One Advantage of Not Travelling

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I tend to think that I eat okay.  I don’t really have any specific diet, but try to eat healthy.  Eating healthy is a little trickier now because “they” can’t really tell us what it is best to eat to stay healthy.  This isn’t even addressing what we “need” to eat to be an athlete.  It is so all over the place that I’ve pretty much given up on it and just try not to eat too much at any one time.

Last night I made pizza.  It is so easy and doesn’t really take that long, other than having to make the dough for the crust an hour before.  After that it is just a bunch of vegetables and cheese on the dough, thus pizza.  It cooks about as fast as I can make the pizzas, so it is pretty time efficient.  I was a little slow yesterday because of my broken thumb.

The best thing about pizza at night is bread for french toast the next morning.  There is really about nothing better than french toast made with fresh bread.  Just about anything you can dump maple syrup on is pretty great, but french toast has to be at the top of the list.  Add some fresh fruit and it qualifies for healthy eating, in my book.  Seems decadent.

This is one advantage of being home.  Even when I’m at Dennis’ or somewhere else I’m super comfortable, I don’t eat as well as I do at home.  I’m staying pretty light this year.  I’m hoping it isn’t from losing muscle mass, which is a distinct possibility.   Whatever the reason, it isn’t going to be an effort to get to race weight.

I’m really not sure what my race weight is now.  It used to be around 158, but that is my heavy weight now.  I guess I’m going to try to stay around 5 pounds less than that this year, somewhere in the lower 150’s.  I think trying to stay in the 140’s is too hard, plus it seems like I’m always teetering on the edge of illness.

I made a pumpkin pie yesterday too.  I love pumpkin pie, really all pie.  And again, I like it better the next day. I have a couple pieces left over in the fridge and plan to eat it before riding today.

I am going to try to ride outside today.  First time in nearly 3 weeks.  I’m not really doing it for me, I’m doing it for the local guys that only have the weekends to ride outside.  It isn’t the perfect day.  It is going to be in the lower 30’s and cloudy.  The side streets are a little icy, but the main streets and county roads should be clear.

Vincent is racing in Arizona right now.  I’m interested in hearing about the race.  I talked to him yesterday and he said they rode about 10 miles of the 45 mile race and it was desert racing, plus rocks.  I would have loved to get my new dual suspension bike out there.  Pretty soon.

Okay, I pity you if you live in the Northeast.  2 + feet of snow doesn’t disappear that fast.  You will probably be inside for the foreseeable future.

Pie crust from yesterday.

Pie crust from yesterday.

Pie in the oven.

Pie in the oven.

Pizza dough that has risen.

Pizza dough that has risen.

I've been having a bunch of soup recently.  And avocados.  Check out the climb on my computer in Argentina.  It was crazy.

I’ve been having a bunch of soup recently. And avocados. Check out the climb on my computer in Argentina. It was crazy.

French toast this morning.

French toast this morning.

9 thoughts on “One Advantage of Not Travelling

  1. The Instigator

    Steve – Your pizza dough will rise to whole different level if it’s started the night before you plan on using it and if only about 1/4 teaspoon of yeast is used. Flavours and textures become more developed over time.

  2. kmak

    You are likely seeing a smart ad tailored to you based on something like your browsing history. I am getting “Seat Geek” because I searched for cheap NHL tickets a few days ago.

  3. Robert E

    Steve, that’s a great looking crust and pie! For my pizza dough I’ve had success with adding 5-10% whole wheat flour by weight. It retards the rise just a little but adds a nice crunch to the crust. Also adding a tsp to a tbsn of active sour dough starter (depends on the amount your making) to the pizza dough seems to be a crowd pleaser; at least at my house. Keep biking, baking and writing! R/

  4. Jacob

    I doubt that – I’ve never searched for anything remotely related. I’m guessing it’s because Steve’s post used the words ‘losing muscle mass’ and it served that ad up.


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