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There are two upcoming events in July that I’ve historically attended.  The first one is next week at the Tour of Lawrence.  It is usually closer to July 4th, but they moved to the 3rd weekend to avoid scheduling conflicts.  It is a super fun weekend, with super prizes for all categories.   There are street sprints on Friday night in downtown Lawrence, Kansas, then two criteriums, with Sunday racing on Mass. St. in downtown.  A great course with lots of spectators.

They still looking for some race volunteers to help out with the race.  Here is a link to the volunteer page.  It has a chart showing the times when they are most in need of help.  You get food and a cool Tour of Lawrence shirt for helping out.   It is a really fun weekend, so if you happen to have a little extra time on your hands, maybe considering coming over to help.

Also, in two weeks is the Tour de Steamboat, in Steamboat Springs, Colorado.  Last year Catherine, Bill and I rode the long ride and it is beautiful.  If you can’t make it out to the event, our team sponsor, Kent Eriksen is raffling off a complete Shimano Kent Eriksen titanium bicycle. The proceeds go to charity, everything is non-profit, so it is good for everyone.  The tickets are $50 each and it is limited to 400, which they haven’t sold out of, so the odds are pretty good. Not a bad way to get a dream titanium bike.  Here is the link to the Eriksen Bicycle page to get a ticket.

These two guys make the best titanium bicycle frames in the world.

These two guys make the best titanium bicycle frames in the world.


6 thoughts on “Good Events / Help Needed

  1. Jim

    Out of curiosity, since you are not riding/feeling well, are you going to volunteer and help run the event?

  2. barb

    I never win anything and my road bike is a POJ, so I bought a ticket. At least my statistics instructor wouldn’t have chastised me for taking a one in 400 chance, like he did about buying lottery tickets when I was in college. :o) And I like it a lot, that Eriksen is donating a bike to help non-profit orgs. Thanks for publishing the opportunity on your blog. Hope you’re feeling better.

  3. Steve Tilford Post author

    Jim – I already volunteer for the event, healthy or sick doesn’t matter. I definitely won’t be running the event, that is already covered very well.


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