New Puppy

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It has been a few months now since Bromont passed away.  Enough time to say goodbye.  Trudi was ready to get another dog and had been searching around.  Yesterday she drove to Chicago to visit her mom and on the way, stopped at a farm and picked up a new puppy.

He is an English Setter.  8 weeks old.  Kind of the same coloring as Bromont.  I think his name is going to be Tucker, but that’s not written in stone.

Here are a few photos.  I’m sure you’ll see a ton more in the future.




25 thoughts on “New Puppy

  1. Mick

    Tied for first for the luckiest dog on the planet. We’ve got dog sitters ready when you need one. Love the name Tucker.

  2. Fergie

    Did you ask Tucker if he enjoys travel and bike races first, before you took him in?
    Glad for you two. Tucker is gonna have a good life.

  3. Tim

    Congrats…..we have a five month old Brittany, that we got after our 14 year old passed. Appreciate the memories and build new ones….as my neighbor told me about our puppy “she’s not taking her place, just using her space”

  4. LD

    Adorable – congrats on the new addition!

    Have you seen the photo essays some people have created documenting their puppies’ growth over time? Take a photo of Tucker in the same place/pose every day for a year and then look back to see the changes.

  5. SM

    I love English Setters. I’ve had a couple (with black coloring along with the lemon), and they were great hunting dogs and companions. TONS of energy, but lazy when they weren’t going full throttle. I currently have a Golden Retriever and she is an amazing dog. She is eleven but acts like she is a puppy when visitors come over. Her crazy energy only lasts about 5 minutes, then she is sleeping to recharge. Dogs rule. People that grow up without dogs don’t know what they are missing.

  6. rob walker

    Beautiful dog. Congratulations!!

    And fwiw, Tucker is an excellent name. Much better than “cog” or “freewheel” and there are plenty of words that rhyme with it. :0


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