Copper Triangle Ride Today

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I guess I’m doing the Copper Triangle RIde this morning.  I say I guess because it is cold out and it looks like it might be raining some or most of the time. I like to race in those conditions, but I’m not much into just riding at those conditions.   Especially at 8000 + feet altitude.  I might rather just be loungin’ watching the Olympic Road Race this morning.

If you didn’t click on the link above, here is the description of the ride from the website. A spectacular 78-mile loop cresting three Colorado Mountain passes – Fremont Pass (elevation 11,318’), Tennessee Pass (elevation 10,424’) and Vail Pass (elevation 10,666’). The course passes three ski areas and is littered with historic mining outposts and camp Hale, the training ground for the famous 10th Mountain Division.

There are lots of guys I know out here, from all over, doing lots of different things.  A few guys are training for Leadville, so are heading over there to pre-ride some of the course.  Vincent is going up to Laramie to do the Laramie Enduro on a tandem.  It is 70 miles, so not that much shorter than the ride today I’m doing.

Last year I rode from Silverthorne to Copper Mtn., but today I’m driving.  I’m still just mediocre and am just doing the ride because I’m entered and a bunch of friends are riding it.  Last year, Vincent and I rode pretty hard.  Like the 7th fastest time on the Strava KOM for the loop.  And if you subtract the 20 + minutes I stopped, then it was the fastest the loop has been ridden by someone with that uses Strava.

That isn’t going to be the speed today.  I’m a little worried about getting too cold.  We got caught in a storm coming back from Breckenridge yesterday and the temperature on my Garmin was 49 degrees.  And it was raining hard.  That is over 50 degrees cooler than I’ve been riding in at home and it felt cold. The ride benefits The Davis Phinney Parkinson’s Foundation, so it is for a good cause

Anyway, I’m going to keep optimistic and cross my fingers it stays dry.  I’d better get a move on.  We’ll already be the last ones starting.  Some guys take off before sunrise.

This is Sue, Laura Peycke, and Bill Lehman. Friends from way, way back. Team mates and support. Laura and Bill are riding the loop on a tandem. Laura had wrist surgery and is going to ride on the back.

This is Sue, Laura Peycke, and Bill Lehman. Friends from way, way back. Team mates and support. Laura and Bill are riding the loop on a tandem. Laura had wrist surgery and is going to ride on the back.

Trent Newcomer in the Velofix van. He has two of these doing repairs in the Fort Collins and Boulder area.

Trent Newcomer in the Velofix van.  It is a mobile bike shop. He has two of these doing repairs in the Fort Collins and Boulder area.

Tucker, Trent and I.

Tucker, Trent and I.



15 thoughts on “Copper Triangle Ride Today

  1. Mike crum

    Steve , I bet ur followers will hammer me for being negative , ( Idc) but in your wierd summer weather post u were saying how it’s been so hot and muggy in Kansas snd you are heading out to Colorado to ride in the 50 degree mountain weather and that you are ok with that . Now u are there and whinning cause it’s cool and raining.u ever happy with the weaher? Just go to San Diego all the time where it’s 55-80 degrees. I wish I had the $$$$ to go where u go to ride. Put a rain cape on likd the Belgium guys and go ride..

  2. Dave from KC

    Mike, wishing you had the $$$$ to ride where Steve does won’t cut it. If you want it, go earn it!!! Frankly, you’re one of the most negative people I’ve ever encountered, even if it is only by reading your negativity on Steve’s website. Who knows…if you won the lottery, you’d probably focus on the negative side of that. I sincerely hope you’re not as negative to those you personally interact with on a daily basis. If you are, then I truly wish you’d seek outside help to get you to start seeing the glass as half full instead of half empty. Is it an inferiority complex? Are you angry/bitter because you feel wronged by society? Do you blame your upbringing on your current situation? I’m not a shrink and I don’t know you so I won’t pretend to know the answers to these questions. I hope you eventually find happiness. Good luck, and please take your negativity elsewhere.

  3. Mike crum

    Dave, to me, it sounds like Steve’s the negative guy, always bitching about the weather..when I go ride in the summer, it’s hot. In the winter it’s cold. I don’t whine about it. I just comment on his negativity and his posts. I complement him
    Plenty of times on his races and long hard rides. If you get you head out of his ass like most of his followers you would see he does whine a lot. But it’s his blog on a public forum and he writes what he wants. I just disagree with most of his posts. Nothing personal. I’m 1000 miles away.. Sorry with my disagreeing with him upsets You.

  4. James

    Hey your trucker pals are ready for the train. Log off & get in the back of the Kenworth.

  5. Chris C

    You disagree with most of what Steve says… Then why waste your time coming here and commenting? Makes no sense. But it’s your time. Feel free to waste it.

  6. Dave from KC

    Textbook deflection from Crum…
    I never stated that Steve whines or doesn’t whine, I was only commenting on Crum’s negativity. I fully expect another negative retort from Crum as he seems the type that always has to get the last word as it is the only way he can feel superior. Either this post will get a response from Crum (proving my point), or Crum will be driven nearly mad while he resists the urge to respond. Either way, I’m going to finish my weekend yard work, go for a ride or hike, then crack open a beer and enjoy life. Yes, I’m LOL right now!

  7. Steve Tilford Post author

    Mike – Come on. The temperature I’m talking about are pretty extreme for cycling or athletics in general. When the heat index is approaching 110, you can’t really train. You can’t hit your numbers. You’re just surviving and hoping for a cold front. Today, in the mountains, it rained from 8am on. It didn’t get over the lower 50’s yet. The wind chill at 45 and raining is nasty, especially when you are used to summer like temperature. 3000 people did the ride today. The rain was the number 1 obstacle that each rider faced. Have you ever descended a 2000 foot descent, on asphalt, when you can’t feel your hands and there are 100’s of somewhat “novice” riders surrounding you? It is sketchy, to say the least. Not even mentioning the pains it causes the promotional organization. Why wouldn’t I comment on the thing that is on each participates mind throughout the day? Just makes sense to me.

  8. Rick

    Crum , your choices in life will determine your destiny. Steve lives the life he does due to decisions he has made. You are not a victim. Steve is very kind and gracious to put up with your constant nonsense. not many people would tolerate you for long.

  9. Edna Bambrick


    Can Trudi get me one of those Belgium kits ? Either a size 7 or one made to fit a panda will work.

    Edna Bambrick

  10. Gary

    Mike Crum, it is not Steve’s fault that your life sucks. I think I hear your mom yelling that it’s time to clean your bedroom.

  11. Steve Tilford Post author

    midnight – Yeah, I rode that loop last year and it was stellar. Lots of super singletrack way above treeline. I think we have a plan to do it midweek.


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