David Millar’s Cyclingnews Dream Team is really a Fantasy

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Cyclingnews is doing this Dream Team thing by asking a bunch of retired Pros what team they would put together out of all the team mates they rode with throughout their careers.  I have no idea why they would ask David Millar this.   I’ve never been a fan of David Millar ever since he cried like a baby when they popped him for EPO, then he became born again and preached how much better it is to race clean.  I wrote a few posts about those thoughts already, so I don’t need to rehash it all again.

Anyway, David picks his dream team and includes in it 4 other riders that have either confessed or have been caught up in doping.  Those guys are Ryder Hesjedal, Dave Zabriskie, Stuart O’Grady and Christian Vande Velde.  So 5 out of 9 guys on his fantasy team were guys that doped to get their results.  And he wants them as team mate. Why?

It is hard for me to understand the picks of a rider like David Millar, who is an anti-doping advocate, and has been picked to mentor the British Cycling men’s endurance academy program. And out of all the guys he has had as team mates thru out the years, he picks a bunch of riders that were caught doping.

His reason for this, I guess, is – “For me, this isn’t just a dream team, it’s dream situation, so imagine these guys all coming up now and not having to deal with the stuff I and others had to – it would be amazing to see their nature given a real opportunity without their heads all being twisted and fucked up.”

So, it seems, David would like to do a little experiment and see if any of his former team mates were actually real athletes with any ability.  I always assume not.  Why give these guys the least bit of credit when they chose to cheat in athletics.  All of them knew they were cheating when they were doing it and now they are trying to convince us that they are the victims.

Shame on Cyclingnews for giving this guy a pulpit to stay relevant.  He had his chance and blew it.  Then he got it again and keeps spewing stupid shit like this dream team deal.  It should be embarrassing for him, but he is so caught up in the whole thing, he can’t even realize that is the case.

Tomorrow I’m going to pick my own dream team here, since I’m almost positive that Cyclingnews isn’t going to ask me to do it.  And I’d bet you a million dollars that my dream team would kick the shit out of David Millar’s dream team if they were normally aspirated.


Tucker after his first bath. He wasn't a happy camper.

Tucker after his first bath. He wasn’t a happy camper.

21 thoughts on “David Millar’s Cyclingnews Dream Team is really a Fantasy

  1. chiefhiawatha

    The same people who complain about omerta often use words like rat, or squealing, to characterize when an athlete talks.

    How is the desire for doping to cease and calling someone a rat, or saying he squealed like a pig, compatible?


  2. Mike Rodose

    David Millar lives in a fantasy world.

    Whenever dicks like Millar get a chance to spout nonsense, we need to remind everyone of their sordid past and pathetic presence.

  3. The Cyclist

    Here’s my dream team: CK, Gary Fisher, Bahamontes, Poulidor, Nys, Ocana, Gimondi and Anquetil despite him being powered by stimulants for the best part of his career. Ok, I’ll sprinkle some Cancellara over it for his descending skills… and his cadence.

  4. Steve Tilford Post author

    chief – I didn’t mean it like he rat-ed someone out. I meant that he had to sit in a French police station for two days before he “admitted” that he was a drug cheat and that after, he said that he bought the EPO vival, and used it, in another country, to avoid French prosecution.

    My view is do it like Laurent Dufaux from Festina. When you go into a police station and they ask you if you take EPO, you say yes, sign a paper, and leave 15 minutes later. When you are caught, you are caught.

    David is completely sold on blaming it on the times and not taking personal responsibility for his participation. He had the gall to say that he would have won the Time Trial World Championships in Canada without EPO. He said he was that much better than everyone else. He lives in a dream world.

  5. Lionel

    There was no rule banning the use of stimulants for Anquetil, thus it was not cheating. If the UCI all of a sudden banned gels and energy drinks (ingestible substances to aid performance), demanding racers use natural products like bananas and water, that would not make the last generation of racers cheats. Doping when it is illegal is cheating, as it gives an advantage over others that are playing by the rules.

  6. Gordo

    Happy Belated Birthday Steve Tilford and I hope your health improves. Look forward to seeing your dream team members. Cheers, Gordon

  7. AKBen

    I think one of the Velonews dream team requirements is that the riders picked have to have been teammates at one time of the selector. I don’t much care for David Millar, but he was at least smart enough not to include Massimiliano Lelli on his list, who probably originally introduced him to doping while they were teammates on Cofidis.

  8. angry somoan

    Some doors are best kept closed and we should all padlock Millar’s. That is one very cute pup – he looks very happy.

  9. nancy

    Epo or blood doping were not doping when they had no test and no official rules against it. It was sport science.

    Huge difference between gels, sports drink.

  10. Dear Wiggo

    Yeah clearly the doping takes second place to what you call dopers long after the fact.

    Pull your knickers up girl, your slip’s showing.

  11. mike crum

    who cares who millar picks…. the ones that actually got caught or the ones who take as many drugs that havent got caught..who cares…

  12. BZ

    Who cares – He picked his buddies, teammates, and training partners. I can appreciate that. Cyclingnews’ article is irrelevant.

    “squealed like a pig”….come on man.

  13. carlos flanders

    The reason Millar gets any traction is because the Brits are programmed to kowtow to a plummy educated accent. Millar is also an excellent manipulator and is good at gaining the ear of those in authority.

    His whole career has been of him defining the narrative. Everything he does is to cast him in a better light. If he gave a damn about doping he would have stood aside instead of throwing a fit and going to court to deny a clean rider a chance to ride in the Olympics. He keeps a black book of everyone who has done him wrong and will get them all back if he ever gets the chance. Made him very unpopular in the peloton.

    He pretends to be a cool guy, but the real Millar is a Billy no-mates dour Scottish Presbyterian with a persecution complex, vengeful character, and an almost sociopathic ability to exploit and influence those with power.

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  15. Larry T.

    Since he retired, I’m continually amazed at why ANYONE gives a s__t about what David Millar thinks or says…about anything. But then there’s Donald Trump…or Sarah Palin,,,so what do I know?


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