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I’ve been back in Topeka for a day now and it is really hot.  Like so hot that my local guys are talking about not doing the normal Wednesday evening ride.  I just looked and it is supposed to be over 100 at 6 pm.  Add the humidity from a thunderstorm a couple days ago and it is really ugly.

I probably would have just stayed up North, maybe went to TOAD or Lutsen 99er, but I’m getting inducted into the Topeka/Shawnee County Sports Hall of Fame on Thursday night.  Two other Topeka High graduates, Clardy Vinson and Judy Dryer are getting inducted too.  Sort of can’t miss that.   Here is a link to a local article the Topeka paper did yesterday.  It talks about me delivering newspapers to buy my first racing bicycle.

I hate not going back up to Lutsen, really.  But the induction thing is supposed to be past 10 and then it is probably close to 12 + hours to get to Lutsen.  It really just didn’t make sense.

For the Hall of Fame induction, I have to give a short, 5-7 minute speech, which I haven’t really even thought about yet.  Today I’m doing a 30 minute radio deal with a local radio station.   I have not done a radio thing in years. Should be fun.  If you want to listen live, you can click here, then click the listen live to the WIBW 580 radio link to the right.   The show is at 4:30 pm CST.

Today I’m starting my heat acclimation training.  Maybe a little too late, since it is already hot and it is nearly July.  I hate worrying about racing in the heat, so I need to do as much as possible to ease my mind.  I’m heading out super slowly for 4 hours, or so, at the heat of the day. Well, it might not actually be the heat of the day since that seems to be closer to 5 or 6pm than noon-ish.  But when the sun is more direct, it feels hotter.  I hope I don’t melt.

Alright, it is pretty windy already.  Supposed to be blowing over 20 mph all day.  I’ve always wondered it there is an opposite effect of wind chill when the temperatures are over your body temperature.  Something maybe like wind warmth or such.  It seems like if air hotter than your body temperatures is blowing over you, then the opposite of wind chill would occur and you’d be getting hotter, quicker.  Think?  I just looked it up.  Guess it is true.

This could have been me, but I was riding a Schwinn Colligate and had baskets on the back too.

This could have been me, but I was riding a Schwinn Collegiate and had baskets on the back too.  I doubt I have a picture of myself delivering papers.  We didn’t have a camera back then.  Crazy.

Pretty hot this afternoon.

Pretty hot this afternoon.

Tucker lays between the seats while I'm driving. Sometimes he just stares at me. I wonder what he's thinking?

Tucker lays between the seats while I’m driving. Sometimes he just stares at me. I wonder what he’s thinking?



9 thoughts on “Hall of Fame Hot

  1. Peter M. Aubin

    Sounds like Texas to me. Here in Houston we don’t get the killer high temps but beau coup 90’s with ultra high humidity. Wish I had words of wisdom, no magic, lots of water and base your route around water stops (churches always have an open faucet somewhere).

    Only have flats where there is shade to change it!!

  2. Craig

    Unfortunately, no. The wind always adds cooling and actually helps offset some of the heat index due to humidity. But it sure does feel like you are in a conduction oven! Actually, the wind allows your sweat to evaporate more so you get a bit better cooling but you dehydrate much more quickly. And the reality is, once the air is hotter than body temperature, cooling grinds to a crawl … hate this time of year for sure.

  3. Wildcat

    I love the Kansas summer heat! Actually, I love the super cold winters here too. It would drive me crazy to live somewhere that doesn’t get the extremes and the changing of seasons.

  4. FSonicSmith

    I listened to you on the radio-you are very quick when it comes to talking-loved it when the radio host asked how fast you go while ‘cross-ing as if that was a key question and you immediately said, “It’s pretty much irrelevant”. Loved all you had to say, including (even) your charitable take on (that A-hole we know and love) LA.

  5. euro

    Quit whining Steve. You’ve lived in the hell of the midwest for your whole life. If you don’t like it move away. I get so tired of people complaining about the weather. Either deal with it, embrace it, or move. Not like anything is holding you back.

  6. mike

    Tucker..WTF…stuck in this van again for 8 hrs…I could be getting sushi with Matthew Mcconaughey and the boys

  7. Craig


    Because they circulate the hot air so that you have even cooking temperatures. The process of cooking in an oven requires the cooling of the air – once the initial moisture is “burned off” there is a heat transfer. Humans have the advantage of constantly pushing water to the surface so the surrounding air evaporates it and that is what cools us … once you stop sweating all hell breaks loose and you are in fact then in an oven.


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