffee then go for a ride – WIN!!!

  3. The Cyclist

    All I wish is a box of tubes. Selfinflating, 100% puncture free and holding air like forever… and some pills to make the cold go away. That would be all. Maybe some instant cancer cure too, when I think of it… just in case.

  4. Bill K

    I believe that I bought my mid 80’s Super Pista from CC, on sale for $29…..I think that the new ones use an aluminum cylinder instead of steel, but $235??????….Wow.

  5. Fergie

    Well, I think that was a Major Hint/ Name Drop/Sitting on Santa’s lap…that Steve WANTS a New Silca Superpista Red Rider Floor Pump!

    …you’ll shoot your eye out…..

  6. H Luce

    I’ll lend you my Silca floor pump from 1984 – and throw in the plastic bag it came in, still have that, too… Odd how some things don’t wear out.

  7. Jay

    I’m partial to Castelli wool socks–I think they’re the best. A lot of their stuff is made in China now, but the socks are Italian.

    Agree on Silica brand being brought back to life. Last year, I refurbished my mid-80s Pista that was languishing forgotten in the garage with their new brass chuck which has a redesigned seal made of silicone which doesn’t hiss at all when pumping. Also, replaced the pressure gauge and leather gasket. Now, I think it’s like the best pump available–it probably will work great for the next 25 years.

  8. Jordan

    Hand made in the US with proper precision guages (this is the new owners big thing, bike pumps with guages that are not +/-10% like most pumps in a shop). IIRC he has certified calibrated guages on them.

  9. Dr. Michele Ferrari

    I only buy Brandt Sorenson cycling clothing but mainly because the money I spend comes right back to me.

  10. Dr. Michele Ferrari

    Caffeine…. amateur.

    Give me a call and I’ll put some fire in your shorts.

    God damn it!!! These math puzzles are getting really hard Tilford.


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