Last Day of November

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Today is the last day of November.  That means December is tomorrow.  I think of December as the real start of winter, even though it isn’t official for three more weeks.

I like the 4 seasons.  I like the different temperatures.  I like the trees growing leaves and growing them.  I like the leaves falling off and the wind blowing them around the neighborhood.

I’m not too big on it getting dark around 5.  And I’m not too big on the traffic.  Seems like everyone is just drives a car in the winter, no matter if it is a nice day out.

It hasn’t been too cold in Topeka yet.  The lows have been in the 30’s and high now are in the 50’s.  We haven’t even turned on our furnace yet.  Seems like our house is staying in the upper 60’s without any help.   I’m not sure what that is all about. Maybe all the pets?  Or cooking?  I don’t have any other explanations.

I won’t be able to ride outdoors at all this winter.  At least where there is any snow or a situation where I might fall and whack my head.  I would like to ride my bike outside as soon as I can.  It is sort of up to me now.  I guess it always was.  I’ve been reading a bunch about this TBI thing and the risk/reward deal.  And I’m going to be cautious, which isn’t my normal style.

I’ve been riding the ergometer inside for a while now.  I got my bike back from the Walberg’s house a couple days ago.  I have no idea what happened to it.  The rear wheels is bent over like I’ve never done before.   Luckily, for a Lemond trainer, you don’t need a rear wheel.

The Lemond trainer is super smooth and having wattage, like exact wattage is nice.  I feel okay ride, nothing special.  I have to sometimes not ride much because of headaches, dizziness and such.

Today I’m heading to do a balance test at the ENT place.  It takes a couple hours and they put goggles on me and measure my eye movements.  I’ve heard they put warm water in my ears. I’m not sure what that is about, but I’m interested in the results.

I’m pretty sure the majority of my dizziness, being off-balance, is ear related.  And that is fixable. I’ve tried  a couple times, with pretty good results, but I’m not 100% cured.  I think that I can get that fixed in the next week or so.  At least I hope so.

Okay, I haven’t been able to have any caffeine the last couple days.  That really isn’t a big deal.  I haven’t been having much recently anyway.

I have to be done eating in the next 10 minutes, so I’d better do finish up and eat something.

My bike was fairly unscathed in the crash.  I'm not sure what happened to this wheel.  Even though I was riding with 4 other guys, no one really saw what happened.

My bike was fairly unscathed in the crash. I’m not sure what happened to this wheel. Even though I was riding with 4 other guys, no one really saw what happened.

I can't remember bending a wheel like this before.  Especially from just flipping over the bars.

I can’t remember bending a wheel like this before. Especially from just flipping over the bars.



17 thoughts on “Last Day of November

  1. RGTR

    Whelp…that’ll void that warranty right there!

    No better time than now to try Zwift. I spend a lot of mind-numbing time on the trainer and it really helped reduce the mental fatigue of the trainer. You can even create your own workouts if that’s what you intend.

  2. The Cyclist

    Wow… I’ve broken steel frames in halves in crashes but never seen a wheel like that. Maybe you got catapulted up in the air after hitting that dog. Looks like it took the whole blow coming down…

  3. Steve Tilford Post author

    orphan- It was Bill, not Brian. But, even though he didn’t hit his head, he doesn’t have a recollection of what happened. He didn’t even see the dog.

  4. Steve Tilford Post author

    Guys – I agree. It looks like an automobile was involved, for sure. I have crashed many times and have never done this to a rear wheel. I thought my head took the brunt of the impact.

  5. janna

    I can’t stand the time change and it getting dark by 5pm. I petition that we all change back to the summer time, at least we’d have light until 630 or so…
    As for biking, its 0oC here, the past week its been down to -10oC (14oF). There was freezing rain yesterday and rain today. We did get a dump of snow last week, 15cm in one day.
    Not looking forward to jan-feb, when the temperatures go down to -40oC ( -40oF). Nasty cold. I still bike though. Can’t stand sitting in traffic, what a waste of time and life… sooner be biking, get to think, get to motor along past the traffic, and not using much energy/resources to get to/from work…

  6. dave

    Those two bend points on your wheel Steve , indicate that it was flipped up in the air and slammed down to the pavement on the other side to force those creases . I guess your head and your wheel balanced out the impact. For future riding, I think most of us would like to see you say you will definitely be wearing a helmet.

  7. KrakatoaEastofJava

    Bikes always get trashed by the cops after you get hauled away in the ambulance. Guaranteed.

  8. Doug Hayduk

    Geez, I get dizzy trying to count the cogs on your freewheel. That has to be more than a standard ultra-7!!!


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