DQ’d Stage 2 Paris Nice

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Do you think that Nacer Bouhanni should have been DQ’d for this?  To me it is really suspect.

To me it seems like Michael Matthews was trying to thread his way through a hole that really wasn’t there and that both of them did an incredible job of staying upright.  Look how far Bouhanni is leaning off his bike.  It they weren’t using each other’s weight to leverage themselves, they both would have fallen for sure.


22 thoughts on “DQ’d Stage 2 Paris Nice

  1. SD

    Looked like Bouhanni was clearly coming over on Matthews and was damn near taking him into the barriers. Legit. Relegation warranted, dont think a DQ was warranted.

  2. Eric

    I agree Bouhanni clearly came over onto Matthews line. At first they were side by side, would have been nice to see a fair drag race to the finish. I also agree with the DQ.

  3. Scott W

    I can’t believe this is a discussion. Bouhanni moved left to the barrier when Matthews started his move on the left. Extremely unsportsmanlike.

  4. Carl Sundquist

    Although it should not factor in, Bouhanni has a reputation for this stuff and for crashing. Him bellyaching after crossing the line is a joke. The guy is the biggest hazard in pro racing since Abdujaparov.

  5. scott

    amazing save on both their parts, for sure. tough call, but Matthews did get pinched. I’m not convinced Matthews was going to beat him, either

  6. Krakatoa East of Java

    Check out a different perspective (and greater depth on the timeline):

    Matthews had a very clear path to victory. Bouhanni deliberately cut far to the left to try and shut the door on Matthews, and this was well before they made bodily contact. DQ for Bouhanni for sure.

  7. jpete

    And once he gets across the road, a little more subtle, he sticks his elbow out to further impede. Totally deliberate.

  8. The Cyclist

    Damn caramel. They all just seem to think they got the right to do wtf they want. From ISIS to bike racing. Guess that’s in the genes and deeply rooted in the culture and religion. Dude was a boxer b4 moving on to bike racing. There should be an UCI ban on former boxers joining the peloton. They should have thrown him out of the race and out of the team for this. Ppl like Bouhanni has no place in cycling. Send him backto the ring instead.

  9. AKBen

    What the fuck??!! “People like Bouhanni”? You mean of North African descent? If you aren’t joking, you are a racist POS. If you are joking, pretty unfunny.

  10. Krakatoa East of Java

    This dude is violating the center line. Passing on the far, extreme right. There is no place for what he just said.

  11. The Cyclist

    Ain’t got nothing to do with race or being racist. Half my friends are black. It’s a religion and culture thing and how you bring up ppl. Has anyone missed what’s been going on in France lately? Pisses me off when some ppl reserve themselves the right to execute force on other, innocent ppl in the style Bouhanny did today.

  12. Steve Tilford Post author

    Krakatoa – That is a much better length to watch the sprint develope. It is a weird situation. I don’t think that Bouhanni would have been relegated from the first part of the sprint if they wouldn’t have been hooked up at the end. So, the jury took the whole sprint into consideration and relegated him. When in reality, it was just the end that was really the problem, where, to me, it seems that they both were a bit out of control. When you take it all into consideration, I guess he shouldn’t get to go up on the podium for the win.

  13. Larry T.

    Agreed. Watched the coverage live here in Italy via Eurosport and they played it over and over – from way out so you could see the whole thing. This kid’s a punk, lucky Matthews FIST didn’t crash into his big mouth. But he’s still young so perhaps he’ll avoid being the next “Tashkent Terror”?

  14. Larry T.

    Surprise, I thought Donald Trump gave up on cycling after the Tour de Trump? Who knew he took time out from his presidential campaign to visit Tilford’s blog!! Hey Donny, what did you do with that Huffy bike they gave you – the one you handed off to someone like it was a baby with a dirty diaper?

  15. rob walker

    The helicopter shot is the kicker. Advance to the 48 second mark. Bouhanni clearly blocked.

  16. The Cyclist

    “Was it a revenge for the other day? A little, yes, it did cross my mind in the finale,” said Bouhanni later, “I made a mistake the other day in not closing the door (on Michael Matthews) earlier, I started sprinting from too far out then he bumped my elbow and I lost my balance but…I was disappointed, so yes, this is some revenge for losing that stage.”

    Still not getting it?


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