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The men’s race in Charlotte is going on now.  The roads are wet, so it looks a little sketchy.  Here is the link.  Enjoy.

Okay, I must have missed something, but there is a weather delay at the race.  Unless there is lightning, I have to call bullshit.  I’ve done a ton of criteriums with lightning, not that I’d advise that.  Weird.  All the riders are just standing in the road, so it must not be that dangerous.  If it is just because of wet conditions, then the race should be going on right now.


7 thoughts on “Watch Charlotte Criterium Live Now

  1. Mike Rodose

    They just red-lighted the Mens race because of “lightning”. No lightning seen during rainstorms. Field rode around for 2 laps after “lightning” alert. Then field hung out together at the start line after the alert. If it was truly dangerous, race officials would have cleared the course.

    It was heavy rain. There was no lightning. No need to red-flag.

    Pathetic. Frankie Andreau seemed astonished as announcer and former racer.

  2. Mike Rodose

    Now they’re terming it a Severe Weather Delay.


    Makes bicycle racers look like we’re afraid of Severe Weather.

    Andy Hampsten in the Giro, for example. On the other end of the spectrum, you have the Charlotte Criterium.

    Retreat to safe spaces!!

  3. RGTR

    Jim – you are a pussy. It was no less then 3 years ago we were sloshing around in the rain up to our bottom brackets here in Texas. Now they’re calling off every fucking race due to ‘bad weather’ and blaming it on lightning in the area. Lots of bullshit chat about USAC refunding race entry fees. Maybe we should just wear tutus.

  4. Jim

    I make a simple statement and you are the tough guy who calls me names??
    Again, a really brave guy behind a keyboard.
    BTW, if you were really riding around in water that deep pretending that you were “racing”, who is the dumb ass? I hope it was worthwhile tough guy.

  5. euro

    That Charlotte crit is about to die. I went to watch every year from 2005 to 2015, and little by little the quality of the field dropped and the prize money did too. Used to be invitation only, now it’s open to anyone. In the beginning it had $125k in prize money just for the men’s race. Now it has $15k. Sad. It wouldn’t surprise me if they don’t even hold it next year.

  6. Patrick

    Live in Charlotte here. It down poured with lightning and didn’t stop until well after midnight. Race had to be cancelled. I was bummed. And very wet.


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