Near Mountain Lion Encounter

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I was just forwarded this short Youtube video from the Lake Wilson MTB race I did a couple days ago.  I guess a mountain lion was hanging out by the trail and when Kalan went by, he scared it before I got there.  The video shows it running away through the grass.  It also shows how badly I was riding, dabbing, one of lots of times, during the race.  I remember that spot.  A wind gust came, blew me a little sideways and my wheel slipped.  It is weird how the mind works.  It was super windy.   Anyway, here it is.

12 thoughts on “Near Mountain Lion Encounter

  1. AKBen

    Yup, pretty sure by the gait it was a coyote, also can just see a bushy tail at one point.

  2. Dog

    Gait looked like a coyote. I doubt a bike rider would scare a Mountain lion enough to run like that. Maybe dogs could get them to run, but the ones I have seen in the wild were more like bears and pretty much held their ground to a human. Big cats worry me on the mtb. cause they will see you way before you see them.

  3. Matthew M.

    While I would believe a mountain lion in that part of Kansas, the gait and bushy tail looks like a coyote.

  4. mike crum

    its tucker running home… loosing his mind having to hang out at another bike race..

  5. Clifford

    I nearly hit a big-ass mountain lion driving through Stull once. Pretty amazing.

  6. TreyH

    I live in the boonies in the Flint Hills. We see coyotes several times/week on our property (listen to them every single night). That is most definitely a coyote.


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