One Year Since Bromont

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I feel a little sad because I failed to remember that Bromont has been gone for over a year now. It was May 3rd, last year, and the time has seemed to pass so quickly.  I guess I should feel alright about it, because I’m not dwelling on missing him so much.  That is a good thing.

I know having Tucker for the past 3 months has been a big part of that.  Tucker isn’t a replacement for Bromont, he’s his own guy, but he is super fun to be around.

Travelling with a dog is challenging at races sometimes.  But Tucker is a good traveller.  He is nearly past his chewing stage, and didn’t do too much damage.

I think that it would have been great if Bromont and Tucker had known each other.  There are completely different, personality-wise, but for some reason, that is probably more important to my mindset than for any other reason, it seems like it would be better if there was a connection, or continuity between them.  Whatever, it didn’t happen, so it is what it is.

Tucker likes to sleep more than Bromont.  That is saying something because Bromont really liked to sleep.  As soon as Tucker gets into a car, especially the diesel van, he snoozes.  And he can stay in bed for 9 hours without any problem.  That is super good for race travelling.  When Bromont was his age, he got up with the sun and wanted to go out to check on the birds.  That was really bad at races.

Tucker is just starting to get “birdy” now.  The women we got him from said he was going to be a very birdy dog.  I didn’t know what that meant, still don’t, but have a better idea of it now than I did a couple weeks ago.

Anyway, life goes on.  I still miss Bromont, as I do all the dogs I’ve have the pleasure of living with.  Bromont was special.  I’m hoping he’s running around somewhere in doggy heaven.

Bromont loved to run more than just about anything else.

Bromont loved to run more than just about anything else.


9 thoughts on “One Year Since Bromont

  1. jinglenuts

    love my dog… she’s a husky chow mix… loves mtbing.
    Took her out for 2 great rides this past weekend. She sometimes manages to chase the deer and I’ve yet to see her around a porkypin or bear…
    But, its truly fun having a dog around for the ride. No btching, they just love the run! then they kinda thank yah at the end of it all – as though yah can see a smile on their face. No bullsht, no clicky sht, etc… just pure fun having a dog on the trails.

  2. SM

    Dogs are awesome. We had to say goodbye to our girl a month ago. It was the hardest thing I’ve went through so far in life. As hard as it was, we will get another one. Because, it doesn’t matter how bad your day was, or how down you are feeling, they are always there for you to cheer you up. The amount of sadness brought by the end of their life is easily trumped by the happiness they bring throughout their years of life. Bromont was an awesome dog, and it looks like Tucker will be great too.

  3. Mike Connair

    My first dog was an English Setter. She was a scrawny field dog and loved to run. She pointed plastic ducks, chased birds wherever I let her, and probably would have been a good hunter if I hunted. However, whenever it was down time, she immediately went to sleep. It was inspirational. I’ve tried to emulate her ever since.

    My next dog was a setter too but she never really bonded to us. I don’t know why. She was totally different from the first dog.

    Since then I’ve had dogs from the pound . A coonhound, and a beagle mix that had seen some rough times. Both turned out to be long lived great dogs, although the coonhound couldn’t control himself when it came to cats. The Beagle mix was pushed around by cats like you might see on youtube.

  4. Barb Ballou

    The beautiful picture of Bromont running like the wind among the headstones was so incredible. I immediately felt tears well up and I just let them flow. He was a special dog.

  5. Carl Sundquist

    I still ache for the dogs I have lost. I can’t bear to look at Facebook posts about dogs being mistreated or passing on.

  6. Max Berlin

    @22:45 – Although it’s a little disturbing when two white guys in the 60s discuss coon hunting.

  7. Niki

    “On This Day” on Facebook actually reminded me of Bromont’s passing I think on the 4th and I had a pang of sadness and I only got to meet Bromont once and play with him. He was an awesome dog.


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