Hardly Have a 100 Miles in Me

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Okay, I’ve ridden twice now outside.  I’m at a little less than 90 miles and this morning I woke up pretty worked over.  Not anything concerning whacking my skull, but just overall fatigue.  I guess not doing anything for over a month, mainly laying in bed, then riding a trainer pretty easy for another month, doesn’t prepare you well enough to actually ride.

Yesterday Vincent and I rode over to McDowell Park again and then rode trails to Brown’s Ranch.  Some of the trails around here are super easy, so I’m not doing anything dangerous. Even saying that, there is a fair amount of climbing.

We ended up popping out over by Scottsdale and had close to 20 miles to ride home.  We stopped at a Starbucks, then rode back.  We did a few shortcuts, but the shortcuts ended up to be the hardest part of the ride.  Steep residential roads.  This bike I’m using isn’t the lightest bike on the planet, and I’m not the fittest guy either, so that combination made for a tired me.

We ended up with a bit over 59 miles with 4500 feet of climbing,  but it took over 4 hours riding time.  I was tired.  I still am.

This morning we have to take Vincent’s Sprinter over to the Mercedes dealer in Scottsdale to get a new sensor somewhere.  It is under warranty, but they had to order the sensor.  We’re leaving the van, then riding 10 miles to meet someone Vincent knows at a trailhead.

It is supposed to be nearly 80 here today.  Pretty nice.  I’m am pretty pale.  The palest I’ve been in my memory.  Another by-product of no movement indoors.  I didn’t get burnt yesterday.  I would have thought that should have happened.  I must have just absorbed the sunlight.

Okay, I guess I need to get ready for the next stage.  I hope I have more energy when I start riding than I did sitting here.  It is pretty disheartening.  I say that, but I am so very happy that I can do this at all.  I don’t take it for granted.

There are lots of cactus around.  Vincent can't seem to keep both hands on the bars much.

There are lots of cactus around. Vincent can’t seem to keep both hands on the bars much.

See, only one hand on the bars again.

See, only one hand on the bars again.

We're staying in Fountain Hills.  I guess it is named after this?

We’re staying in Fountain Hills. I guess it is named after this?

I generally like cactus. As long as they keep their distance.

I generally like cactus. As long as they keep their distance.

Vincent riding into the sunset.

Vincent riding into the sunset.



17 thoughts on “Hardly Have a 100 Miles in Me

  1. Jake

    Great to see you riding again!
    I lived in Fountain Hills for 3 years. Lots of steep hills and decent MTB trails.

  2. Emacdo

    Darn that’s some nice terrain there.

    Sitting in Portland Oregon where 1 inch of snow shut the whole place down last night makes the desert seem pretty nice.

  3. Paul in VA

    The thorns on the teddy bear cholla each have a thin paper sheath covering the woody thorn. You can pull them off. Try it. It’s about the only decent interaction one can have with them.

  4. paul boudreaux

    Rain forecasted for tomorrow so the trails out here in Phoenix metro will be stellar on Saturday if your staying here that long.

  5. George

    This weather is why some of us live in AZ. Enjoy the primo weather.

    McDowell Mountain Park and Brown’s Ranch both have great trails.

    I’ll be out riding with my daughter if it’s not raining tomorrow afternoon.

  6. PB Anders

    First off, IMO, you’re doing great, but you need to listen to your body as to your fatigue level when coming back from your TBI. Don’t be a dumbass.

    Second, you’re not the first guy your age to come back from a setback (I’m 58, too). Maybe it’s unique for you, but you’re in a group many of us have been in. Virtually none of the guys who post here have been at your level, I certainly haven’t, but that doesn’t mean we haven’t been out there on the bike doing what we can. You may feel like shit now, but if you take it carefully and don’t be a dumbass (that word again), you’ll be back to a good level in time. Just don’t be a dumbass and screw it up.

    Have fun at McDowell, I was there last week, it’s really nice and perfect for where you are right now. Don’t even think about riding with your more psycho friends for a while. Keep that helmet on your cracked skull, too. Best of luck.

  7. Clifford

    Great to see you with a smile on your face. You’ve had one hell of a year. All the best to you from Brooklyn!

  8. Dude Ron

    You guys look ready for The Shootout Ride saturday in TooStoned. Might be able to ride shirtless in the Endless Summer here in de Dez?!


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