12 thoughts on “Crybaby Hill

  1. Bolas Azules

    T.O.F.T.B. in Tulsa? Way to go!

    The promoter’s “fantasy fest meets beer fest meets college party meets bike race” model should be packaged and replicated around the county.


  2. Clifford

    Looks fun, although grabbing and slamming a PBR during a race would be truly tough.

  3. RGTR

    A note on drinking and racing: I’ve raced Crybaby twice and both times the beer that I get during the race is the best tasting swill ever. It can be the shittiest beer on the planet (read: Budweiser) and yet something about the extreme exertion and dehydration make it taste o so good.

  4. Krakatoa East of Java

    I never drank and raced… but I sure wish I had. That looks like epic fun. But don’t get any big ideas about the chicks on the sidelines. Vogue covergirls don’t exactly work the bike racing circuit.

  5. numbnuts

    cool race, we have pro races this weekend… lucky if we get 20 people spectating…


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