No Sleep

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Pretty much the whole time I’ve raced bicycles, when I do a big effort early season, I can’t sleep. It’s not that I can’t sleep it is that I sleep, then wake up about 3 am and am fully awake.  I did it a little road racing, but when I started MTB racing, it got real bad.

I don’t know how many times I’d be at a Denny’s at 3:30am eating breakfast.  One time I was doing a Cactus Cup down in Athens Georgia and I was going around 2:30.  I just put Trudi into the van and we were back to Kentucky before she even woke up.  I got home early enough to do a long ride.

The 100 mile gravel race I did yesterday didn’t seem like that big of an effort, but it must have been.  I slept about 4 hours and then bing, awake.

I went to a party after the race at our team sponsors house.  It was a dual birthday celebration, after race party.  Brian is turning 40 in a couple days.  Matt’s parties are always super interesting.  Lots of great people.  Tucker was a hit.  He didn’t really know what to do with all the people, then got into all the attention.  So many different people petted him. I told him that was going to happen. 

Anyway, little foggy this morning.

Paris-Roubaix is live soon.  Cyclingfans, Steephill TV or a bunch of other places have it.  I’m picking Sagan again.  I don’t see how they can drop him on the flats if he can ride away on uphill cobbles and then time trial faster than Fabian.  But, he is only one guy.  If he doesn’t do it, then I’m going with someone else.  That pretty much covers the bases.

Redlands Classic is going on now.  Seems it has been hot and the racing hard.  Did you see the video of Travis McCabe falling in the criterium yesterday.  My brother and Travis’ DS, Thomas Craven, both sent me a link that I woke up to this morning.  Not sure what to think about this.  I’ve ridden this race a ton of times and usually the crashes are on the corner before.

If you notice,  the rider that crashes seat is already twisted 90 degrees before he hit the ground and that he rolls his rear tire.  I think that maybe without either of these problems he keeps it upright.  He might need a new mechanic.

It isn’t that bad being up so early.  The birds are beginning to stir.  Tucker isn’t so pleased with me, but that is a dog’s life I guess.

Matt cooking.

Matt cooking.

Brian and Michelle with Tucker.

Brian and Michelle with Tucker.

Dan Hughs and his wife Virginia with Tucker.

Dan Hughes and his wife Karla, with Tucker.  Dan crashed recently and is getting surgery tomorrow on his collarbone.

And Tucker begging from the porch sitters.

And Tucker begging from the porch sitters.






14 thoughts on “No Sleep

  1. Gabby

    McCabe is in the yellow helmet doing the front flip. His tire stayed on. The guys that crashed highs used and was perpendicular to the rest of the pace. That’s when his tire came off. I think his mechanic is safe. Lots of tires come off when ridden sideways.
    I’ve been trying to find out more about the sleep thing lately. My does the same thing. Except I sweat too. It’s gotta be some hormone thing.

  2. Greg

    The rider in orange rear wheel hits a reflector on the yellow line. You can see his rear wheel lift up and he is sideways when he lands.

  3. Jpete

    Yup. You can see the tire roll and lock the wheel up as a result. Not sure why the seatpost gets so twisted.

  4. Sean YD

    The Silber Pro Cycling rider clipped his pedal. The rear-view replay during the live broadcast showed it several times.

  5. LD

    Hard efforts can stimulate growth hormone production which can disrupt sleep. At least that’s what I experience when I do stage races.

  6. Steve Tilford Post author

    Sean- For sure. That doesn’t explain his seat twisting 90 degrees. I understand the tire , but with the seat pointing perpendicular, he has no chance to recover. What is the current rule for rolling a tire and causing a crash?

  7. Bill K

    The guy in the yellow helmet who let go of the bars and did a Superman into the pavement could have broken both wrists and both sides of his collarbone. Should have held on to the bars, lowered his head down, and just lost skin on his back.

  8. AK_Ben

    …because that is a totally reasonable thing to decide to do in the fraction of a second he had before he hit the ground.

  9. AK_Ben

    I bet that whole thing probably took place in less than 5-7 seconds, from the first guy going down to the last guy to plow in. At those speeds it’s unreasonable to say a marshal could have prevented further pileup when those guys were going that fast and were that focused on the course in front of them. The secondary guys would have already been past a corner marshal by the time there might have been a flag. The normal speed footage in the last part of the video shows how fast things were happening.

  10. KrakatoaEastofJava

    The view I watched clearly shows him clip his R pedal on the pavement. There was NO saving that situation at all. No gluing job could withstand that force. I’ve also seen seats (that never touched the ground) end up twisted the wrong way due to the forces exerted sideways while trying to ride it out.


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