US Cyclocross – A Weather Magnet

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I’m not sure what many or most of the big cross races in the US tend to have terrible weather when they occur.  The two times they held Nationals in Kansas City, it was bad.  The Worlds in Louisville had to be moved up a day because the course was going to be flooded and now the World Cup in Iowa CIty.

It has rained so much here in Eastern Iowa, they are asking for volunteers to help fill sandbags. While driving here from Cable Wisconsin yesterday, there were whole valleys that had completely be underwater the day before.  It is amazing.  And it hasn’t stopped.

Yesterday it rained maybe an inch or two in less than an hour.  It was a typhoon.  And it started again in the middle of the night and now it is nearly 9 am and it is still raining.  The races start today at 9, so it is going to be a sloppy, mucky mess for many riders.

Then, it is supposed to heat up.  The high tomorrow for the World Cup is supposed to be in the upper 80’s.  Man, those Euro guys are going to hate that.  Not that it will stop them from sweeping the top 15 places.

There is a lot of relief in the course here.  Mt Krumpet it is called and there are lots of ways to get up and down the thing.  Up it usually involves some running.  Down, bravery or your butt.  There is so much ribbon on this course it is impossible to tell what course is what.  It is supposed to stop raining after noon, so I’m going to wait until the UCI pre-ride at 5 to go out on the course.   The race is at 9 pm tonight.

I won Jinglecross the 2nd year they held the event.  My friend, Shadd Smith won the first one I believe.  Shadd was third the 2nd year, behind me and Jason McCartney.  Jason was already a professional road rider and went on to a long European road career.   He is leading a gravel road fondo here tomorrow morning.

The course has so much tape and looks so professional.  They really did an amazing job transforming the Iowa CIty Fairgrounds into a World Cup.  John Meehan is amazing.

Personally, I haven’t really clipped in for any type of cross since I fell at Nationals last January. Of course I’ve ridden the bike a ton, but not a step of running, mounting or dismounting.  But, you have to start somewhere.  It is going to be a blast.  Cross, at night under the lights, with 1000’s of screaming fans is very, very hard to beat.

I’m only hoping that they keep the race flatter tonight, without a crazy amount of running in mud.  If that occurs, I will be hobbled for Sunday’s UCI, which is way more important.  Either way, I’m not going to survive the 80% rule.

Okay, I need to wonder downtown Iowa CIty some and find some breakfast.  It is a fun college town with a lot going on.  It still isn’t too late to jump into a car and watch the best riders in the World ride around on grass/mud, late tomorrow afternoon.  It is going to be a zoo.

Pretty official.

Pretty official.

A break in the weather last night. The course looks awesome under the lights.

A break in the weather last night. The course looks awesome under the lights.

This off-camber section is treacherous in the mud.

This off-camber section is treacherous in the mud.

Current weather.

Current weather.

A podium with Chris Horner and Doug Swanson. I've been on the podium a ton of times, but only won once.

A podium with Chris Horner and Doug Swanson. I’ve been on the podium a ton of times, but only won once.

Me and Jason McCartney a long time ago.

Me and Jason McCartney a long time ago.


15 thoughts on “US Cyclocross – A Weather Magnet

  1. Edna Bambrick

    Curious if this is the new RBR since the newsgroup was taken hostage by a drag queen and imported to Facebook.

    I see some Freds, dumbasses and Sunny but where is Magilla Gorilla?

  2. KrakatoaEastofJava

    Paul Boudreaux, I replied to your comment in “Procrastination”. Funny, I’ve asked you once or twice (previously) if you were you, but you must not have seen them!

  3. shano92107

    what a contrast from SoCal. I think it drizzled a little at day2 at San Luis Obisbo last year and that was it for our rain count. There might have been a race 2 or 3 years ago that got real rain, pretty rare though :-/

  4. old and slow

    If you are driving from Colorado to Chicago or vice versa and looking for the one place to stop and get in a three hour road ride, this is it. Sugar Bottom Road NE and Newport Road NE would make a great grand tour time trial.

    I know Des Moines and the Quad Cities like the back of my hand too, but this is the place.

  5. barb

    If only there was a way to send all that flood water from the mid-west out here to Cali, so we could stop bogarting our supply from the north. Which has hardly any water either now. Best of luck in the race Steve!

  6. Paul Boudreaux

    East of Java: What a trip! I remember you. I actually grew up in Westwood too. Man, we could have used you in CC and track at Mt. Carmel. Would’ve won CIF in CC. Can’t believe McClanahan didn’t make it easy for you to jump in. Had no idea you were competing in cycling back then but as you said, junior cycling was totally under the radar for most folks. If i had raced raced back then I’d have probably suffered from the same problem I have now – no power! I actually live in Chandler, AZ now. As far as competing I mainly just do solo endurance MTB stuff (Dawn to Dusk, 24HOP, Barn Burner,etc). Again – not enough power to do crits etc. with any level of success. I get hammered at the BOS most Saturdays by the likes of Marcotte and Beyer and usually do the Tues morning ride in Awhatukee and then pretty much my own thing. We should hit the trails one day my friend.

  7. mike crum

    east of java, I read your post on you getting pushed off the wheel you were following.. dosent matter if you are big or small, getting sucker punched, will bring down the badest dude out there..sorry for your friend that got this done to him.. hope your friends put the real hurt on the guy that did this to him… I bounce part time, and my head is on a constant swivel… some tough truckers and bikers early then the normal drunks later on trying to pick up the babes..gets rough at times… I was brought up, different than you it sounds like,..i would have confronted the guy that physically pushed you and asked him why. it was your wheel. then let him know it better never ever happen again… if you can fight, size isn’t too big of a deal.. IF, you can fight.. dosent matter how much better bostick is or this guy is, he wasn’t riding safe and doing what is normal.. if it is normal,to physically push, that’s cool then, but if its not normal, I would have confronted him.. that’s me though.. in my blood.. the way I was brought up and raised..races should just play by the rules….. pretty simple..

  8. Dude Ron

    My GF grew up in Deadmoines as she likes to call it, Lames and Iowa Shitty are her two other notables. Of couse she’s living in the Bay Area now. How do you know when somebodies from The Bay Area?! Of course they tell you lolzz. Leave them wallowing in the demise Steve!

  9. Mr. De Facto

    Horner was so far in front of that race my friend and I got him to sign a skinsuit while he was racing…. The footage is on YouTube somewhere.

  10. Mark

    Dude Ron you sound like a real winner. Iowa is great place to live and raise a family. friendly helpful people who still have values that most places in the USA seem to have lost. I used to live there.

  11. KrakatoaEastofJava

    It was thirty years ago. I’m past it. I’d even drink a beer with the guy. I just hadn’t heard the name in a while. Brought up some memories.


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