16 thoughts on “You Don’t See One of These That Often

  1. Tripod Ron

    Ask her what it would take in order for her to sell it. I bet it’s a pretty horrendous set of circumstances. Then think about what an unearned collection of them would represent…

  2. Septic

    Congrats to Gwen! That took a lot of dedication! Kudos:)

    But America has a weird relationship with the olympics. In the rest of the world the olympics does not have a very different in status from a world championsship. This is especially true in cycling, where the olympics is a b-race (this year’s race was very good, but still a b-race).

    Given how IOC is behaving lately, few locations want to host the games and be associated with the olympics. If the olympics is going to survive, they badly need a new leadership/organization.

  3. KrakatoaEastofJava

    You don’t know what you’re talking about. If you had any idea how the bidding process works for cities wishing to host the games, you’d quickly retract what you jut said. Millions of dollars are spent just pitching the virtues of the respective cities wishing to play. Lobbying, payoffs, PR firms, ad agencies, design firms, architecture firms, consultants aplenty.

    If you had any idea how much money was in the IOC’s coffers, you’d not wonder why they’re located in Switzerland.

    You might not place much stock in the accomplishment of an Olympic medal within a specific sport, but trust Steve on one of his past posts: Having that Gold quite often puts the winner on an entirely different platform than the non-winners. Their lives are forever changed.

  4. Rich

    Sorry, this is a bs comment. Unless I am missing something, I’ve never even heard a whisper about TUE’s and Gwen.

  5. mike crum

    donkybhoy, are you saying in a round about way she won her gold medal because she was taking ped’s?

  6. sillypuddy

    Now that terrorism is such a constant treat and is doubling the bill to host the Olympics, fewer countries are applying. Winter or Summer. Nobody wants to b THAT country( anouther Munic). Well took the day off. Cya all.
    Sillypuddy OUT!

  7. KrakatoaEastofJava

    Sillypuddy, not true. They still line up to submit bids. There’s a whole niche “mini-industry” that exists to help them. These cities THROW money at IOC officials. They’re treated like royalty. Why do you think Pat McQuaid fought so hard to remain prez of the UCI? Because he was eyeballing a role at the IOC (like Hein V. had secured for himself). IOC officials are all RICH beyond belief.

  8. Edna Bambrick

    The OhLimpDicks is a shadow of its former glory. Allowing pros to compete, sneaking in dopers just because they are headliners and now widespread abuse of TUEs. On top of that the IOC seems to have taken most of their notes from FIFA and the mafia when it comes to selecting hosts. Like most things, it’s just a nobel idea now prostituted to capitialism and bribe $$ for the grifters that run it.


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