Tucker 11 Month Old – Me, 4 Weeks

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Today Tucker is just one month from a year old.  He is still learning, but he is a great dog and true friend.  Tucker has made the last month so much more tolerable.  We’re hopefully going to take him and a few of his dog buddies out to the country today to let them run crazy through the fields.

I say I’m 4 weeks old because yesterday was 4 weeks since I crashed and fractured my skull. This past 4 weeks has been pretty strange.  Like maybe the strangest 4 weeks in my adult live.  I think I learned a bunch of stuff that I didn’t know about the human body that I never would have known, but the stuff I learned is only important to people not firing exactly right.  That is an understatement in many ways.

This past week I’ve been getting better.  A lot compared to the first three weeks.  I say that, but things are in turmoil enough, at least in flux, that it morphs on an hourly basis during the day.

Yesterday I woke up feeling the best I’d felt.  I wasn’t too dizzy and wasn’t much nauseated at all.  That was until about noon, then I started a slow descent.  By midnight, I wasn’t really able to lay horizontal to sleep, spinning like crazy anytime I got close to flat enough to sleep.  So, I didn’t sleep much compared to the last three nights.

This sleep thing is super important.  The more I can sleep, the better I’ve been feeling.  I think my head has really gotten closer to normal, but my ears are still so jacked up that the off-balance, spinning isn’t great.  The headaches aren’t nearly as bad as they were just 5 days ago. So if they keep improving like this past week, I should be alright sometime before Thanksgiving there.  Or at least Christmas.

Man, I write that and think, how can I be okay with that time frame.  Christmas is a month and a half away.  I think that is so long, but in the TBI time frame, it is pretty quick.  I haven’t really got that schedule totally absorbed.

I write all this, but this is just life.  I had a pretty bad crash and the results could had been much worse.  As usual, I feel lucky really.

On a sadder note here, I got contacted by my old Raleigh team mate, Mark Frise last night and he told me that his father, Bob, had passed away yesterday.

I’ve know Mr. Frise since I first started racing bikes.  Mark and Greg Demgen came down to Lawrence Kansas for the 2nd race I ever did.  They were riding for the Big 4, a trucking company that Mr. Frise owned.  I was only 14 and the last guy to stay with them.  The race was only 20 miles and about 10 miles in, they just said something and dropped me instantly.  I finished 3rd.

I raced against those two guys, along with Jeff Bradley, and a slew of other super talented young guys the next three years.  It was the reason I progressed.  Once Greg Lemond started hanging out in the midwest, it got just that much better.  There is no way I would have been nearly as good without this competition.

I went up to Lacrosse Wisconsin and stayed with Mark and his family a few times.  I’d never ridden my bike anywhere with such unbelievable climbs.  Mark and Greg Demgen took me out on rides that completely hooked me on the sport.  Greg Lemonds wife Kathy, is from Lacrosse too.  I saw her father, who was an allergy doctor, early in my career.

Mr. Frise always looked out for me.  He knew my situation and was super nice and helpful during those early years.  He took Mark and I up to Canada for the Tour de l’Abitibi, which Mark won overall.  My first trip out of the country to race my bike.  Actually, the first time I raced my bike over 2 days in a row.  I still have one of Mark’s leader’s jerseys from that race.  It is wool, of course.  Embroidered.  It is a jersey I cherish.

Mark’s dad mainly treated me like another one of his kids.   And his mom did the same.  She washed my clothes and fed me, which wasn’t an easy thing back in those days.   I was fortunate to have friends, then team mates, with such great parents.  It was the only way I got to progress to this point of my life.

I guess I’m to the age where my friend’s parents are close to the end of their lives.  It was an honor to have known Bob Frise.  I feel for Mark and his sisters and mother. Life is so unfair many times.

I’ll find some photos and post them later today.

Tucker is super obedient most of the time. Here he is waiting to jump out of the van and run into the fields as fast as he can.

Tucker is super obedient most of the time. Here he is waiting to jump out of the van and run into the fields as fast as he can.

As soon as I say it's okay, he jumps and is gone.

As soon as I say it’s okay, he jumps and is gone.


An Instagram post from Mark's son today.

An Instagram post from Mark’s son today.

1978 Junior National Team Top L-R: Ed Burke, Jeff Bradley, Mark Frise, Ron Kiefel, Lee Ziff, Bill Humphries. Eddy B Bottom L-R: Thurlow Rogers, Greg Demgen, Greg Lemond, Bob Bergdahl, Chris Carmichael

1978 Junior National Team
Top L-R: Ed Burke, Jeff Bradley, Mark Frise, Ron Kiefel, Lee Ziff, Bill Humphries. Eddy B
Bottom L-R: Thurlow Rogers, Greg Demgen, Greg Lemond, Bob Bergdahl, Chris Carmichael.


15 thoughts on “Tucker 11 Month Old – Me, 4 Weeks

  1. Tilford fan

    When you started writing on your blog again a few weeks ago, I knew you would be OK. That’s a fast cognitive recovery and the physical one shouldn’t be too far behind. I’m sure you have been recommended this, but definitely pursue vestibular therapy to overcome the dizziness. Balance exercises and lots of retraining of the visual and vestibular system helped my a ton while recovering from a severe concussion last year. It will eventually and slowly return to normal–it just takes time.

    Honestly, you seem sharp as ever on your blog! That’s a great thing. Keep recovering steadily.

  2. Dave

    Thanks for the vintage photo. Those blast-from-the-past images are one of my favorite things about your blog.

  3. Ed

    If you get out of those red states and WalMarts you will find people are still generally fit and healthy. If you don’t live on one of the coasts you are pretty well fucked.

  4. Mark

    Being healthy and fit is a personal choice. Living on the coast has nothing to do with it. There are fit and unfit people everywhere.

  5. Chapo

    My TBI will never go away. it makes me sad everyday. my family stopped caring for me and now i live in a shelter. i hope you don’t get abandoned. hang in there

  6. Barb

    I love your dog, Tucker is the best. And I’m glad he’s there for you…a true buddy. If only human beings could be more like dogs.

  7. RedstateBlue

    Well, Tuesday the red states just offered up a big “fuck you” to neoliberal elitism and snobbery and the economic repression that has gone hand in hand with it.

  8. Mark

    Thank God for the red States. Good honest hard working Americans have rejected the cesspool the ultra liberal radical Democrat machine have created in this country.

  9. Ed

    Mark, read the link on trumps team.
    It is more of the same what you types called the cesspool.
    You types are in for a huge letdown.

    Bye, I about to enjoy a nice glass of 1997 Chateau Ducru-Beaucaillou Grand Cru classe en 1855


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