Taking Tucker to the Northwoods

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I’m driving up to Wisconsin to let Tucker run around in Bromont’s old favorite stomping grounds, the Northwoods around Cable.  That isn’t the only reason, but it is a good one.

I’m also getting a tooth fixed that has been bugging me for the past month.  Bad teeth and health go hand and hand.

Tucker and Hawkeye are super buddies, so maybe Hawkeye will show him around.

I thought it was great how many suggestions I got yesterday why I was riding badly and how to fix them.  Anywhere from you’re getting too old to race and should just hang it up to you just need some coaching to figure out how to go fast.  Someone has to be right and then then rest wrong.  I’ve had pretty good “luck” throughout my sporting life preserving during slumps.  I can’t see why this one would be any different than the others.

It is a little different because I put it out the publicly, I guess.

The weather in Kansas was going to be extremely hot.  I was a bit hesitant to leave because sometimes riding super slow, in the heat of the day, during hot spells, snaps me back into form.  I’m not sure why that is, but it has worked in the past.

Tucker has no idea where he’s going to end up.  I hope he is pleasantly surprised.

Tucker was looking for anything to cool off on the walk before we left.  He obviously got a bath.

Tucker was looking for anything to cool off on the walk before we left. He found a mud puddle.  He obviously got a bath.

14 thoughts on “Taking Tucker to the Northwoods

  1. channel_zero

    I can’t see why this one would be any different than the others.

    Because you are older now?

    Maybe you do meticulously plan for peak events in your year but it sure doesn’t look like it from reading your blog. Us mere mortals have to plan athletic peaks pretty meticulously. Age only makes the planning more careful if we aren’t visiting the anti-aging clinic.

  2. Jake

    Not every athletic needs to follow the same path to success. If that were the case, great athletes would also make great coaches and they often do not. I do my best when I don’t use a power meter or follow a specific plan. I think it’s because following a coach’s plan takes the fun out of it.

  3. Craig

    I think you answered your own question Steve – there is a good chance your tooth is the culprit. Before you laugh it off, if you have a cracked tooth that needs a root canal and is infected, even slightly, this is going to cause you all sorts of hell. Don’t be surprised if after getting it fixed and perhaps getting some antibiotics that within a week you are hammering again.

  4. PeteA

    “Everyday is Saturday to a dog”

    Baxter Black, Cowboy poet and large animal vet.

    Also someone stated along the lines, ” I don’t know I’d dogs go to heaven, but when I die I want to go where they do”

    When I’m in a tough row my dog is such good therapy. They always are welcoming and never critical. Just your friend with not reserve. Not sure how that fits in racing but it has to somehow.

  5. barb

    I hesitate to suggest the obvious to a seasoned competitor, but I know personally when I haven’t hydrated enough, and am short on electrolytes, I can’t ride at even 50%. All that driving and not enough sleep probably dehydrates you to some extent. I feel completely dehydrated when I go for some days with minimal sleep. How much water do you consume all through your day/trips, and do you pop some endurolytes from time to time? Hope the tooth repair is the fix.

  6. Morpheus

    Yeah, too bad Steve is just traveling to his Wisconsin house to take the dog for a walk.

  7. mike crum

    steve, after 29 replies on your previous post, what are you going to do? taking a week or more off? getting a coach? whats changes are you going to make?

  8. sillypuddy

    Sometimes i view Tucker as a premeditated excuse. Leave the dog at home or marry the damn thin and about that tooth thing. I remember when Johan Musieo had a tooth pulled, didn’t take pain killers so he could race the next day.

  9. Tripod Ron

    He won’t do it. That race is too hard with the 99er coming up next weekend. Gotta defend the title.

  10. sillypuddy

    Tman, u r right. 99% have doped. My point(tung & cheek albeit) the guy just raced. Awhat point do u realize we r getting older and it may be better to have 10 good races a year than 40 mediocre ones. Save your strength 4what is important,…you know days at the beach, birthdays, BBQ’s, nights out with buddys, taking your dog out for real walks,….life. My comments r all in good fun. I know ST’s history. And i totally respect him in that regard


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